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  • April 30th2022

BetaPulsar Token Review | PolyPulsar

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Hello everybody, and welcome. David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org, and today I'm excited, we're starting a new project. We are going to go over the 10 most exciting tokens that came out for the month of June. There's there's well over a thousand new tokens that come out every month. It's amazing the volume. I like to keep an eye on a lot of them and see which projects I think are interesting, which ones might be worth an investment of a little bit of money.

Which ones I think came up with a novel and unique way to use the blockchain. Which ones just did some cool marketing and I liked their design of things. I think all of those things are important when releasing a new token and I like to keep an eye on all of them. I'm going to go over each token, what the token is, what it's about and a little bit of background on it.

I'm also going to do article for each token that will explain to you how to purchase BPUL it if you want to purchase it. I'm going to make it for each of these 10 and I'm really excited to share them with you. So lets get started with BetaPulsar Token.

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Setting Up A Polygon

Let's take a quick look at BetaPulsar token. Here it is on CoinGecko. You can see BPUL is the symbol for it, and it is a polygon token. You've got Ethereum and Binance, which are the main blockchains that most of these tokens are coming out on, but Polygon is really growing and growing quickly. It's gained a lot of attention in the last few months. I'm excited, this is my first Polygon token.

I'll do a couple of videos showing you how to set up your MetaMask Polygon wallet, then of course, one on how to buy this specific token. Take a look through those if you need them.

Beta Layer Has Been Closed

Beta is closed, they moved on to Gamma layer. It was stated as a problem with some of the games, but the token also tanked. Be careful investing here.

Beta Pulsar Token Performance

A quick overview of the numbers at this point, it does not have a Marketcap because it just simply has not been out long enough to have that data. Nobody really knows exactly how many shares are released, or the value of the shares. It's very, very young, but you can look over here and see the 24 hour trading volume of 636,000, which is wonderful.

I looked at it not long ago, a couple of days ago when I was first scouting this token out, it was in the 200,000 range. So it's grown quite a bit since then, which is definitely a positive. Scroll down here and take a look.


This is the two week overview of its price. Tat's basically the entire life of this token, it's less than two weeks old, But you can see it started out around 70 cents, it dropped all the way down to around 25 cents and sense has shot back up to around 70 cents. That's actually since Thursday when it's been tracking information here on Coingecko. The coin has been out a little bit longer than that.

Once again, very new token, very interesting. As far as markets go, it is available on Quickswap, and that's the only one. What is quickswap? If you're not familiar with the different DEXs, Quickswap is the main one for the Polygon network, MATIC token. I have a review of Quickswap if you want to learn more. Then you have PancakeSwap, which is the main one for Binance, and you have Uniswap, which is the main one for Ethereum. Also Checkout my Ethereum 2.0 Explained post to know about Ethereum 2.0.

Each network kind of has their own defy exchanges. Some of them are starting to cross over a little more which is helpful. Most of your Polygon tokens, you'll find exchanged on Quickswap.

BPUL On PolyPulsar Website

Let's hop over to the website and take a look at what this is all about. As you can see, yield farms for pioneers farms and staking. Polypulsar is a company that's done a few different staking related tokens. Right now ,this is one of two that are paired together on this project.

What they are doing is combining yield farming or staking with NFTs and gaming. It's an interesting combination of the three, and I'll go into a little more detail about how the project actually works with it. Just to give you a quick look, you can see six and a half million dollars is staked right now on the platform.

bpul farming

Quite a lot there, this new coin. They are showing the market cap about 700,000 dollars. So that's roughly what it's worth at this point. If we pop over here real quickly on Rug doctor, they have an insurance policy. They seem to have a good tokenomics. It does not look like it's a shady token. That's going to be a rug pull on us.

Token Contract Review Of Beta Pulsar

I did pull them up on Tokensniffer and found that their contract is not listed. So that's never something I like. I like to be able to see the contract up there and let other people audit the contract and make sure that it's good. Sometimes though, when people have a really cool project, they don't want to share their contract. They don't want people copying their code, and I can see that.

So it's not a no-go for me, but it's just something that I like to know about and like to be aware of and keep an eye out, cause it's a little less safe when you can't see the contract.

BPUL NFTs Not Removable 

It is hard for me to consider these to be real NFTs when you can't remove them from the platform and store them in your own wallet. Be carful when purchasing.

Beta Pulsar NFTs And Games

So the way that it works, you're going to get a BPUL, the BetaPulsar Token. Then you're going to use it to buy a combination of NFTs and missions. NFTs have different levels and they receive different rewards.

Each of these NFTs is going to earn you a different amount of rewards as you play your way through the game. You buy one of these characters with your BPUL tokens. You buy your way into the missions and you get a combination of a, BNT and BPUL, they are the two different tokens.

Now BNT, the only way to get it is by earning it through completing missions and having the token staked on the network. The more tokens you have staked on the network, each mission you complete, you can get an exponentially larger amount of BNT. So if you happen to have one of these really high level characters and really high level NFTs, and you have a lot of money staked on the network, and you're completing a lot of missions, potentially you could earn quite a lot of BNT as your farming reward.

At this point they are still getting together all of the NFT characters and doing the sale of those. They have not started the gaming end of it. I'm interested, that always makes a big difference, how fun is the game? How exciting and interesting it is.

BPUL Games Just Aren't That Fun

I don't know if you've played Alien Worlds, but I played alien worlds for a little while and I was bored out of my mind. It just felt like there was nothing interesting or exciting or fun to the game. Maybe I didn't stick with it long enough. Somebody is probably gonna tell me how much they like it and disagree with me, but that was my experience.

BetaPulsar NFTs

I'm hoping that this game will be a little more interesting and exciting. That's a quick rundown of this token, Beta Pulsar. It's combination of NFTs and yield farming on Polygon network. Those three things are interesting to me. I think Polygon is the up and coming network where things are growing.

I love the NFT space. I think the gaming space makes a lot of sense and yield farming has been popular for well over a year. So interesting combination of all of these different things.

All right. Thank you very much. Hope you guys enjoyed learning along. Aloha.

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