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  • April 30th2022

Pink Panda Token Review | Don’t Buy Pink Panda Until You Watch!

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Do not buy any more Pink Panda token until you watch this video. All right? David here, welcoming everybody from cryptotutorials.org. If you've been following my channel, you'll know that over the last, probably two to three weeks, my comment section has been absolutely blown up by people wanting me to review Pink Panda token. I know this is a really popular, trending DeFi platform that they're trying to put together, so I dove in. 

What is Pink Panda Token?

I did a long overview, searched and figured out everything I could about the pink panda token and I see a token with a lot of potential. but I found some pretty substantial major red flags, some things that worried me that concerned me, and some things that I think that anybody interested in this token really should know about. So make sure that before you or anyone you know buys this token, do yourselves a favor, watch this entire video. Learn everything you can about it, it is worth it if you're going to put your money into it. If you can spend a couple $100 on a token, spend a couple of minutes watching this video and learn what you can before you do it. 

pink panda token

All right? If you're looking for something specific about this, you can look down at the bottom. I’m putting timestamps all throughout the videos, you can jump to just whatever section you want to look at, because it is a rather long video. I tried to go into detail I tried to really make sure I justify everything that I say about it. On top of this, I'm very open to getting a developer interview, I’ve contacted them. hoping that they will get back to me and the developers will be willing to give me an interview. because that'd be a really great way for me to learn more about this pink panda token and to get these questions that I have answered. Because nothing is clear, nothing is definitive, but there's definitely some things that concern me.

 All right. Now, do me a favor, hit the like and the subscribe button now, that's going to send this out to YouTube and let them know to share it with lots and lots more people. which is really useful because I want to make sure that anybody thinking about buying this platform has a chance to see and hear this information before they do it. So you're going to be helping me out, but you're going to be helping out anybody else who may be looking to buy this. I'm going to share with you everything I learned at the end. I’m going to share with you the good, the bad, and at the end. Also will give you an overall evaluation of what I think the project has going for it and how I would handle it with my money. Okay, so let's jump right on in.

Warning: I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

All right guys, before I jump in and tell you about Pink Panda Token, I really quickly want to talk about Blocto. If you don't know, I’ve mentioned it on the channel before, this is a token where I got $200 worth of it for free, just for doing a Bounty Airdrop. Even cooler, everybody who did the Bounty Airdrop, were invited into an early round of purchasing before it goes public, before it's on any of the exchanges, a chance to buy in and pick up more of the token. 

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Where we can find Pink Panda Token?

All right, so I always like to start off in the same place, and that is right here with my friend CoinGecko. We're going to put in Pink Panda token, and this mainly is just to make sure that I get the right web pages. the right Twitter the right Telegram, all those sorts of things. Because you'll see over here, they've got a connection to all their different social media and that. We're going to pull up Pink Panda's website, I want to talk a little bit first about kind of the overview of what the token is and what that really means. 

So it's a utility token for the most intricately designed mobile wallet and DEX Binance Smart Chain. providing an easy on-ramp and beautiful interface for anyone to access DeFi with ease. Okay, so they are planning on building both a mobile wallet, and a DEX. A decentralized exchange like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, JustSwap, any of those protocols where you can exchange tokens with another person, a decentralized exchange. And then, lastly, they're doing it on by Binance Smart Chain.

What makes this token different?

What makes Pink Panda token different? This is kind of the most important part to me, because lots of tokens can be community driven, which they are, and I’ll talk about it. it's a good thing, lots of tokens can be charitable, good, and it's another thing. But to really come out of that first pump that most of these tokens take, you've got to have a real use case, and that's where this comes in. It is what is it that makes this one different. 

All right. First off, they're saying that they're community first. Honestly, I don't think that really makes anything different. It's a good thing, it's a positive thing. It's not anything unique. A token with real utility – so yes, they've released a mobile app, and I'm going to pull it up here in just a second. I'm going to take a look at it and see what this mobile app looks like. That's a good sign that they actually have a functioning utility and a mobile app. Obsessive focus on design and UX, there's definitely some room for improvement. I wouldn't say PancakeSwap has the easiest user experience, I wouldn't say it's the easiest site to navigate. So there's room to improve there. The friendliest DeFi on ramp. Okay, so they want to make it easy to get into DeFi by making this.

