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  • April 28th2022

Justswap Tutorial | Exchange Tron Tokens

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Hi, welcome in again, David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org. Today I'm going to give you a full JustSwap tutorial. If you don't know, just swap is the primary Defi swapping site for the Tron blockchain and Tron cryptocurrency is a really interesting, really exciting, cool new blockchain. It's I mean, it's been out for a while, but it's really starting to grow, because the fees on it, man, the fees are low.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional

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Tron - Gas Through Staking

Tron network doesn't charge a standard gas fee for the miners. Instead they require you to stake tokens and earn gas through this. It is an innovative approach that could lead to a lot of staked tokens. 

Justswap Tutorial - Tron DEX

Justswap is our Tron swapping protocol. Just like you have QuickSwap for Polygon and you've got UniSwap for Ethereum and Pancakeswap for Binance. JustWwap is the primary Defi swapping protocol on Tron.

As you can see, I've got my Tron wallet over here. It's got my balance, which is 874 TRON Cryptocurrency Token. You can also buy tron token if you dont have any. You can see, I have plenty of bandwidth. I have no energy. I don't know if I'm going to need energy when it comes to using an exchange or not. It's for anything that involves a smart contract, so theoretically it should. But we'll find out.

Making A Swap - Gas Fees

Then if I need to, the way that I get some energy is actually to do this, they call it a freeze. So I may end up having to freeze some of my tokens, which is like staking it basically just so that I can get some energy to use on the network.

I want to swap TRX to TRONPAD. I was going to use about 200 TRXs to buy Tronpad token. That ends up being about $15, which is what I have been trying to throw in each of these different projects. 15 bucks into them and see what the heck happens with it.


So that's the swap that we want to do and let's see how our swap goes through. There is a price impact. There's a little bit of a liquidity fee and I'm going to confirm my swap. It's going to pull up on here and smart contract main manager, TRX. It's requesting a signature. It's not asking me about a gas fee?

So 200 TRX for that. Wow. So if that goes through, it looks like that went through and that did not charge me any gas fee whatsoever. How about that? When do you ever get to swap anything anywhere for no gas fees? So I know a lot of people haven't been big on Tron, but I'll be honest with you, this, I've been impressed.

I think the way that they've got the gas fees under control and that they've got smart contracts to have different fees. I like the way that that works, but, but there we go. I've got 200 Tronpad tokens. You can see them right there in my account. If I go up to my wallet, they'll probably show up there. No, I have to add them.

Justswap Tutorial - Adding Tokens To Your Wallet

How do I get them added in my wallet. In the assets, let's search for Tronpad. There we go. Now I can put in a contract adress. Tronpad right there, add it in, boom. It's added to my asset display. Now I go back and look at that, you can see my balance in TRX and my balance in TronPad. (To learn more about Tronpad, checkout my Tronpad review)

In addition to just swapping here on JustSwap, you do have a couple of other options that you can do. One of the things here, obviously we have some liquidity pools. Pretty standard for every swap that you're going to find anywhere. You can see what the rates are that they're giving out for, TRX to TUSD or you know, WBTT and BTT is the, BitTorrent token. So the WBT that's the wrapped one. BitTorrent token is another major token that is on the Tron blockchain.

justswap tutorial

Soi f you want to stake wrapped BitTorrent Toke, you're going to get a 10.4 APY on your money. Here's how it is paid out, it's paid out as 6% WBT and 4.4% TRX. Each of these is gonna be a little bit different.

NFT to TRX earns much higher amount of each of them. Different ones, different yields. In addition to the liquidity pools, they have the scanner here, a Tron scanner built in. If you want to see transactions on the network, things about the volume and the liquidity of the overall networking, see it there.

I made a TronLink tutorial for my favorite wallet. I think it behaves a lot better on here and understands how to do freezing and different things like that. So if I need some Tron resources, like additional bandwidth and energy and things like that. Right now. I don't have any frozen, but I can freeze some.

Let me know if you have any questions, pop them in the comments down below. I love to hear feedback on this Justswap Tutorial and find out if any of this was confusing. Also check out my other post about how tron token transfer is done. Much Aloha

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