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  • November 29th2023

Illuvium – Top Crypto Game Of 2022? | AAA NFT Game

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All right guys, is everybody ready to learn about Illuvium? Hey, welcome in, I’m David, and I’m here from cryptotutorials.org. I'm going to give you a quick overview of Illuvium update, if you don't know, this is another game, coming to the blockchain in the next six to 12 months, it should be playable. There are NFTs, there are tokens already out, so we're already starting to build towards it, but this is another AAA, like, topnotch, really well-done game. It's going to go, you know, that's just going to blow up. It looks like it's got every reason to blow up, so I’m super, super excited about it.

All right? Well, do me a favor, hit the like button down below, let's share this video with as many other Illuvium fans as we can, and hit the subscribe if you want to get updates as we get closer and closer to the actual drop of one of those games I am going to follow along with all the way. All right, let's start

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

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Illuvium Update

Illuvium Update

All right, here we are with Illuvium Update. As I said, another AAA, topnotch, well done, well thought out blockchain game. This is going to be one of the top blockchain games in 2022. It is supposed to be released next year. Everybody's pretty excited, tokens are already out, but hey, there's an opportunity to get a bunch of free tokens as well, I’m going to share that with you, so stick with me and learn about this game.

All right, as I said, you've got a top-notch game, Open World RPG, some really, really nice looking worlds they've built out here. You can see them. On top of that you've got a great, you know, you work with teams, there are hundreds of different Illuviums, over a hundred different Illuvium, so lots of different races, and different alien species that you can take out and use these as your characters within it, and everything is on the blockchain, which is great. And, in fact, it's all on Immutable X which is a Layer 2 for Ethereum, so no gas fees, don't have to worry about any of that, nice and fast, it's all taken care of, but it's going to give, you know, you're going to give that actually have these assets on the blockchain, have them as real NFTs, not something enclosed within an enclosed system.

They also have some amazing partners, they are teamed up with a lot of big names, this scheme has been talked about for most of this year, as they have been growing and building, and as you can see, it's on Binance and on KuCoin, and a lot of major exchanges, and the token has done well. This dates back to April, the beginning of April when the token was released, as you can see. As the end of the summer reached, this token went pretty amazing, it was up to $600 at one point, after starting down in the $40 and $50 range. It's still hovering around 450 right now, and a long way to go till the game comes out.

Illuvium is free-to-play game?

But I found this tweet recently about a week ago, and it made me even more bullish about this project. As I said, I’ve been excited about it for quite a while. Our goal at Illuvium update is to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible for everyone. The free-to-play components will enable players to enter the play to earn side of the game. All in-game fees are not designed to ding the player or mass profits for the vault, but instead, to prevent bots and cheating. So the idea is really cool here, which is that you can have these NFTs, you can spend the tokens, you can buy things and use them in the game, but if you want to just start off and play this thing for free all the way from the ground up, you can totally do that.


There's nothing stopping you from just playing without buying NFTs or using tokens. And this is great because this is going to help grow the user base of the game tremendously. a lot of people don't have, the money to buy an NFT to get started in a game but, hey, you know what, this game is working around that, and I think that's brilliant.

Token Giveaway

Hey, and as I said, there's an opportunity for you to pick up some serious tokens for it. So if you take a look here to celebrate them hitting 100,000 Discord users, which is a pretty amazing number, they're doing this mad dash to a million sweepstakes. So if you join the discord by October 12, you're going to enter a contest, and three people are going to have their names pulled, and those three are all going to get 10 IVL tokens, and 10 Illuvium tokens. Now, if you remember, we just looked at an Illuvium update and Illuvium was running $461, so 10 tokens right now will be worth $4610 to you. So pretty generous giveaway, and a pretty generous start if you want to play this game or if you've wanted to take it and do something else with it.

But anyway, that's what we know about Illuvium update, if you are interested in the project and you want to keep learning more, do me a favor, hit the subscribe, I will share with you as more updates come in. This is on my radar, so I’m going to keep an eye on it. I’ll let you know when we get closer to the real drop of any NFTs. There are some NFTs that are dropping in the Discord, so it's another advantage to being in their Discord. But subscribe to the channel, like the video, leave me comments if you have questions, and have a wonderful day. If you are intrested in new drop then check my post on Veve NFTs To Opensea. Also Please check my article on Mekaverse Mint Updates. Aloha.

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