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  • April 29th2022

Tronlink Tutorial | Setup Your Tron Wallet

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Aloha again, David here from Crypto Tutorials and today I'm going to share with you a Tronlink tutorial to help you setup your wallet. The is the wallet you will use if you want to take some Tron Cryptocurrency tokens and buy Tronpad on one of the Defi platforms like Justswap. (For more on this DEX check out my Justswap Tutorial)

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

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Be Careful When Downloading

People often try to copy crypto wallets. They offer them on the market, but really they are a trap to steal your tokens.  Make sure you always download your wallet from the official source. 

Tronlink Tutorial - Downloading Your Wallet

Let's get our Tron wallet all set up.If you go to the Tron Network's homepage, you'll see here is a dropdown tab that's got the wallet information. When you scroll down, you'll see there are a few different options. Things like a Ledger if you want to take it offline. Huobi Wallet or Trust Wallet are going to be your mobile wallets.

tronlink tutorial

I'm not very familiar with TRX token, but I want to have a browser extension wallet. Like I have with Metamask. Something where I can just access the Defi swap through my Chrome browser. So I'm going to download TronLink Chrome extension.

It looks like it's iOS, Android, or Chrome extension. I would like to get the Chrome extension and I go directly through the play store because I feel a little bit safer. Make sure you're always double checking everything. Make sure you're getting TronLink.

Common Scams With Crypto Wallets

It's one of the more common scams that people do is to try to make fake wallets. If you download them, they're just jacking your stuff. This looks like the real one. So I'm going to add this to Chrome and it shouldn't take very long. All right, perfect. Now I'm going to pin it so that I don't lose my Tron wallet.

tronlink mobile

Setting Up Password and Passphrase - Tronlink Tutorial

I've got my password in. If I had an existing one, I could restore it or I could attach to a ledger, but I'm going to click create, because I am making a new one. Then I have to confirm it and let them know that I actually paid attention and wrote down my passphrase somewhere safe. It looks like they've got some upgrades for NFTs. They call it collectibles management, but there we go.

Now I have my Tron wallet all set up. It's got no tokens in it but you can buy Tron tokens. But pretty straightforward, easy process there. I hope you enjoyed this Tronlink Tutorial. Also checkout my other post on how tron token transfer is done.


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