You know, I don't know exactly how they plan to make it easier. that's one of those things where some of this kind of sounds like it's really good stuff, but there's not lot of meat to it. there's not a lot of information telling me what it is that they're doing. why is this one going to be so much better of a DeFi on ramp, what is it that you're doing that changes it. And then compliance, ethics, and positive vibes, and we'll talk about all these things as we go on. And then, lastly, charity in their DNA. I think charity is great, I think being a charitable token is great. It's not going to be enough to bring a token and turn, you know, you're not going to find the next Matic because of its shared ability, it's got to be because of its functional use.

pink panda wallet

Can Pink Panda Token be a Scam?

Okay. Go down here to the tokenomics, and they made a quadrillion, they've burned 50% on launch. I would love to ask the developers why. The only tokens that I know of that burned 50% on launch are mostly scam tokens. I’m not saying that this is a scam token by any means, but basically, the reason people burn 50% on launch is because they want to make the wallets appear smaller. If you burn 50% on launch, and then a – okay, so let's say you have 100 tokens out there, and you put 10 of them in a wallet; right away, that wallet has 10% of the tokens. 

But if you burn 50% of them on launch it makes it look like that wallet has 5% in it. So it's a way of making it look like there's a smaller amount. The smaller percentage of the overall tokens in a wallet, because a burner wallet is just. they don't go away, they're just going to a dead wallet where they can't be used anymore. So I would love to ask them and find out why they decided to burn 50% of their tokens on launch. It's something that I’m not a fan of and I don't like when tokens generally do this.

The transaction tax, pretty standard, this is something that everybody has figured out: 5% to liquidity, 5% to holders. It works well. It means that people hold on to the token from the beginning, keep getting rewarded as people buy and sell. and then the 5% liquidity almost is essential, because otherwise these DeFi exchanges. when they start getting a good volume of people that are buying and selling this token, they won't have the liquidity to handle those transactions. as they start to grow, liquidity becomes a nightmare to them, so this helps solve that problem.

Which decentralized exchanges this token use?

Go on down here and what we're building, so this is about the hard fact of what they're trying to make: a noncustodial decentralized exchange with a fully on-chain order book. I want to know more about this. Right now, the reason why most decentralized exchanges use what's called an AMM. an automated market maker, instead of an on-chain order book. order books were the old way of doing it, before decentralized exchanges. Decentralized exchanges stopped using it, because, number one. you have a real problem with liquidity and with people matching you transaction timing wise. and number two, most of these systems aren't fast enough to handle the volume of data that's got to be looked at when you're running an on-chain order book.

I’m going to pull up KuCoin real quick here. KuCoin is my preferred centralized exchange, and they are an on-chain order book. When I go to their spot trading, I'm going to see here in the spot trading window all this information right here. You can see over here it's got all of these different datas, this has got four different ones going here, but let's just pull up a full screen on Bitcoin real quick. Here's Bitcoin, here's its trading, here's the price it's trading at, here are people that are selling it in the order book here are people that are buying it. So here's someone who's willing to sell 0.0405 blah, blah, blah of Bitcoin. and here's the price that they're willing to sell it at, 41735.8, and here's someone else buying at 41735.7. So these two are close, but they're not quite there.

What is order book?

That's basically what an order book is, it's a list of different people that are buying and selling and all the time. The problem for a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap. I’m going to pull up Bogged Finance real quick, because Bogged gives me a little bit more information than I get when I go directly on the PancakeSwap. And let's actually pull up Pink Panda Token chart real quick, and I’ll show you where the problem is with this idea of using an order book. And don't get me wrong, if they figured out a great way to do this, to successfully do this, could be huge. but I want to know what it is that they're doing different. how they manage to successfully get past this problem that other cryptos have had, and is the reason all these DeFi exchanges use AMMs instead of order books.

So let's look at Pink Panda Token. Nine minutes ago, someone bought some Pink Panda Token. 18 minutes ago someone bought some Pink Panda Token. One hour ago someone bought some Pink Panda Token. I have to go back over an hour since someone sold some Pink Panda Token. So if you're trying to match these in an order book, you might have to wait an hour. you might even have to wait longer for someone to actually sell the token for you to buy it. because that's what you're doing, you're buying and selling from an actual other seller out there in the world who has it. as opposed to an automatic market maker where you're buying and selling from a liquidity pool. and you're using calculations and computations to try and determine what that price should be. 

