• April 29th2022

How To Buy Tronpad Token

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Hi everyone, David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org. I'm super excited to share this series with you. I'm going over the 10 best new tokens June 2021, and I will start by showing you how to buy Tronpad token. 

Well over a thousand new tokens come out every month. All kinds of things from con rug puller scam tokens to really high-end projects with backing and capital and everything in between. I like to keep an eye on them. Sometimes I see a new project that I'm interested in investing in. Sometimes I see new project that I just like the technology. It want to keep an eye on who's working on the project. So I'm gonna share with you the 10, most interesting that I found last month.

This video is going to go over how to purchase the token. So if you do want to use it as an investment, I will go over how to purchase it. I'm also going to link another video. That's going to be a Tronpad review and kind of let you know why I think it's an interesting project and worth diving in on.

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Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice, seek a professional.

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How To Buy Tronpad Token On JustSwap

All right, so we're ready to pick up some Tron pad. Here we go. I'm going to pop that in the Coingecko, pull up Tron pad, as you can see, it is listed on BSC. It is also on Tron. So that's where we're going to buy it because I want to use a new exchange and show you guys a full Justswap tutorial.

It really rocket it up today and then it shot back down. I'm going to pull up the links from their website. If you go to the Tronpad website it's going to show you a link to  buy Tronpad token on Justswap which is our Tron DEX.

Just like you have Quickswap for MATIC and you've got Uniswap for Ethereum and Pancakeswap for Binance. Justswap is the primary Defi swapping protocol on Tron

Using TronLink As Your Wallet

I've got my Tron wallet over here with my balance, which is 874 TRON. If you haven't set one up before here is a simple Tronlink tutorial. You can see, I have plenty of bandwidth, but I have no energy. I don't know if I'm going to need energy when it comes to using  an exchange or not. It's for anything that involves a smart contract, so theoretically it should, but we'll find out.

Then if I need to, the way that I get some energy is actually to do this, freeze it. So I may end up having to freeze some of my money, which is like staking it basically, just so that I can get some energy to use on the network.

No Gas Fees

I was amazed that my transaction on Justswap had 0 gas fees. It used a little of my bandwidth, but other than that no costs at all. 

Swapping TRX For Tronpad

I want to swap TRX to Tronpad. I was going to do about 200 TRX to buy Tronpad tokens. I think that ends up being about $15, and this is what I have been trying to throw in each of these different projects. So that's the swap that we want to do, and let's see how our swap goes through.

There is a price impact. There's a little bit of a liquidity fee, and I'm going to confirm my swap. It's going to pull up on here and smart contract, main manager, TRX. It's not telling me anything about gas, but it's requesting a signature. Confirm 200 T-Rex for Tronpad.

BSCPad and Tronpad

Wow, it looks like that went through and that did not charge me any gas fee whatsoever. How about that? When do you ever get to swap anything anywhere on the blockchain for no gas fees?

The Future Of Tron

I know a lot of people haven't been big on Tron, but I'll be honest with you, this most recent process I've been impressed. I think the way that they've got the gas fees under control and that they've got smart contracts to have different fee structure, I like the way that that works

There we go, I've got 200 Tronpad tokens. Now you can see them right there in my account. If I go up to my wallet, they'll probably show up there. No, not yet.

I need to get them added into my wallet. Let's see my assets, let's search for Tronpad. Now I can put in a contract address  right there. Add it in. Boom, it's added to my assets now. You can see my balance in TRX and my balance in Tronpad.

Thank you guys for sticking with me and learning with me on this fun crypto adventure.  Much Aloha

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