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  • October 16th2022

Discord Tip Bot Tutorial | How To Use Tip.cc Bot | Tip Commands

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Ready to discover everything there is to know about the Discord Tip-bot? Welcome in, my friends, I’m David, I’m here with cryptotutorials.org, and today, we're going to go over the Discord Tip-bot. I’m going to show you how to deposit, how to withdraw, how to do all the different kinds of tips and Airdrops, and what all the different syntax means so that you can use the Discord Tip-bot to your main advantage. If you're not very familiar, the Discord Tip-bot is something you'll find in almost every crypto community. Most communities have a Discord board, and most of them do use the Tip-bot, so familiarizing yourself with this is really important as you start diving in on any of these new projects.

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Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

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What is discord tip bot?

So what really is the tip.cc wallet? So if you're not familiar with it, this is something you're going to find used inside of Discord, and I’m going to jump over and show you how it's using Discord in just a minute. First, I want to talk about the basics of it. One thing you need to know, this is automatically set up for users on their board, so when you set up your Discord account, if you join a board that has the Tip-bot installed, you're going to automatically get your Tip wallet all set up for you without having to do anything. You don't have to put in passphrases, you don't have to have a private key, and you don't have to have any of that information.

Along with that, it's not connected to any of your other wallets, it's not connected to MetaMask. It's not connected to your Trust wallet, it doesn't connect to your ledger. You can transfer funds in and out from it, but it's not a terribly secure wallet obviously. It's sort of a pool where a bunch of different people's tokens are stored, and I’ll explain exactly why it's really useful. But just so you know, don't put a lot of your tokens in here, this is not where you want to store thousands of dollars in tokens. I’ve never heard of it actually being hacked, I’ve never heard of a hack from the Tip-bot, but that doesn't mean that it can't happen, and it doesn't mean you shouldn't play it smart, and just keep most of your coins in your secure wallets. Okay?

One thing that's great about the Tip wallet is right here, it holds 228 different tokens and supports them. That's wonderful, all kinds of different coins, lots of small coins, lots of big coins, lots of community coins, social tokens, and things like that can be possibly used with Discord Tip-bot. But the best parts are down here no minimums and no fees on tips to multiple users with no transaction fees. So that's what makes this really, really useful within the Discord is that when you're having a party in the Discord and you're celebrating the new NFT drop or celebrating a new token drop, and you want to send out a tip to everybody, normally, you're going to hammer with gas fees all over the place for each and every different wallet you send it out to, everything like that. None of that happens with the Discord Tip-bot.

What are the fees using discord tip bot?

There are no fees for sending tips between different users. So you can simply put a post up there to Airdrop it to the next 50 people who click on your link, and boom, as soon as they click on the little emoji there down at the bottom, all 50 of them are going to get a piece of that action, and that's going to cost you nothing. So that's the real, real big advantage to the Discord Tip-bot, why it's grown, why it's so useful, and why it's a great place to keep some of your tokens in there for fun, so you can share them with your friends, you can pass them around.

Well, here I am in my Discord, and, as you can see, I've got all the different Discord boards that I'm a member of listed up here on the left, and I'm going to go to my main one which is LADZ City. This is where I spend most of my time in Discord. If you haven't discovered LADZ City, it is absolutely fantastic community, very helpful, very knowledgeable, it is the city of NFTs, these guys know more about NFTs than anybody you're going to find out there, and usually have the best Alpha drops and the best new information, really, really helpful, very knowledgeable people. Anyway, so now that I’m here, you're going to see I’ve got my list of all the different sub-boards within it, and right over here is one called bot commands.

You'll find this on almost any Discord board that has bots on here, it's got the bot commands. But you can type into this one, certain commands, and the bots, you know, it's not to go to other human beings, it's going to the bots that are following; so for this one, the command I want to type in is BALS, and I’m going to type BALS, and boom, it's going to pull up my balances. Now, this is a quick way to look at how much I have, and, as you can see, I've got a handful of different cryptos. I’ve got some LADZ tokens here, but I’ve also got some Whale tokens, I’ve got a little bit of Ethereum, I’ve got some these Bananas people have sent me.


How to give tips?

So these are different tokens that have been given as tipped to me at different points along the way through being in different Discord boards, through different special events, and I've gone and the tip comes back out of this wallet to other people along the way too. But as you can see, this gives me a quick overview of everything that I have in my wallet. Now, as you can see, just put it on a public board, so this made it so that everybody else can see this. If you don't want to go that way, you can private message the tip.cc bot and request this information and you can get it privately.

So if I do this, and I just type – and so, by clicking on the tip.cc, it pulled up a notification to them, here's where I can privately message it. Now, I no longer have to put the dollar sign at the beginning of the BALS command, because it knows I am talking to this bot. Otherwise, I’m using the dollar sign to signal and say, hey Tip-bot, I’m talking to you. But without the dollar sign in the private messages, I can still get the same thing done. So if I type BALS in here to the Tip-bot, now I’ve got, you can see over here, I’m no longer in LADZ City, I’m over here in what's called Direct Messages, and I’ve got a tip.cc direct message, and boom, there is a list of all my balances having been sent to me as a direct message.