It's not an ideal situation, but the reason it's there is to try to help stop those liquidity problems, and stop people from having to wait an hour to buy tokens. So please, I want to know more about this part Pink Panda. please do grant me an interview, and I would be glad to learn how you plan to beat this. Cross chain margin trading with up to five times leverage. My best guess is that they're doing this the same way that the – there's a project on Solana that's doing it. that's going to do leverage cross margin trading with leverage. I’d love to talk to them some more about this, because this is really interesting. and the way that they're solving it on Solana is a very, very smart system, and I’d like to know if they're following that same one.

Intelligent tools to make rug pulling a thing of the past. What do they mean by this? Does this mean that they can't rug pull us, because there's nothing I see on their site, nor do I see any particular technology that would prevent them from being able to rug pull. For all we know right now, they could be doing what's called a soft rug pull, and just slowly pulling liquidity out, I have no idea. But I haven't seen anything on their site that's been able to tell me this is why they can't do it. Now, the flip side is if they figure out how to stop the tokens that were listed on their exchange from doing rug pulls, that could be even more valuable. But I can't really tell from just reading this on the site, what's meant by that.

Trading Graph

Community voting, as best I can tell from the interviews, this is actually not like Dow community voting. It's not a decentralized autonomous organization. It's community voting on what to give charitable contributions to. So I don't know where that takes place. I haven't been able to find it through their Telegram, Discord, Twitter, none of it, but it's an interesting idea to let the community vote on what they want to use as their charitable contribution.

A beautiful wallet interface with advanced charting tools – we're going to get into that here in a moment. I am going to dive in and I’m going to download this app, and we're going to find out what we really think of it.

What is Advanced DeFi protocol?

And then advanced DeFi protocol integrations in the wallet. Sounds great. What does it actually mean? Advanced DeFi protocol. I can show you 100 different web projects that use advanced DeFi protocols and mean completely different things. It's kind of a high level statement that doesn't have any meat and potatoes to it. So I want to know what that really, really means. Then as far as it goes, they follow their launch as best I can tell successfully. They made their donations, they made website improvements; they have these influencers that are out speaking about the token. Just so you know, I am not one of them, I am not connected with the project in any way. People just on my channel kept asking me to review it, so I said, you know what, I’ll do it.

Down here, we've got their third donation coming and some more, and the DEX beta launch is supposed to be coming up soon. and this I’m really interested in, I want to know what they've got going on with DEX. Are they planning on doing all of their own liquidity? How are they going to fill the liquidity pools?. Love to know all these details because launching a DEX is, it's doable, but it's a hard project, that is not an easy undertaking. They've been featured on a few of these different ones. 

What is Pink Panda Army?

This is the Pink Panda army, so I'm not really sure what that means. I don't think it's the staff or the developers or anyone working on the project. I'm guessing it's just like their social media supporters sort of. but when I look at the picture, almost everyone in this picture looks like they're under the age of 18. They all look like high school aged kids, and so. I don't know if it's just meant for fun to put them on the website and have a good time with it or whatever. but none of them are also wearing any Pink Panda merchandise, it talks about being Pink Panda merchandise. So I’m just a little confused by this picture, but looks like fun.

Get involved. Join the Pink Panda army. So yes, I’ve involved to some extent. There is no clickability on charity of choosing. There is no clickability on events. You can go to their Telegram. You can go to their Wall of Memes. If you don't know, this is a whole bunch of different memes that people are allowed to repost. and I think they've have given out a variety of Airdrop type rewards for people posting those memes. And here's some things when you're having issues buying it, set the slippage to 11 to 13%. 

So that means it's a fairly low liquidity token, generally. I don't think you probably have to do that anymore, unless you're buying a large amount, I’m going to guess, because they should have a bunch of liquidity from that giant spike. If you look back, when they shot up to this price, and that amount of volume, look at the volume, 2.6 million. Well, theoretically, 5% of that 2.6 million should have gone into their liquidity pool. so if they haven't touched it, and haven't pulled anything out of liquidity, they should have plenty of it.

And then, this is the CEO, the proudly doxxed CEO, I’ve seen an interview with him. He's fully doxxed, his name is Adam, they call the developer angry, and I don't know that he's fully doxxed at all. I don't know that he's public at all as far as his participation. I just know that this guy and his participation is being publicly stated and shown, and his involvement in it. There you go. So here's how to buy it. The Bogged Finance method, which is to use this, this is a website integration from a company called Bogged Finance. Also I’ve done a video on them, they're fantastic, they got a really cool exchange setup. And then PancakeSwap, going straight to PancakeSwap, and just doing it, whether it's in a trust wallet, or a MetaMask or whatever, pretty easy.

