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  • April 30th2022

How To Use Farmhero With Honor

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Hi everybody and welcome. David Tatera from Crypto Tutorials. Today I'm going to show you FarmHero NFT Game With Honor. The Polygon Honor token side of it. It's very similar to the Hero token side on Binance, but this is the Polygon side. I'll show you the entire ecosystem, the games, how you play what you do with the coins, how to use them. If you're interested in using FarmHero, this is a great way to familiarize yourself before you go in and actually start spending your own money.

As always. I am not a financial advisor, and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional

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Farmhero NFT Game With Honor

Tour of Farmhero NFT Game

So let's take a look at the Honor Token. Here is the link to the Polygon FarmHero NFT Game, and that's where we're going to find Honor token. It says wrong network, which tells me that my MetaMask is probably not set up for the right one. I'm going to switch this over to the Matic MainNet and that should have our Honor tokens. Now we're going to connect the site to our MetaMask.

So here we are on Polygon FarmHero NFT Game. We are using the honor token, you can see it up here. There's a couple different things we can do. We can combine tokens with these Genesis NFTs. If we're going to stake some money it looks like it gets some pretty fantastic APYs. But I am not going to be spending 300 Matic on an NFT today, and I'm not really going to be staking a lot of money, so it wouldn't make any sense to me.

It looks like they are going to be adding some new stuff. The loot box. Some NFTs, and you can vote on different ones. The doggie series, all right, this is brand new. I didn't see this the last time I was here. So it looks like they are adding more and more things on here.

I guess everybody gets to share the pot on them somehow, I'm not really sure. Another thing, you've got the yield farm over here. If you just want to create an LP token with Honor and USD coin, or one of these other pairings. They offer some pretty high APYs. But as I remember, right, there, they lock you in pretty long-term on it.

Staking of Honor

NFT farm over here. I don't have any, any cards in my wallet. I'm not doing any NFT farming. And then the pool. The Quick to Honor pool here, which is getting 500% APY and 700% for the Wexopoly to Honor. All right. Now, as far as staking and investing goes, this is where everything gets funky and I couldn't fully follow all of it.

You can stake Honor, and you get 34% returns by just regular staking. But this, one you're locked in for three months. If you stake and lock the honor. That is what you do when you do any of the farms to the pools. You're pretty locked in for quite a while.

person playing with keyboard

If you want to go that route, if you believe in this long-term and you want to go that way, go for it. If you don't... move on. You can earn some for referring people as well 3% from new people showing up and keys, and then the three games.

These are the three that I played. This is the auction game. 11 honor, the price of an honor token right now is 16 cents. So you've got a 1.75, to get back $3.85. That's what you get, 3.85 in Quick for winning this. What happens is this guy has put in 11 Honor right now. If I bid anything more than him, all his bid is completely lost. If I bid 20 honor, I'd be the highest bidder and I'd push him out of it. But somebody else might come back in and bid 25 next.

History of Honor Prices

You can see if you look at the history, some of the prices that different things have gone for.. It looks like a lot of 10 honor and 15 honor, minimum on games. A lot of ones that people really haven't been bidding heavy. 15 honors for $7.50 is actually quite a great deal. You're talking 2.50 worth of spending to get yourself 7.50 back.

But I don't trust this entirely. I noticed that there's a pattern of the same two people being everywhere. It seemed like whenever I bid on it, there was surely somebody right there to overbid me. So to be honest, it just didn't feel quite right.

The Fomo game, I've got some keys in it, and who knows how long. This thing could take two years to go because the people keep adding more money into it, it keeps going longer. You're getting a cut of the pot. You're also getting a little bit back on your keys from every subsequent person who invested a key. So that could add up to something substantial eventually, but your keys are pretty much just locked up for now. This wasn't a really fun game for me. You put them in and sit and wait for a really, really, really long time and see what happened.

Rolling Game in Farmhero NFT Game

Then the last one was the roll game. This was actually the one that I did think was kind of fun. It was like half an Honor gets you a roll. You roll, and if you get a high enough number to get up here on the board, you get that much money in B-USD. Let's enter the game.

Dice to roll

I want to hit a deposit 15 Honor tokens and we'll sit on 15 of them and see what happens to them. It's very cheap fees here, so I'm not going to really sweat it. I should have a balance in here showing up any minute of 15 honors. There they go.

I can do some rolls, all right, let's do a row. Apparently you can do a multi-roll now. When I first came along, you had to roll one at a time. Now you can roll a bunch at the same time and see if any of them get a good number. Notice all of these are 99 and98. I got to get up into one of those, otherwise that roll is not going to be worth anything.

Each of these rolls is a half an Honor, so it is costing me about 8 cents a roll. If this took 40 rolls to win, that that will be a break even. So we'll try a few of them and see if anything comes out of it.

I'll do two more roles and we'll see what happens. No, not so, so far. All right. Well, I don't have a very high number. Let's do two more. Why not? I was hoping to show something good to you guys, but this is it. This is the most exciting of the games that I have discovered over here on a FarmHero.

It looks like they're adding more. It looks like they're trying to grow it. I'm excited for that for them. But you know, to be honest, neither of these two games appeal to me a whole lot. I could see getting into the farming and the pools. They seem like some very, very high yield ones. If you're someone who thinks that this is a long-term token and you believe that it's going to stick around for a long time.

I hope you guys learned something. I hope this helps you decide if you want to get involved in this Farmhero NFT Game, leave me a comment. Let me know what you think of this platform and if it's any good. If you love it and if you're a big fan of it, leave me that too. All right. Thank you again, guys. Aloha.

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