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  • April 29th2022

Bitcoin Is A Deep State Conspiracy

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Aloha. David, Tatera here again with CryptoTutorials.org. Today we're going to talk about something, a little different. Something you might consider a conspiracy theory. Or you may not have ever really considered, but it's an interesting one and that is bitcoin deep state.

What is the idea behind this bitcoin deep state theory?

The idea is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, is really the Central Intelligence Agency. The bitcoin deep state, NSA, Big Government, whatever you want to call it. So it's an interesting question. I've been doing some research. I've read some really interesting papers and there's a lot to talk about. I'm excited to share with you what I found.

I know that this is going to stir some people up. Some people are going to be, vehemently opposed to it. No, it can't be!

And others are going to be like... It's definitely. So please give me your comment. Let me know what you think. Show me any research that you have. I'm very interested to learn more about this subject, because it's obviously, for any of us in crypto, something pretty significant to think about. All right, let's dive right on in.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional

person holding bitcoin - bitcoin deep state

The idea that cryptocurrency could really be a project of big government. That it could really be something of the bitcoin deep state and not a libertarian Utopian freedom creating technology, but actually something being used for far more sinister things and for control. Well, that's, something Jason, my business partner, and I had always joked around about ever since we both became involved in crypto, and for obvious reasons.

It Makes perfect sense. If you wanted to funnel black market money, it's a great mechanism for funneling black market money. Well, you know... Iran Contra, pretty much any war the U S has been involved in. Covert ops overseas. We funnel a lot of black market money as a government.

Can Crypto's be tracked?

What crypto really does is to make cash more traceable. A lot of people saw this as, "oh my gosh, I can pay online with basically cash." That's something that can't be tracked. But really what we did was to make cash more trackable. You know, it would be far harder to follow drug money across borders when it's being moved inside of submarines and it's paper currency. But now if those same people start to trust this system called Bitcoin. That it's secretive, it's become a whole lot easier to actually track.

It turns out we can see a lot more and whether it was the colonial pipeline or the silk road, all of these sort of things have led people to wonder. Hmm, you know, this supposedly anonymous thing really isn't that anonymous. People get found all over the place and arrested for transactions that took place on Bitcoin. So if you were going to do this kind of a project, Bitcoin is in many ways the perfect way to do it.

And now as these central bank digital currencies seem to be being talked about by China, by the U S. What a great way to get us adopted and brought into this system. Make us think that we're all being the rebels and we're out there changing the world when really we're just following their plan. Exactly what they wanted from day one.

Until I saw a recent article though, by Cryptowhale, all this just seemed like an interesting theory and kind of a conjecture. Something that we just tossed out when we were talking about other subjects, I never put a lot of energy or time into it. But I read that article by crypto whale. It really had some points that opened a rabbit hole and I went deep down the rabbit hole.

Bitcoin network

Is there a chance we're really getting hoodwinked?

I found some really, really interesting things. So I'm going to share all of them with you. We don't need to ignore it. We need to be realistic and ask ourselves the question. Is there a chance we're really getting hoodwinked.

So why would the NSA or the CIA, the federal government go through the trouble of creating a cryptocurrency, putting it out there to the world? It seems kind of backwards, but if this is something that they saw as inevitable ,that it was coming, it also makes a lot of sense. If you were going to do that, you would probably put some back doors into this and things that would give you extra control that wasn't available for other people, some ways to access the information.

It would also give you a way to track and monitor things that literally just weren't available anywhere else. When the silk road was busted, there were an awful lot of people who had been dealing drugs for a long time and had been below the surface, and nobody noticed them... Who became very apparent to our government. So as an advantage, huge. They got an enormous list of IP addresses for people who thought they were secure. That really weren't.

Lastly, if you were trying to put together a list of government dissenters, people who maybe aren't big fans of government who might be a little bit on the libertarian spectrum. You're probably gonna use crypto because that's a great way to find them. You know, the early adopters of crypto, the cypherpunks, these were people who very openly and very honestly were against big government.

So kind of an important demographic to find. Outlined a little bit of the case for why CIA NSA, the central government might want to control and build a cryptocurrency, but that's not the same thing as actually doing it.

Bitcoin with money -  bitcoin deep state

Eight major reasons for bitcoin deep state?

So now I'm gonna look at eight major reasons for bitcoin deep state. Yes. Eight different reasons why I believe that there's a reasonable chance that they actually did do this. That they really are the ones who've created this.

The first one we're going to look at is the colonial pipeline. If you're not familiar with the story that came out about a month ago. $4.4 million was paid by the colonial pipeline company to get their gas flowing on the east coast of the United States.