Marketing of Token

Marketing of the token

And then down here are their Twitter and social media connections, download the app, we're going to do that here in just a second. In fact, I’m going to look at that very shortly, and then, down here, the disclaimer, the privacy policy, community rules. This was a little interesting to me, because, so this is about how to post about Pink Panda, and what's allowed community standards and things like that. Normally, the only places I usually see these type of things are MLMs, because they let other people do marketing for them. 

Generally, most major projects want to handle their own marketing, they're the only ones who do it, they're the only ones who cover it, you know, Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola doesn't let anybody decide on a marketing thing other than Coca-Cola. You know, anybody big, Target. Target's not going to let anybody other than the Target people pick it. So unless you're sharing your business in a way that like an MLM does, you generally don't have to put this. So I’m a little curious why they were giving so much marketing, sort of, leeway to the social media people. and I’ll bring up in a minute something that I crossed paths with one of them, that's a little concerning to me. 

So anyway, one of those things, that's another one of my little kind of. I don't like that, I don't like when a company doesn't hold on to their own marketing and do it themselves and this is coming from an internet marketing guy. Anyway, community rules, compliance, brand guidelines, that's a little more of it. So this is just the, okay, here we go, do's and don'ts, colors and logos, typography, that's just people sharing it.

Checking their apps

All right, so let's go take a quick look in the App Store and the Google Play Store. The App Store over here, this is the Pink Panda DeFi app. You can see it's got 88 ratings of a 4.9, here's some screenshots of it and some review. While apps are sometimes more of an afterthought in the crypto space. Pink Panda has hit out of the park with an early launch, and the coins debut. There's an active link on their website with more functionality on the way. You're going to get this – this is going to be a trend you're going to read in all these different posts, and I’m going to explain why in a minute. 

They're giving it five stars and saying more functionality on the way. Normally, most people, if an app doesn't really work well when they download it, they don't five star review and say better things coming. It's usually kind of about what the actual app is at the moment. I give them credit for getting an app out, don't get me wrong, thumbs up to you, good working it out. but there's some parts of this that I don't like the way it got handled. Great potential. Simple and useful. Great potential. A lot of potential. So interesting.

Let's take a look back and go look at the Google Play one. Now, you look at Google Play, they're going to have 245 reviews with a 4.9 total. But let's take a look at these last two that are on here. It's just a general listing so far. I have another legit BSE token that doesn't show up. It doesn't auto refresh. It doesn't have a lot of information on there. This app is utterly pointless right now. It only shows a small number of your tokens. No charts, no information at all on the total value. Honestly have no clue how anybody can give this more than one star. 

You'll notice, these have the most likes of any of the posts. Beyond that, you're going to see a lot of them that look like this – the updates keep coming time and time. The progress that has been made is astonishing. So everything is sort of – all the five star reviews are future based. Let's talk about what's coming with the token. Let's talk about the exciting things that are coming with the token. Why in the world is that? That's really unusual, unless you go over here to Twitter.

Why so many 5 star ratings?

All right, so here we are over on Twitter, okay? And I’m going to scroll down, this is the Twitter feed for Pink Panda, I’m going to scroll down to one of the contests they ran not too long ago. There you go. Our huge app update just went live. You can track all this. Here's this concert – contest being sponsored by Crypto Bri, and here it is, $200 giveaway in 24 hours on July 27. Crypto Bri. Here's what you got to do. You got to download it, you got to rate it five star, and put a positive review in the Play Store with your Twitter handle. That's not acceptable. 

According to the terms of use from Google, you can't reward people for giving a five star review. You can try to promote them to get a review, but what they give as a review needs to be genuine and honest in their feelings about the app. So the reason that this one has so many positive reviews is because people wanted to win the money in Pink Panda. It's one of those things that I’m not going to go to Google. and I’m not going to tell them, I wish this project the best of luck in the world. But it's a bad omen, your compliance is one of your core things that you said. This is far from compliant. This is manipulative. 