So we go back over here to LADZ City, and you can see it's got that post that I had from before – I think, yeah, I can exit out that way. Now it's gone, it's no longer on that page for everybody else to see. But as you can see, if I go back into my direct messages, I still have that information. So that's how you can communicate privately if you don't want to show what your balance is to everyone if you don't want to put it out there as something public for everyone to be able to see. You can also look at charts for any of these tokens, so if I go back in, let's go back to my LADZ City bot commands, and let's type in the dollar sign ticker LADZ.

What happens when token not listed on CoinGecko?

Boom! And now, it is going to pull up a ticker of the LADZ token. You can see that's what's been going on with the LADZ token. It's 0.18, it's been moving like this, but like I had Bananas in my thing, so if I type in dollar sign ticker bananas, oh, looks like that is not listed on CoinGecko, so it can't pull that up. There you go. So it's going to pull them up where it can from CoinGecko. If it can't, it's not going to, if the token is not listed, and apparently the Bananas' token is not listed on CoinGecko. So anyway, that's how you can find out information about the movement and prices and different things of the tokens that you have in your wallet.

On top of the basic commands I’ve already shown you, you also have the ability to both deposit and withdraw funds from your wallet. Now, this will have some gas fees with it. This is the point at which you're no longer functioning just within the little Tip-bot ecosystem, but you're moving out there and working on the Ethereum blockchain, so you're going to be paying some ERC gas fees. Okay? But in order to do that, the easiest way is to do it from that private message with your Tip-bot. I do believe you can do it by using the dollar sign commands and do get in the bot commands, but you're going to be pasting your wallet addresses and things in there.

I just think it's much smarter and safer to try to keep that stuff as quiet as you can. So if I wanted to make a deposit into my Tip-bot, I would head over here to my tip.cc, and as you can see, I actually started this video a few days ago, and you can see I had a problem where it said, we are temporarily out of Ethereum deposit addresses, LADZ deposit addresses. I was trying a few different ones just to see if I get any of them to work. I ended up having to reach out to NFTYQ who's the head of our board of the LADZ board, and he was able to reach out and get the Tip-bot guys to get some more addresses.

Making deposit with discord tip bot

So if you run into that, go to the mods on your board, let them know what's happening, and they'll reach out to tip.cc and get more of them. I don't think it's a very common thing, but just one more quirky thing I ran into. All right? So now if I wanted to make a deposit, I would simply put the deposit, and then the token that I wanted to deposit. So I want to deposit LADZ, let's say, boom, deposit LADZ, and the Tip-bot is going to write back to me, and it's going to say, a deposit fee of around $21.72 will be deducted from your deposit. This is based on what current gas fees are, that's what it's going to be, it's going to be a portion of gas fees.

Now, I don't know if you're going to also pay an additional Ethereum gas fee, I’m not going to spend $21 right now to deposit these tokens in my account, I have enough LADZ tokens in my Tip-bot right now. But if I was doing it, this is what I would do, I would type that deposit LADZ, and then, you can see here it's got my ERC20 address down at the bottom, I would copy that, I would put it into my MetaMask or whatever exchange wallet, whatever I wanted to transfer my LADZ tokens out of, and I would send them on over to here. As I said, there may be an additional fee on that end, I’m not entirely sure, but be careful as well, these addresses change.

Discord tip bot

So I know sometimes they crack, and they like to store and save or I think even Gemini does as well, they like to store and save your wallet addresses for you to repeatedly send it out to you. Do not do that if you're using the Tip-bot. The Tip-bot rotates through and changes the addresses from time to time. Here it says valid for only seven days, please recheck your address when making a deposit. So if you simply stored it in your exchange and tried to resend it to that same address, you might be sending them to someone totally different. Anytime you're making a deposit in your Tip-bot, go back here, and do it this way.

How to Withdraw?

Just like deposit, you have a withdrawal command, so withdraw LADZ, and it says it wants me to enter a destination address. So it's not asking me to pay any gas fees or anything yet. I'm going to go through with this, and paste my address in. How much LADZ would you like to withdraw? Let's say, I want to withdraw 10 LADZ. You cannot afford a LADZ withdrawal now, the fee for this withdrawal is 3329 LADZ, $643. I have no idea why it's trying to charge me $643 to withdraw my LADZ, that's pretty insane. I know gas fees are high right now, but wow, that's kind of through the roof.

Anyway, so I’m glad I’m not going to go through and do it, but this just shows you what you can do. Once again, the most common thing that you're going to find is that just keep a little bit of that in there, and you're going to use it to tip people, and Tip people are going to tip you. So now that you understand the basics of how to pull in and out some tokens, I want to go over how to actually tip, and what the different Tip commands are. As far as the different kinds of tipping go, there are a few different syntaxes that you can use.

