• May 10th2022

April Oracle Token Review

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Hello everybody and welcome in again. David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org and today I'm excited, we're starting a new project. We are going to go over the 10 most exciting tokens for June 2021

There are well over a thousand new tokens that come out every month and I like to keep an eye on a lot of them and see which projects I think are interesting. Which ones might be worth an investment of a little bit of money. Which ones I think came up with a novel and unique way to use the blockchain. Which ones just did some cool marketing. I think all of those things are important when releasing a new token and I like to keep an eye on all of them.

I'm going to go over each token. A little bit of background on it. I'm also going to do a separate video for each token that will explain to you how to purchase April Oracle if you want to purchase it and I'm really excited to share them with you. And today we're talking about the April Oracle

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April Oracle Token Price

Here is April Oracle. Um. April token launched this month and it is just a little less than a penny right now. Down 10%, 24 hour trading volume is about 700,000, so good. It's not as large as a few of the other ones we looked at recently, but it's a really interesting project. I really like where they're going.

They're built on the Binance Smart Chain and we'll take a look at their website here in just a minute. They've got all their, their Twitter and their telegram here. If we go down and look at the coin, it looks like we are getting data on this coin back to the end of may. So I guess this technically is a little bit older than just a June token, but I didn't pick up on it until June. So we're going to count it as June.

You can see it had a little bit of a run-up there in early June and since then has come down like an awful lot of crypto.

April Oracle Focus On Prices

While Oracles provide many different functions in the world, April is focused on one... Crypto Prices.  They plan to assimilate the fastest data possible on all token prices. 

April Oracle Website

We're going to look at the website for April Oracle over here. Now, if you're not familiar with an Oracle, an Oracle is a source of information. So basically when you're running a smart contract on Ethereum, Polkadot, or any of the blockchains, the smart contract only has the information that is contained in the blockchains data.

So if you are running a blockchain project that does gambling, you might need to know information about who won different sporting events, who won the basketball game last night. How did someone place in a golf tournament that's information that will come from Oracle. You need a trusted source that everybody's going to believe, that's going to provide the information to your blockchain.

If you were running a site that was doing farming and had to do with futures and needed to know weather and crop reports, that would be a different kind of an Oracle.

Crypto Price Oracles Like April

The most common kind of Oracle out there is cryptocurrency prices. This is what a lot of smart contracts need to know. At a certain price it will cause an execution of this trade or that trade or move this in that direction.

So getting good data on what is actually happening with the prices of crypto as they change throughout all the different exchanges all around the world in real time is very important for a lot of projects. That is what April Oracle is designed to do.

April Oracle Token

They're designed to be the fastest cross chain app that allows you to get up to the moment data on the different prices of crypto. Real time updated cross chain data, that's the short version of it. So their whole thing is focused on being fastest. They wanna provide you with the newest information, which is going to be valuable.

I like that this project is something that's going to work with lots and lots and lots of other existing crypto projects. If this turns out to be the best Oracle, then you can assume that a lot of sites like Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Sushiswap, most of your different Defi projects will end up going to April Oracle as their source of information.

Can April Oracle Succeed?

Now, I have no idea if they can pull off the reality of being the best and being the fastest, but if they can, it's a good position to be in, in the market.

You can see here's their tokens information. They did pass the token evaluation. They are currently trading on Pancakeswap and Bailxi. Pancakeswap is where I will show you how to purchase it up. With this token you get governance and as well as value .

It looks a lot of their money, their token breakdown, is going to the marketing and development end of it because they realize that they're going to have to create the product, but they're going to also have to convince everybody else to adopt them. Some airdrops, some promotional different things, and then some of it is locked up as well.

The development fund is a long-term one. The marketing fund is the long-term one. Those are the long-term lock ups. The rest is floating.

If you go over to token sniffer, you're going to see that it does pull up in here because it's got some similarities to other contracts. It says no similarity, no prior similar contracts, but it's giving me 87s and 88s. That's not really that similar. It just means that they took some pieces of other contracts that existed to use them, probably mostly for the financial contract end of it. Considering that they're going to have to create some new software and new things to handle the Oracle portion.

April Oracle interesting project. It is Going to work out really well if they can pull off what they're saying. If they can actually become the fastest Oracle of different token prices throughout the world, it's going to be a very valuable thing that a lot of different projects will want to adopt into their ecosystem, making it a valuable cryptocurrency to own. Also Check out my post about LADZ City and Pink Panda Token to know more about this new token

All right. Thank you guys. I appreciate you guys sticking with me to the end. Aloha

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