This makes it look like you have a better app than you do. I get it, I get the reasons to do it, but it's risky. If Google finds out about it, they're going to boot this app off right away. how's that going to work for your token that you invested in? So when I invest in a company, I want to make sure that they're doing things all on the up and up and all the right way. and anytime I see something like this that's off, I don't like it, it's a bad omen to me. So I don't like the fact that this Crypto Bri is giving away Pink Panda tokens in exchange for five star reviews.

Token Review

Pink Panda App Review

Hey, and since we're talking about the app, we might as well take a look at it. So here I have downloaded the app onto my Android phone, and I'm going to pull it up, there it is, loading it up. Okay, so the first thing you have to do is enter a BSC wallet address. I have a particular BSC wallet I wanted to use, and I went ahead and pulled it up and entered the long string of different information for it. then it asked me for my name. So I put my name in, I'd just put it as D to make it simple. This is what loaded, and that was it. Probably I put in something wrong in my BSC wallet, but there was nothing clickable, there was nothing doable. 

No matter where I looked on it, I couldn't figure out any way to enter any information, change any information, I was just completely stuck. This is all it said, and it would not say anything else. it wouldn't let me do anything else, wouldn't let me interact in any other way. This is the entirety of the app, if you don't enter it correctly. From what I understand, if I entered it correctly, it would show me balances in the tokens, and that's it. So functionality that exists inside of a Trust Wallet, inside of a MetaMask is already there and built into wallets that have much more going on, but that's the entirety of the app right now.

Okay, so the app really didn't work too well for me. Had I been able to get the wallet address in, maybe it would have worked better. This is basically what it's supposed to look like, what's shown here on the website, and you can see that it just kind of gives you a pretty basic graph of information that you can pull up anywhere. To be perfectly honest, putting an app together like that doesn't take a lot of time. I could probably get an app developer to put something like that together for me in a day. 

Yes, it's great that they have a release. I don't like how they released it, and I don't like the fact that their app really doesn't have a lot of functionality to it. So overall, there is one other thing I noticed here, which is that they are audited, and they were audited by this company called Dessert Finance. And if you look at Dessert Finance, pretty much mostly the Meme tokens. HappyCoin is audited by Dessert Finance, Baby Doge Coin was audited by the Dessert Finance. Nothing serious in the DeFi. Nothing where you're going to invest LP tokens, and you're going to have liquidity locked up. There’s a handful of other auditing companies that are a little more serious that usually come around and maybe that's what they're going to do when they get their DEX opened, if they actually do open a DEX. 

Maybe they're going to go to a different auditor to have them look over the contract, I hope so. Because you know this one, I mean, if you read it, if you actually take the time and look at some of the things like spellcheck. I mean, that doesn't put that much confidence in me. It gives you a little bit of information about the contract and checks for some common vulnerabilities in it, but that's really the only scanning of the code that it does. Other than that, it's checking the social media platforms, here's a list of the top token holders. 50% burned doesn't do anything to show me what's really going on where these tokens are, how they're being held, where the team's from. It talks about the owner, who is public about it, but that's really about it. 

So this particular paperwork is not worth a whole lot. it doesn't prove to me a whole lot about the validity of the project and how well they're handling it. Anyway, that is the end of my review of Pink Panda. I know I probably upset some people, I probably shared some information that people don't want to hear. Nobody likes to hear that there's some problems with the token, with a place that they've invested money. And I’m open, I’m so open to have the owners come on, the devs come on, and talk to me and answer these questions. I would love to get good answers for them, because I want nothing more for them, than this project to be successful, to give lots of money to charity. 

I think the idea of creating a mobile first interface on BSC, a mobile first interface for swapping tokens, a DEX, is a great idea. I do think that PancakeSwap is a pain to use on mobile. In fact, I think that Bogged Finance is kind of a pain to use on mobile too. But I’m not entirely sure that I believe this project is the one that's going to accomplish that goal. So at the end of the day, I would not feel safe putting my money into this project. not until they could answer some of these questions better. or until they released a functional DEX and got some things moving along. If I was you, my recommendation would be not to do that. 

Now, once again, I am not a financial adviser. so this is not financial advice, but that's my personal take is I would not put money into this project right now. All right, do me a favor. put comments below, I know there's probably lots of great questions about this. and if I can, I’ll bring them up with the devs. Please fill my comments, ask me lots of questions. If you disagree with me, explain to me where you disagree with me, where I’m wrong about this project, I’d love to hear that. Otherwise, thank you so much for sticking around, I hope you learned something. I wish you the best of luck with your projects in the future. Much Aloha.

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