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  • May 2nd2022

How To Use Farmhero With Hero Token

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Hi guys, welcome in, David Tatera here again with CryptoTutorials.org Today I'm going to give you a tour of Farmhero crypto game, the Defi swapping, farming, gaming, and NFT site. This site works on both Polygon and BSC. The Binance side has been designed to go with the Hero token. And that's what I'm going to look over today. I also have a reveiw of Honor token if you want to see the Polygon side.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

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Tour of Farmhero Crypto Game

So this is Farmhero crypto game. As you can see it works on both MATIC and Binance smart chain. You've got Honor token on the Matic side and the Hero token on the Binance Smart Chain side.

farm hero

As you can see there are a couple of different games going on. We've got the auction game for 0.3 for BUSD closing in 14 minutes. Let's take a quick look at this. The highest bid it looks like is 50. 50 hero would be a little over a dollar. I have no idea why someone would bid a dollar to get 34 cents. I cannot figure out this game for the life of me, please. Someone comment in the comments below explain to me why anyone would play this game. Why anyone would pay a dollar to get 34 cents? I don't understand it.

Let's go with the FOMO game. This one I have not put into because it seems like kind of a long project. 22 hours left until it goes so, and there's some people that have put some serious money. That person's getting $6,000 at the end of this round. So this one's got some serious money into it. If you can get in and win.

It looks like we may have to get some keys as well to be able to do this. Then our last game, the roll game. Winner is getting about 20 cents. It's got 40 minutes left and I don't know how much it actually takes. So let's connect our wallet and see what happens here. Sign in the browser and MetaMask. Okay, connect.

Get Some keys to play Farmhero Crypto Game

I'm going to say yes, and we have connected them officially. Let's try entering the game. Roll with one hero. A hero is 2 cents. I'm going to roll. Insufficient balance. My balance of hero should be sufficient? I have hero tokens.

There we go. It shows that I've got some hero tokens. Now roll with one hero and... insufficient balance. Do I need some keys? Okay. Deposit hero. Okay. Here we go. Let's deposit five Hero into this farmhero crypto game. That's what I had to do. Another gas fee. Let's reject this cause it's probably gonna be the same if I do 20 of them. Right. Let's just do 10 of them.

My gas fee the same, I guess fees stay the same. So I have officially submitted 10 from my MetaMask to whatever in the world this is. Now I should be able to roll with them. Yeah. 95419 I think that's a good number. Now I guess that's how the rolling game goes. We'll see what happens here at the end, if I get anything back.

I thought I did good and I'm in second place. I think I have the second place role. II might win back 3 cents for the 2 cents that I put in. Is that what this is going to do for me, give back three pennies for my two pennies. I'm not sure. Let's see what happens the rest of the way.

two people playing farmhero crypto game

How to get keys?

FOMO game, I have to get keys. How do I get keys? Okay, Hero to Key now. Wow, this a little bit complicated. If I put 50 heroes in, How many keys do I get? I should get 20 keys. All right. Let's get 20 keys. Yes, I understand. There's a fee for everything. Okay. I approved the transaction.

It should show up as having a key. Okay. Finally found the token address or the contract address. That was really complicated. Now, I think I can add it. But it says I have no key. Here are the four keys. Let's try this swap again. All right, that one went through.

It looks like I have some keys now, they should show up here soon I'm guessing. I have my keys. Invest keys to reset timer. Let's do one key... Confirm. It looks like I put in a key. I think these people have put in 150,000 keys. So there's some people who have substantially more in there than I do. But I put in a key, I think I reset timer. I got one key in there for rounding prize of 4 cents. Okay. I'm rolling. I'm going to see what happens with my tokens. Got a little bit in that game. I got a little bit in the next game.

I went back and I learned a few more things. Looking over the site and kind of feel like I have a little better idea what's going on with it. The yield farms are here. These earn pretty good rates coming out. If you want to lock it up.

Everything you lock up there, you've got this like three months that you've locked it up. Otherwise you get a massive penalty. So you may get paid out a really nice sum of Hero and a decent amount of Binance, but you're locked up for three months. Or you can just get your B-USD portion of it and not be locked up. But then you're not getting the really high rates.

Some other games

Then as far as the games went, yes, some are better than others. The auction game, this one I was in earlier, I am the 75 better here, but someone bid a hundred over me. I could bid another round. If I did this timer would reset back to 15 minutes and whoever has the highest bid at the end gets it. But everybody else just loses. This person and I both just lost what we put in there. We don't get it back.

So it's a good deal, if this person gets it they're going to be very happy. They're going to spend a hundred Hero, which would be about two and a half dollars and they're gonna get $12. And so they're going to be stoked on it. We'll see. I may try some more of these later on down the road. I kind of think this might be one of the better ways to make something on it.

Girl Playing Game

As far as the other game goes, the roll game. I did have some luck there. I won again on another round. It was for a little more, it was like a 12 USD thing. And that's one thing I noticed. Rolls stat at the same price, but the blue board changes the value of each. So sometimes it's not worth it to enter into one. It's worth it to enter a different one.

There was another one that was like for 15 and I went for it a bunch of times. Just never got a good roll. I tried like 20 or 30 rollls I think, but that's the way it works. So I think you can play the games to try to win. What happens is that causes the burning of the tokens.

Farming game

You can also farm if you think that it's going to stick around for a long time. The staking farming numbers are really good. And if you want to buy the NFTs, they get even better. You can get boosters on them. It puts you up to some really astronomical numbers. the hard part is you're locking everything up pretty much for three months.

If you decide to bail early you're losing half of everything that you've gained. So that's a pretty big loss. All right, let's take a quick look back. See what happened with that auction game that somebody bet it.

Nope. Nobody did that. A hundred token bid won it for this person. So they're stoked. They received 9.77 USD price, cause a portion of it goes onto the next round.

You don't get the full prize. Uh, next round starts in 48 seconds and we'll see how much that round ends up being. But, um, there you go. Somebody won it and they're happy. They spent two and a half dollars and got $10. So that seems to be kind of the way this thing is set up.

If you have any questions, shoot him in the comments. I hope you guys have a great day. Aloha.

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