The ransomware was paid in Bitcoin to the hackers and within a month, I think June 7th or June 8th, the FBI had recovered that money. Immediately this sent some shock waves through crypt. Everybody was worried that the cipher had been cracked. Something didn't make sense.

Then the FBI came out and released a nice big explanation. A one page statement with no Q and A. It simply said that the hackers had moved their money into a crypto exchange wallet in California and the FBI had seized it.

Now, anybody in crypto knows that an exchange wallet is basically the same as a bank, total access to it. Most of the evidence shows that these people were Eastern European. If you're Eastern European, why are you going to move it into an account in California?

That seems to be putting it right out in the open, ready to be taken. Something about this story just doesn't not fit together. That's one of the first reasons that made me really start questioning whether maybe someone else does have access to information that you don't know about.

What does the leaked NSA Papers says about Bitcoin Deep State

The next one takes us back a little bit further. Number two, all the way back to 2013. I'm talking about the NSA papers that were leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Now I read these, or parts of them at the time and was familiar with them, but I never noticed a section on them, that's about Bitcoin specifically.

In fact, this specific section talks about some US government, NSA programs that were used to figure out the IP addresses, the billing, zip codes, all of this information for Bitcoin users. If you know the IP and the zip code, you can figure out who someone is. It's not that complicated at that point.

In particular, they talked about two programs. Oak star domestically, and then money rocket, which was developed to be used overseas. They were used for spying, and these got an enormous amount of data that they could then connect to people's Bitcoin addresses. Basically, these were a big bait and switch.

They brought you in showing you the software that they said was going to help you with privacy and help keep you anonymous using your Bitcoins. Little did you know the NSA was actually the ones who developed the software, who stuck it out there for you to download.

What you thought was anonymous and safe was actually sending all of your information directly to the NSA. They seem to have had a hand in Bitcoin and Bitcoin related information pretty early on, which is definitely suspicious. Now the third item on our list, this one makes me even more suspicious of the NSA.

bitcoin in wallet

This is going back to SHA 256, if you're not familiar, that is the official title of the hashing algorithm that is used by Bitcoin. So the secure hashing algorithm is one of the keys to Bitcoins structure. Basically what it does is it takes any string of characters, numbers, letters, whatever, and completely scrambles them in a way that cannot be reverse engineered. You could put your address in and get an indecipherable long string of characters. And if you were to change one letter in your address that you entered, you'd get a completely different string of characters. It can't be reverse engineered. It's just, it's a one-way street and it's key to keeping everything secure and secret on Bitcoin.

Oh. And who made this fantastic, amazing, useful software. That was an integral part of Bitcoin. The NSA, yeah, that's right. That actually was developed entirely by the NSA internally.

Is it really possible to put a backdoor to acccess user information?

Is it possible they put a backdoor in? Is it possible that they put something in there that allows them to access information, no one else can?

Yeah. You have to think it is entirely possible. It's not like the NSA has a history of messing with cryptographic technologies, or do they?

Number four on our list are some documents that come from the US Army cyber protection brigade. Released back in 2017, they detail a relationship between this division and the NSA. The Purpose of this relationship was to break through some cryptographic puzzles. They particularly went after the TOR browser, which is what the dark web is built upon.

It's supposed to be this browser that completely hides what you're doing with it. And then virtual private networks, which are location hiding, they're supposed to hide where you are and where you're working from so that you can't be tracked.

They were able to track down and break through these puzzles, which leads you to wonder what else are they able to do and what technology they're actually using to do this. That's the hardest part is, nobody's being really specific. They seem to have some powers that are beyond what they're supposed to be able to do.

Bitcoin on graph - bitcoin deep state

Story about Satoshi Nakamoto

Next up, at number five, is a big one. We're going to talk about Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. So obviously the whole subject of this bitcoin deep state is really to say... Is Satoshi the person he claims to be. So fundamentally, you need to look at who claims to be. A Japanese male who invented this himself. Posted some posts on different boards. Was involved in the early days of Bitcoin and then all of a sudden, just vanished and has never moved, the Bitcoins, left them in the wallet they were originally in, and everything just stayed where it was.

Really unusual story. You don't find this in any other major technology project, probably since Stonehenge. You have to look that far back to find something where we don't really know who created it. Every other major invention, technology over time, usually people are clamoring and fighting to claim creatorship.

But this person is hiding, and along with hiding has just pocketed away this money, which is extremely bizarre. There was no reason to believe that this person was wealthy prior to inventing Bitcoin. So to have not enjoyed that wealth also extremely unusual. Then on top of it comes his sort of disappearance, if you'll call it that. He posted the last few messages, send the last couple of emails and just said, I'm taking off to do other projects. You guys won't hear from me again.

