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David Tatera

Aloha. Are you ready to get your hands on some 100%, completely free high value cryptocurrency coins and tokens? No, I'm not talking about Safe Pluto NFT Alt Swap. Try something more like Uniswap. Yeah, it's true. Just last year, Uniswap gave away 400 free tokens just to try the platform. If you picked up just that one airdrop alone, you'd be sitting on over $17,824 in free crypto.

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Or how about the Decred airdrop? A little while back they gave away over $32,000 in free tokens to some users. Or how about the completely insane Muniriam airdrop, where people were actually able to sell their 100% free tokens. Tokens they were just given, for over $440,000 dollars. But don't worry, the party is not. over. Hundreds of brand new, emerging and proven tokens are giving away millions of dollars in crypto every single month, and it can be ridiculously simple.

For example... do you own any Ethereum, you know, the second largest token in the world? Well, if you own some of that on May 1st, 2021, then you're eligible for some free Etherlite. Or how about XRP? Did you own any Ripple back in December of 2020? If so, then you're almost certainly eligible for some free FLR the new Spark token.

And it doesn't just work for people who are already holding crypto. There's lots of other coins out there that are giving away free crypto every single day. And you don't need a buyer own anything to get many of these, but guess what? Nobody is going to just send them to you.

Even if they're owed to you, even if you're entitled to them, you're not going to get them, if you don't know how to claim them. But don't worry because I'm going to show you everything you need to know, So that you can find and acquire these amazing free deals.

I have put together an entire course on just crypto airdrops and giveaways. I go over every different kind of free crypto out there from airdrops and bounties to hard forks and exclusives. I explain them all to you and I show you the best places to find each and every one of these different deals. I also walk you through step by step as I claim them for myself. So that you can look over my shoulder and see exactly how I'm doing it and make sure you copy this, so you can get your own free crypto.

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Plus as a bonus, I even include the security steps that you need take to protect yourself from the many airdrops scams that are out there. Doing these simple steps is going to make sure that you are totally protected, so you can go out and gobble up all the free crypto without worrying about anybody trying to get into your wallet.

As one other though, by learning about these tokens before they launch, you're going to have the inside track on the best new crypto investments. That's right. You get to buy in early and reap the big wins because you know before they even drop.

This is the kind of course that both new and seasoned crypto investors are going to learn a ton from, and today I am giving away my $97 airdrop masterclass, totally Free.

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Thank you again. I will see you on the inside Aloha.

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