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  • February 6th2023

How To Buy Hypersign Identity Token – HID

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Hi everyone, David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org. I'm super excited to share this series with you. As you know, I'm doing the top 10 best new tokens of June and to start I will show you how to buy Hypersign Identity Token.

Well over a thousand new tokens come out every month. All kinds of things from con rug puller scam tokens to really high-end projects with backing and capital and everything in between. I like to keep an eye on them. Sometimes I see a new project that I'm interested in investing in. Sometimes I see new project that I just like the technology. It want to keep an eye on who's working on the project. So I'm gonna share with you the 10, most interesting that I found last month.

This video is going to go over how to purchase the Hypersign Identity token. So if you do want to use it as an investment, I will go over how to purchase it. I'm also going to link another video with a Hypersign Identity Token Review where I let you know why I think it's an interesting project and worth diving in on.

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Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice, seek a professional. Before I teach you all about this new token, I do want to let you know that we still have our $97 airdrop masterclass going for free right now. Not sure how much longer we're going to keep this up, but if you are interested in picking up free crypto and I don't mean junk scam tokens. I mean top quality, name brand tokens.

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Buy HyperSign Identity Token On UniSwap

Let's pick up some HID. We will start looking at Hypersign on CoinGecko. I can look and see it is up 8%. Just cruising along and kind of bouncing up and down today. Let's see what it look like for the week. That's kind of on the lower end. So it looks like it's got some room maybe to go up. I don't know. We'll see.

We're gonna pick it up. It is on the Ethereum blockchain token. So we're going to have to pick this one up over on our good friend Uniswap. We're gonna paste the address in there. Hypersign Identity token, and let's use 0.05 Ether. .018 ETH Is actually closer to what I want. No liquidity, click to trade on version two. Then let's go to version two. We need to connect our wallet. Metamask wallet, connect it up.

I am very curious to see how much my gas fees are going to be on this. Price impact is pretty minimal. Slippage is low. Liquidity provider fee is pretty low, but let's see what happens for my gas fee. It is 0.0001. So it's about a $2 gas fee. No, it's a $4 gas fee. So a $4 gas fee to buy $20 worth of a token. I'll do it just for the, for the video, but otherwise not really the best of deals.

Hypersign Identity Token

Anyway, let's confirm it and we'll make the purchase just to do a good video. We'll hope Hypersign goes up enough to cover, my $4 in gas fees. This one is still pending and it should pop up one of these moments and then we'll be all set.

Looks like I picked it up. I'm going to add the token so that we have custom token added. There we go. HID, and you can see now I have a little bit of ETH a little bit of HID. All right.

Well that was our how to buy Hypersign Identity token video. If you have any questions, throw them in the comments down below.

Much Aloha

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