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  • February 21st2024

Twitter Hack Leads To BitClout Scam

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Hello everyone and welcome in this is David Tatera here today to share a little help for anybody out there doing some BitClout work. If you've been on the platform very long, you know that there's an awful lot of scammers out there.

This was one of the more well put together scams that I've crossed and it cost me to lose some money. So I'm going over it in detail, give you exact exactly what I ran into, how you can avoid it, so you can make sure you don't make the same mistake I made and lose your money.

Searching For New BitClout Users On Twitter

So the other night I'm on Twitter and I am doing a search for the hashtag #bitclout and sure enough up pops this tweet. I take a look at the profile. This is called Everything Georgia. 75,000 Tweets, a million and a half followers. If you look through their profile it is very active, they get great responses on almost all of their posts. So I thought, this is a really interesting one.

As you can see down here, they have listed their public key. They tweeted out a public key. Usually that's what happens when someone wants to authenticate their profile on BitClout, which can be a really good sign. So I took that public key and went to go find out the profile that they were tweeting it out to match.

Inspecting Them On BitCloutPulse

BitCloutPulse Image

Look over here and I'll pop it into my favorite tool BitCloutPulse. If you haven't used it, this is a great one, you can just pop the public key right into there and do a search and it pulls up the matching BitClout profile.

There's one here called GA followers. You can see it started with a nice $364 coin price. It had been fairly stable. It had a good market cap and some coins in supply. So I thought, huh, let's take a look at this and find out some more information.

So I popped over and looked at the profile. As you can see, a heavy dose of it went to the creator of this profile. This guy Rococode, I've crossed paths with him over in a Discord server before. Great guy. Another good person I thought, well, you know, I'm going to take a flyer on this one and throw a little bit of money into it and just see what happens. Cause a million and a half followers and an active Twitter profile is a pretty good start, you know, for a $300 coin.

Countless BitClout Scams

Every day new scams pop up on BitClout. Investing in any creator is a very risky proposal, even people I believed were trustworthy have taken my money.  Be Careful.

$351 to $3.34?? Where Did My Money Go

I put 25 bucks in, and you can see me right here. I'm David, I put this $25 in and within 60 seconds, something magic happened. As you can see up here at $351 coin price within 60 seconds, it became a $3.34 Cent coin price. Yeah, that's what that actually says 3 dollars and 43 cents. That is a 99% loss on my money.

It may not be accurately reflected here, but what's happened is this guy, JAFollowers cashed out completely. Took my money with him. The coin value was higher when he cashed out, I bought in at a high coin value. He cashed out at a higher point value. So he took my cut of the money. My $25 is now down to 25 cents. So he took $24.76 Of my money, as well as some money from everybody else who had invested in him up to that point.

GA Followers Price Tanks

So what in the world is this? I reached out to these guys, this Twitter page, Everything Georgia and explained it to them and kind of talked to them a little bit. At first, they were very responsive. They want to find out what happened, how this strange tweet appeared on their page. But for some reason or another, they stopped communicating, got real quiet. The trail went cold on me. I am hoping to hear back from them at some point, and I will gladly update it, but now I've seen this happen a couple of times.

Twitter Profiles Have Been Hacked

What it seems to be is that someone has figured out how to hack some of these Twitter profiles. I'm not entirely sure if it's someone at otheir agency going rogue, if it's individuals doing this separately, but they seem to have an ability to post these public keys on someone's Twitter profile.

Then they're sending them to a fake BitClout profile that they have set up with their own BitClout coins on it. As soon as you add any more investments into that profile, they go, all right, cool, take all the money, get out of here. These guys, Everything Georgia Twitter profile, is not connected with this bit cloud profile. Like I said, I don't know exactly how they're getting these hacked, how they're putting these fake tweets on Twitter, but it's happened more than once.

The reason I have this whole screenshot is that this is the second time I ran into this scam. That's why I kind of smelled it and put a small investment in, just to check it out and see if it happened. Sure enough, it was the exact same game. So be really careful.

Everything GA Twitter

How To Avoid This BitClout Scam

One of the things that you will notice if someone is actually putting their public key out to be verified on BitClout, there is a second hashtag that they put in. It's called #bitcloutverifyme. So if you don't see it say #bitcloutverifyme, that means they're not actually verifying a BitClout profile. This is my clue now, whenever I, I catch one of these with the public key on there, look, make sure it has #bitcloutverifyme.

If it does not, there is a very good chance that it is a scam. There's a very good chance as soon as you put any money into that profile, somebody will take it.

That's it for today. I hope it helps you if you are investing in BitClout, Comment down below and let me know what you think of it. I'd be happy to share more. I'm loving diving in on this BitClout adventure, and I'm happy to share anything and everything that I learn along the way with you. Take care and Aloha!

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