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  • April 30th2022

Bogged Finance Tutorial | DEX Limit Orders

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Hi and welcome again, David here with CryptoTutorials.org. In this Bogged Finance tutorial we're going to go over one of my favorite Layer 3 Protocols on the on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Bogged Finance is a really cool platform that adds a whole bunch of limit orders and trailing stop losses and different tools to your standard defy swap experience.

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Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

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Bogged Finance Website

This is the homepage for BOG token. The URL is Bogged.finance and you can see it's got a little bit of information here on order history, limit orders and migration. Make migration claims, that's for anybody who may have missed out on migrating the old bog token to the new bog token. We're going to head and we're going to go first, take a look at the charts.

This is usually where I start off. One of the nice things you'll notice right away with Bogged Finance is that it pulls up everything in your wallet. My wallet is linked to this page and it's going to go ahead and pull up the balances of each of the different tokens that I have. What the current value is, and it also pulls up a nice candlestick chart as well as a list of the most recent transactions.

Bogged Continues To Add

Bogged finance continues to add features and order types with the goal of becoming the easiest and most powerful DEX tool out there. 

Features Of Bogged Finance

A lot more information right in front of me, immediately than I'm getting in any other DEX. Big fan of that, always like getting good information. I'm going to give you guys a quick overview of how to do a swap on here, and then we'll go in and look at some of the other deeper features.

First let's go ahead and get that swap underway. Now, I'm not going to pick up a lot of BOG Finance today, because as you can see, I already own some. So I'm just going to pick up a little bit just to show how it works here on the platform.

Making A Swap On Bogged Finance

I want to do a swap. I'm going to buy one BOG token, which is going to cost me 0.003 BNB. As you can see, they've got it routed Wrapped-BNB to BOG through Apeswap.

Bog Finance will go through a whole bunch of different DEXs like PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Apeswap, and they'll combine different ones and they're really good at finding a good price for it. So I clicked swap there. It's going to pull up to tell me what the gas fee is. Kind of silly the amount I'm spending and the gas fee are basically the the same. But I don't really care. I'm just doing this to show the example.

bogged finance review

We click confirm, there as you can see I had 101.39 Bog tokens and now I have 102.34. I am not sure why I didn't get a complete Bog token there. Maybe a little bit has to go to a liquidity pool, probably. I don't know for sure on it, but that's kind of a standard thing that happens.

I can view it on BSCscan if I want, but that's it. As you can see it functions well as an exchange interface built on top of other exchanges. But really the power Bogged Finance is in some of the other tools that it makes available for you.

Stop Limit Order On Bogged Finance

I'm going to go to stop limit orders and you're going to see here, it pulls up this page where I can do limit buys and limit sells. This is pretty powerful. I forgot I actually have this one, it is an old limit order that never has fired and probably never will. It was a scam token.

So that's where your limit orders would line up any limit orders that you have already. But let's say that I want to do a limit order. I'm going to select my token. I'm gonna say Bogged Finance, I want to buy this token. I need to tell it how much I want to spend, and it's asking in USD. I could do it in BNB.

So let's say I'm willing to spend 0.1 BNB. Normally right now that would get me 32.67 Bog Tokens, but I want to wait on a deal. I want to see if it goes down. Let's say I want to wait and make sure that for my 0.1, BNB, I can get 40 BOG. If the prices get to where 0.1 BNB can get me 40 BOG, then I am going to go ahead and pull the trigger on that order.

That requires BOG to go down 22.4%. That's a limit order. I can do this on the buy side, or on the sell side. Let's say I have 102 Boggs and I want to sell 50 of them. Right now I could get 0.15 BNB. But I want to say, if it gets up to where you can get me 0.2 BNBs, which would be an increase of 31% from right now, I want you to go and sell it. I have to set a slippage, probably 1% would be fine for most of these. These are tokens that have pretty high liquidity. But for those smaller tokens, you might have to put a higher slippage in there.

Bogged Finance Tutorial Of Order Types

Now here it says limit orders cost $2.50 worth of BOG per order. Please note your BOG will not be taken from your wallet until the order executes. If you do not maintain a balance of at least 50 BOG, your order will be canceled. Your order will be canceled if it is not filled within 31 days.

Because my bog has never executed, I should be able to cancel this. Let's see what happens when I cancel my order. It looks like there's the gas fee for canceling it. I don't know, whatever... There you go. My order was canceled. That was my old order that I canceled.

bogged finance limit order tutorial

Now, beyond this, there are stop-loss orders, and something that you really can't get anywhere else, trailing stop-losses. For this you need 5,000 BOG tokens. To do the last one that we were just looking at, limit orders it requires 50 BOG, for a stop loss you need a balance of 100 BOG, but a trailing stop loss requires 5,000 BOG.

Both really nice features to have. A stop loss just means, if it goes down a certain amount, they will sell your token. A trailing stop loss actually gives it a percentage behind it to follow. So, you know, if your tokens worth a hundred dollars and it goes up to 200, that stop loss will follow it by whatever percentage you set.

So if it was a hundred dollar token, and you had a 3% stop loss. It would have fall to $97 for them to sell it. If it became a $200 token and you still have that 3%, now it would have to fall to $194. The sell price follows it all the way up so that if there ever was a drop of more than 3% at any point, boom, it would trigger the sale. So it's a very nice way to lock in profits.

Other Bogged Finance Features

There's also a sniper feature. I do not know a whole lot about this one. Your BOG balance counts towards your priority rate. I don't know what priority you have to get to get these, but I am not there yet. You need 750 Bog to use the token sniper.

Bogged Finance Tools

So that's less expensive than the trailing stop loss. They know the value of that. They know that trailing stops are something that you can't do on any other exchange. You can't do them on Binance. You can't do them on KuCoin. You can't do them on Coinbase.

So that's a quick run over of Bog Finances tools. You can see there's a lot of really powerful tools that are in here. Some of them are gonna require you to hold some of the token. So while the tokens cheap, this is an easy time to go ahead and pick up some of it. If it becomes a more expensive token, these features will become a little bit more exclusive and a little harder to get access to.

Thank you so much, have a great day, and much Aloha!

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