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  • May 8th2022

Voxies Tactics NFT Game | Release Date This Month! | Play To Earn

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All right guys, are you ready to learn about an exciting blockchain game that is going to be launching this month? That's right. I didn't say this year, I didn't say next year, I said this month, October 2021. you are going to see Voxies out. Demo is going to be out this month. I will let you know about Voxie Tactics Release Date. I’m super, super excited about this. this is a fantastic project that I’ve been a part of. I've been following for a long while. 

So token coming out, we're learning about the blockchain that it's going to be on. we have release dates, we have all kinds of new stuff along with it. You're going to see lots and lots of new content being created to help build the hype for this as they get near the launch. So click on the like, hammer the subscribe. make sure you stick with me so you can learn all about this game. I’ll let you know when the token launch comes around and Voxie Tactics Release Date, and let's start.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional One 

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Voxie Tactics Release Date

Voxie Tactics Release Date Information

All right, guys, well, I was super excited to see this pop up on my Twitter feed yesterday. This just came up on October 1, and it is official. October 22, that is the date that has been set for the demo of Voxie's Tactics game to come out. If you don't know Voxies, I'm going to give you a good overview of it, but this is a fantastic blockchain game. NFTs, token, everything, it's been worked on for quite a while by some really, really good game developers. and I think this is going to be a very, very fun play to earn game, I’m excited for it to come out.

So one of the reasons that this game is so exciting to me is the team. AlwaysGeeky Games is a fantastic group of people that came together just to do this particular project. but there's a lot of experience in video game design, video game mechanics. all those sorts of things as well as a lot of people involved in blockchain mechanics. So if we scroll down here, we can see the Meet the Team, and like this guy, Steven, the CEO. he's been with Ubisoft, with EA Games, Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, Burnout, there's a lot of pretty high level games there. if you go to the cofounder, Ash, Mortal Kombat, Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad – these guys are veterans.

And then you go down, you got some strategic advisors like Bored Elon and Justin Taylor. some other people that are big in the blockchain space, and are well known in cryptocurrency. So not a starter project. this is something where these people know what they're doing. they have experience, and that's why I think this is going to be such a successful demo, which is now coming out in three weeks. Yes!

Voxie Tactics Game features

Let's take a little quick look at the game features for this. So this is the game, it's called Voxie Tactics. You take your NFTs or I’m assuming if you don't own an NFT. because they're going to allow everybody to play whether you own an NFT or not. you're just going to have some advantages if you own one of their genesis NFTs . but you're going to take these little characters, and you're going into battle with them. So I’m going to show you guys a little trailer video here in just a second. it's a strategic role playing game, you have different combinations of people with different spells and weapons and different things. kind of think about like a Final Fantasy, something in that family where you have multiple characters that are working together to battle and using different skills in these battles.

Endless combinations, lots of different ways to go through the battle. it says they seamlessly integrate with these NFTs and I’ll show you why I am fortunate enough that I picked one up early on and I've held on to it. because I’m excited about this game. So some benefits I’ll explain to you all that, if you're interested in picking up an NFT. There's still some available around half an Eth, 0.6 Eth, I expect in the next two to three weeks you're going to see that floor moving up. So if you're thinking about getting one, probably a good time to pick it up now. Free to play and play to earn, so you can play it if you want to, you can jump in and actually be earning tokens if you want to, depends how you want to do it, a big world. 

Cute collectible pets, actually I’ll show you, my character has a pet. so I’m excited I'm going to get to find out what this is all about, and I’ll share it with you guys. All right? Well, let's take a minute and we're going to jump right in, and I will show you this demo.

Voxie Tactics

Gameplay and characters

All right, as I said, there's lots of different characters and different classes and races and ways to play this, like a lot of role playing games. You can see them here, everything from humans, squires, and mommy monsters, and skeleton monsters and fox pirates. and all sorts of different unique with different traits and different abilities. I’ll show you one, this is mine, this is my uncommon, it's called a Nighthawk, it's a flying character. And you see this little bouncing egg, that means that I will have a virtual pet. we haven't hatched the pet yet, so I don't know what kind of pet I will get. but I’ll get a virtual pet to accompany my character. And you can see that they have different properties, as you can see, some things are more common than others. 

This is an uncommon rarity one, but armor, dexterity, intelligence, luck, movement, strength, and then you have weapons to go on top of this. Anybody who owns these has been also earning tokens. so as you can see, I’ve got 129 Voxel tokens. I earned 21.57 each week. If I owned more NFTs, I could be earning more tokens, but I'm fortunate enough, I'm glad I have the one. There's some special combination – there are some games. kind of, if you could get three of the starter one human and animal and a fantasy one, you could get this sword NFT dropped to you and different things like that. I haven't been able to pick up any more than the one that I own, but the one that I own is going to get me in the door, and that's really what I care about.

And as far as the details of all of this, let's say they're going to be giving this demo to their content creators around the 18th. so they can kind of build out some trailers, and build out some things to put on and start getting everybody hyped. and then the 22nd is actually going to be the Voxie Tactics Release Date. So if you're thinking about picking up one of these NFTs, you want to be in on the early token launch. you want to be on, you know, actually, I don't have any definitive information, but I suspect from knowing this team. that they're going to let some of us get in early on the tokens, if we own the NFTs, it's kind of in the standard thing. 

What will be the price of token?

So if you're thinking that this is a game you want to involved in, it may be worth considering picking up at a half an Eth or 0.6 Eth. going ahead and picking up one of these NFTs, so you have some access to it. And also on the 22nd is the demo, I don't know how complete it's going to be. I don't know how much gameplay there's going to be, I don't know if there's going to be parts which can be reserved for those of us who have NFTs. not a ton of information, but a lot more than we had, and we know that it's only a few weeks out.

As I said, they're working on finishing up the smart contracts right now for the token. The token is going to be on Polygon, so we're not going to have to worry about gas when it comes to that token. and that's going to be great, because I think most of the in game NFT assets that you pick up along the way, as you play, those are all going to be on Polygon too. so it can be nice and fast, and inexpensive. These original ones are on Ethereum. the original NFTs was sold on Ethereum, but who knows. maybe they'll even transfer those over at some point. And they expect those smart contracts to finished up sometime in November. so probably look for tokens to be coming out before the end of the year on this project. 

I do expect these tokens to be something worth investing in, I think that this game is going to do really well. It looks to be the first kind of higher level play to earn game that has come out. that was really designed by people in the video game industry. that had some more financial backing and was a little more of a, you know, for a lot of the play to earn games that are in games that are out there. right now, it feels like if it wasn't earning me money, I wouldn't be playing it, it's just not fun enough to do on its own. This looks like a game that you could sit and play for hours and hours and hours, just having fun playing it even if you weren't earning anything, but guess what, you can be earning.

So anyway, hammer the like and subscribe down at the bottom so that you stay with me, so that everybody gets to see the new Voxie updates, and so that you can get update when the token goes on sale. And then, if you have questions regarding Voxie Tactics Release Date, drop in the comments, there's some AMAs probably going to come up where they're going to answer questions about this, I'll be glad to try to pitch it to them and see what I can find out for you guys. Really appreciate you sticking with me through this video, hope to see you some out there in the in the Voxie land, and we can team up and attack some monsters. Also check my post about new game Phantom Galaxies Alpha. All right, aloha guys.

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