Different kinds of Tip commands

The first one that you can do is an Airdrop. Airdrop, instead of just a direct tip to someone else, or a tip to a group of people, Airdrop is kind of a way of sprinkling it, it's useful if you're using it at a party. Basically, it will put an emoji up there that anybody who clicks on it, will get a portion of that tip that you're giving out. So the syntax for this is going to be Airdrop with a $1 sign, and then you're going to put the amount of time that you want that Airdrop to remain valid, you're going to put the user limit, the number of people that are going to be available for the Airdrop, and it's going to split that amount of money between them all.

We're going to do a small one – there's not a lot of action going on, on my board right now, but I’ll show a few of these off. So let's do Airdrop, we'll do two LADZ, and we're going to do 3m, which is three minutes. I'm saying Airdrop two LADZ to anyone in the next three minutes and a user limit is two, so they can each get one LADZ. I type that in, hit enter – all right, somebody on the board just pointed out to me that I typed in dorp instead of drop. Let's try that again with the correct... what I have here is dollar sign Airdrop 2 LADZ, three minutes, two people, and if I hit enter, boom, there we go, the Airdrop pops up.

Now, you can see right here Crypto Stamina has replied with one of them, so they've got one of my LADZ by clicking on it, and now Hash Rhymes has replied with the other one. So both of the two people that I gave a LADZ out to, just got in – Crypto Stamina, you can see he's right here, and Hash Rhymes, they both got Airdrop. Now, if we had a big party with 200 people in, it can be really fun, it can get a lot of attention to your post that you're putting up there by putting an Airdrop of 50 LADZ and putting 50 people and letting people get involved in it. So it's a great way to celebrate and kind of share a bunch, share your tip with a whole bunch of different people.

Discord tip bot command

Direct Tipping Command

For the next one, which is direct tipping, you're going to use a dollar sign tip, and then you're going to say the users that you want to tip it to and the amounts. Now, users can be different, it doesn't have to be just a specific person, you can, I could say have a dollar sign tip, Hash Rhymes, and a certain amount, and boom, do a direct tip to that person. But you can also tip a you can tip, you know, meaning for LADZ City, we have Miners, we have Nobles, we have Creators, we have Council Members, we have different roles throughout the Discord board.

So I could tip only the creators, and I could tip a certain amount to them. Or I can also tip at here, people that are currently active in that Discord channel. or active, which is going to get people that have been active, and I can put a time, active in the last 10 minutes, so anyone who's posted something recently in the last 10 minutes. So those are kind of the options that I can do when I do a tip. Let's do a few of them. Let's start with a tip, and we're going to go for Crypto Stamina, and we're going to tip Crypto Stamina one LADZ. Enter. Boom! 808dave sent Crypto Stamina one LADZ. I’ve now tipped that person one LADZ coin.

The next one I’m going to do is a tip for a role. I’ve got hashtag tip @Noble, and then I want to say, as I said, when you type the @, you find it'll pull things up, it'll pull up a list of people that you can do it too, or your role, so @Noble, so I’m going to say, I want to tip any Noble one LADZ. Enter. And they each get part of a LADZ because those are our list of all the different Nobles, so all those people will get tipped some LADZ because I tipped it to all the Nobles. The other one you can do is the actives, so let's do a tip... And I’m getting some thank yous from this because I don't think anybody knows why I’m doing all this tipping, but I’ll explain to them in just a minute.


All right, and so, that sent out, as you could see, just this list of a few people here, these are the people who are active, who have been actively participating in the Discord board. So that's a few different kinds of LADZ tips, like, you can see, I can do an Airdrop tip, I can do a tip to a specific person, I can do a specific role, or I can do a tip to everybody that's active in there. Now, when it comes to the last part, where I was putting in the @LADZ, I can also put some other different things in there. I could put @whale if I wanted to tip to the Whales. I could also put a fiat, and it will convert it into the local token, which is LADZ for it right there.

So these are just some options, and that allows me to do it. So the last thing I’m going to show you in here is the monikers. Monikers are a way of tipping that's kind of fun, tip a donut, tip a cup of coffee, sip a beer, and it'll automatically translate it into a certain amount of those tokens. So if I go into the bot commands here, and type monikers, this is going to give me a list of all the monikers that work on this particular board.

As you can see, I’ve got a few different things, quarter, dime, cookie. So let's do a cookie tip, all right? So let's go back to our NFT chat, and let's do hashtag tip active, so I’m saying I’m going to tip, I want to tip everybody who's active, and I want to tip one cookie. As you can see, each of these people has been sent as part of a LADZ based on the value of what a cookie is. Cookie was worth 30 cents, so it split up that between all these different people.

All right, well, I hope this has been really helpful and shown everybody how to use the Tip-bot. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments down below. I love answering people's questions. You can also hit that like button and pound on that subscribe button, that's going to help this out to a lot more people and let my videos be shown more, it helps me out a ton, and I appreciate everything in having you here. Have a great day with much aloha.

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