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  • May 8th2022

How To Buy Lossless Token | LSS

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Hi everyone, David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org. I'm super excited to share this series with you. As you know, I'm doing the top 10 new tokens for June 2021, and right now I am going to show you how to buy Lossless token. 

Well over a thousand new tokens come out every month. All kinds of things from con rug puller scam tokens to really high-end projects with backing and capital and everything in between. I like to keep an eye on them. Sometimes I see a new project that I'm interested in investing in. Sometimes I see new project that I just like the technology. It want to keep an eye on who's working on the project. So I'm gonna share with you the 10, most interesting that I found last month. Also Read my blog about new Tom Bilyeu NFT Project

This video is going to go over how to purchase the token. So if you do want to use it as an investment, I will go over how to purchase it. I'm also going to link another video. That's a review of the Lossless protocol token and kind of let you know why I think it's an interesting project and worth diving in on.

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Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice, seek a professional. Before I teach you all about this new token, I do want to let you know that we still have our $97 airdrop masterclass going for free right now. Not sure how much longer we're going to keep this up, but if you are interested in picking up free crypto and I don't mean junk scam tokens. I mean top quality, name brand tokens.

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Things like Blocto, Muneriam, things that have been really, really valuable, take this class. I'm going to teach you how to pick out the good ones, how to apply for the good airdrops and how to successfully get some real coins that are going to hold some value. Go to GetMyFreeCrypto.com and let me know where you want the course link sent. I will send it right over for you to take the class.

How To Buy Lossless Token On KuCoin

Let's go pick up some Losses token. Start off here on Coingecko, take a quick look at everything. It has done well in the last day. It's on an upswing for sure, after a long, long flat. I wish I'd picked it up a couple of days ago, but anyway, we're going to grab some Lossless token and we'll see where it goes from here.

As far as the markets go, you can see it is on Uniswap it is on Kucoin, you can get it on PancakeSwap. We're going to use KuCoin because they've got pretty good liquidity, and it's an exchange that I use a lot. Let's go over and buy Losses tokens.

Lossless Token KuCoin

It's got only an LSS to USD-T pair. But we'll pick a little bit up. First I enter my trading password. I'm going to do a market order, I'm just buying it at the spot price.I am going to buy 15 USD tethers worth of lossless, which should probably get me. I don't know, 75 coins, something like that. I clicked to buy my Lossless and ka-ching. I get that little noise that tells me that it has gone through I'm now the owner of 67.4447 Lossless tokens.

Setting Up A Kucoin Account - Buy LSS

It is that easy. If you haven't used KuCoin before, I'm going to link to a video that is a complete KuCoin tutorial. Right now we can go and we can look in our trading account at our assets, and it is going to show, right there. Some lossless tokens. $14.90 cents worth of them. I guess they've gone down 10 cents already since I bought. Anyway, that's the ticket. That's all you gotta do.

Pretty straightforward, pretty darn easy. Do me a favor, click on the like and the subscribe buttons down below. It helps out a huge amount with getting these videos out. I hope you appreciate them. Leave some comments if you have questions and I'll keep making them rock and roll


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