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  • February 12th2023

Bitlectro Dreamers NFT Drop Information | Whitelist Bitlectro Labs

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

All right, guys, everybody is ready to learn about the Bitlectro Dreamers project from Bitlectro Labs. Welcome in, I’m David, and I’m here with cryptotutorials.org, and that's what we will be talking about today, we've got an exciting NFT drop, it's going to connect with a game, it's connecting with a previous NFT drop, and there's some opportunity to be whitelisted. So we got everything going on, on this, a couple of weeks out still, so you got plenty of time to get ready, but I'm excited about the Bitlectro drop, I hope you guys are too, and we're going to go over all the details so that you are fully prepared and ready for this when it comes out.

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Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

Bitlectro Dreamers

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What is Bitlectro Dreamers Project?

All right guys, well, I hope you enjoyed that, that was a little music video that Bitlectro put together for this new Bitlectro Dreamers launch – it does a great job of kind of giving you an idea of their style, their energy, kind of, where they're coming from, as well as giving you a little preview of some of the things that are to come. So let's go over everything there is to know about this NFT drop, which is coming up soon. So here are the Dreamers, I’m not going to go over the background story behind them. If you want to hop on their Medium board or their webpage and read about them, you're more than welcome to do it. But basically, the Bitlectro Dreamers are going to be a series of 16-bit NFTs with eight-bit music loops that go with each.

So it's a combination of a video and audio track that go together for each of them. And you can see, some of the styles that they go with on their NFTs, it's that eight-bit pixelated style, but some really creative and unique traits. And there's going to be two phases to this. So the first phase is for anybody who currently owns their Dreamloops, which was the first NFT that they released, I’ll show you a little bit about that in just a second, but if you own at least two Dreamloops, you get automatically whitelisted in to get a Dreamers NFT. So you're still going to have to pay for it, but you're not going to have to get into gas war, you're not going to have to battle with everybody for it.

And this, if you're interested in joining Bitlectro Dreamers project, it's a very, very good choice for you, because we're still early enough that you can have some at a reasonable price and have a chance to be in a whitelisted spot. After that, then once they're taking a snapshot, basically, what they're going to do between the 8th of October through the 14th of October, they're going to do a snapshot of where all of their Dreamloops are, and as long as you have two of them in a wallet, then that wallet gets whitelisted to make a purchase. They're going to allow those people to make their purchases without fighting for gas, then they're going to do a public sale.


When its going to happen?

So the public sale is coming in mid-October, I don't think they've set an exact date on it, I will update you. But you've got early October for the snapshot, mid-October for that, so everything is still a month away. You've got some time to think about this and see if you want to do it. What exactly you're going to be able to do with these NFTs?. Well, there's a game you probably saw a little bit of that in the video where the two characters were battling a battle arena, as well as there's going to be Metaverse avatars for the Sandbox, so that's an excitement when you saw that Voxel style of character rotating on the screen during that video, that's what all about. Those are gonna the Voxel-style avatars you're going to get. So it's a pretty good amount of value you're getting for these NFTs.

All right? So I mentioned earlier that if you had their original Dreamloops NFTs, you would have an automatic shot into this one with the whitelist, so let's take a look over here on OpenSea, this is where their Dreamloops are, you can see that this is checkmarks, so this is their official Dreamloops profile. And I went ahead and pulled up the buy it now options just to see what I could pick up quickly, and you can see 0.06, some getting up into the 0.07 Eth, so nothing too crazy. For 0.2 Eth, you can pull together gas fees probably and pick up two of these, and that can make you whitelisted into the next one. So if this is an NFT that you're interested in, that's actually a pretty reasonable entry point for most NFTs.

Now, obviously, with all of these types of projects lately, what's been a concern for people has been the rug pulls. I know there have been quite a few rugs pulls, where they say, hey, we're going to make this great game and this great infrastructure, and then they just take off into the dark. Well, I'm going to show you why I am so confident that Bitlectro Dreamers will not do this, obviously, not financial advice, not telling you what to do with your money, but why I truly believe that they're here to stay, and they're going to work through it, there are two major reasons. Number one, when I pull over Bitlectro on my Twitter profile, I see a list of 37 or 38 of the people that I’m following on Twitter are also following Bitlectro Labs. That's extraordinarily high.

How to check if project is legit?

Now, I have gone ahead and curated my Twitter feed to help me pick NFTs, so I learned this from someone who's a wiser NFT buyer than me. I said, how do you know when a project sometimes looks legit. He goes, it's hard to tell. He's like, but if a whole bunch of people that I respect are following it, then there's a really good chance that it's a legitimate project. Well, that is an outrageous number. For most projects, I can't get more than eight or 10 matched up. When I’ve got 35 matched up, that just tells me it's really a legitimate project. And then the second even bigger one is that they are a sponsor, Bitlectro Labs is a sponsor on NFT Live which is a show on Discord on the LADZ City Discord.

So you're not going to come out and spend money to advertise and be a sponsor on a big crypto channel and reach an audience like LADZ City, if you're going to turn around and rug pull. So I really am confident that these guys are going to build out, and are going to complete all the things they say, going to have those Sandbox style NFTs that you're seeing on the screen and things like that. And that's going to make this a really valuable drop to be a part of.

So now you've got all the info, do me a favor and do leave a comment, if you have questions for Bitlectro Dreamers. I know they have some upcoming AMAs as well, they're very open, very, very public, so we can ask them more questions, and we can find out those questions. I will post and follow up on this, so like and subscribe to it, so that you can learn when the open sale is going to be. As I said, if you're really interested in this, go ahead and scoop some up now. It's a great time to get in early while they're still not too expensive, you're still a few weeks away from this as it gets close to the drop, but I won,t surprised to see these things going up because people are going to realize this is a valuable drop to be a part of.

All right, thank you once again. Have a wonderful day and much Aloha.

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