Very unusual, but his number two, Greg Andreessen also had an unusual exit. See, Greg was still in contact somewhat with Satoshi, until right before he went and made a visit to the central intelligence agency. Immediately afterwards he got his last messages from Satoshi saying he was vanishing.

Why did this particular visit to the CIA suddenly prompt him to go dark, to go offline. And then lastly, just for good measure is the actual name itself, Satoshi Nakamoto. If you do a little research, the name Satoshi in Japanese is quick or intelligent, and the name Nakamoto means middle or center. So the name Satoshi Nakamoto could be read central intelligence. I don't know...it's unusual.

It's kind of quirky. It might mean absolutely nothing, but it could be someone who's really trying to give a hint and let the world know what this particular technology is and to be careful. So it's enough to be worth asking a question.

Origins of Crypto AG

Number six on our list is a private company known as crypto AG. The origins of this company, Crypto AG, date all the way back to the end of world war two. It was a Swiss German partnership, and for the next 75 years, hundreds of countries around the globe trusted Crypto AG to help keep their communications secure.

They were cryptography company, started with mechanical devices, moved onto some electronics onto Silicon chips and software. But this company's job was to keep communication secure for governments, for diplomats, high ranking officers and the hundreds of countries around the globe trusted them to do this until recently, when it was discovered that they were actually a shell corporation of the CIA. They were owned by the Central Intelligence Agency.

The CIA all along was putting back doors in every bit of this crypto tech, making it completely easy for them to read these secret communications. We were literally selling a way to encrypt their data with a backdoor built into it that let the CIA read that data. As though that's not big, enough more recently some big questions have come about with, Kaspersky, the Russian antivirus company. One of the large antivirus companies. Questions as to whether they're actually spying on us. Huohei the Chinese telecom giant. Big debates as to whether we should let them put their equipment in, Whether there's actual spy devices built into the hardware of 5g networks. It just leads you to believe that all of these companies are in bed with some form of a government and are building back doors into these protocols.

If the CIA and the Chinese military and the Russian military will go to this extent, is it really that big of a stretch to believe that they would invent Bitcoin and use it as a way to get more information?

Number seven on our list comes back to a pretty simple question. Who owns the largest wallet of Bitcoins on the planet? It turns out it's not Satoshi. He, she, it, they, are the largest owner, but that is spread across countless small wallets, all over the place.

few bitcoins - bitcoin deep state

Who owns the largest wallet of Bitcoins on the planet? 

Largest single wallet holder is the FBI. Back when they busted the silk road, the FBI took hold of 150,000 Bitcoins. It is now believed to be closer to about 500,000 maybe even closer to a million Bitcoins from other acquisitions that they've made of additional nefarious organizations.

That's kind of unusual, for the FBI to hold onto so much, they're not selling them. They're not moving them. They could do whatever they want with them at this point. A very useful tool. The FBI can do a lot of different things with them. More useful than cash to them, more useful than almost any other form of currency, then how did they get to this point? It's an interesting question, which leads us to our last item number eight, and this is the biggest one of them all for me. This is the news that's been coming out almost daily, and that is about central bank digital currencies.

The BIS, which is the central bank of central banks. It's the one that tells the rest of the central banks of the world, how to behave and operate just this week, came out with a whole bunch of new protocols, approving of central bank, digital currencies, with a caveat. They want to use the new forms of electronic identification.

That means fingerprints. Retinal scans, digital chips in cards, all of this to access your central bank digital currency. So the next time that you want to get your stimulus check, they're going to send it out in central bank, digital currency, and you better have your special ID, or you don't get your money.

Now, this is the kind of stuff that if they had come along with this idea and tried to pitch it to America and tried to pitch it to the libertarians of the world, there is no way any of us would have signed up for their central bank Digital currency, or for their ID. We would have all run and hidden, been far, far away from this, but by bringing this in as a grassroots idea, by selling it to us as a way to create more freedom away, to be off the grid, a way to stay away from the man. They may very well have created a back door that allows them to get everybody on board with what they wanted all along with a central controllable digital currency.

This is one that I think is developing over the next months and years and has got some serious implications. You know, a few countries have already jumped on board. The Bahamas has their sand dollar, France, Switzerland, China are all testing central bank, digital currencies. The US is looking into it already. Central Bank Digital currencies are something to be concerned about because they are the backdoor door from Bitcoin into more control.

Thank you, guys. I appreciate that you stuck with me to the end here. I know there's a lot of good information in there and a lot of interesting information about bitcoin deep state, please comment down below if you agree, if you disagree, if you want me to look into any part of this more Hope we can dig in and figure out the real answer is Satoshi Nakamoto, really the bitcoin deep state, big government, the NSA, all just coming to try to find a way to get our money.

All right. Thank you guys again. Aloha.

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