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  • April 28th2022

Price Impact Too High Error Fix! | PancakeSwap

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Hello everyone, David Tatera here again with CryptoTutorials.org. Today, I'm going to show you exactly how to solve that Price Impact Tooo High error, that you get all the time in PancakeSwap.

Price Impact Too High Error On PancakeSwap

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I'm going to show you through a little bit of how to solve this price impact too high error, that we sometimes come across.

Trying To Buy Blast Alt Coin On PancakeSwap

You can see I'm trying to buy this new token BLAST, and it's giving me the Price Impact Too High error. If you look here at the bottom, you can see what it's quoting for the price impact, 89.45%. There must be almost no liquidity whatsoever in PancakeSwap for this token, because me buying 0.008, BNB, which is about two and a half dollars, is going to send the price of this up 90%.

price impact too high error

So it can't complete the order because that's just too big of a range. I can probably go in and set my slippage tolerance. That's one of the things I can do. Bump up my slippage tolerance. That changes how much I'm willing to allow the price to change for these alt tokens. I usually keep it up around 12%, that tends to work, but you can see even having done that I'm still not getting anywhere.

Reduce The Order Size To Change The Impact

So what I have to do in order to complete this transaction is to go with a smaller amount. It's really frustrating, but there's not really another way.

As you can see, I dropped it to 0.002, and now I'm down to 60% price impact, which is still too high. At 0.0005 I still have a 33% price impact, which is still too high. Let's add another zero in there, and now it has moved to something where it is willing to let place the swap. My price impact is down to only 5%, which is under my slippage tolerance, so it's going to be willing to take that transaction.

price impact too high fixed

As you can see, the only options you really have when you hit that price impact are to increase your slippage tolerance, which can give you a little bit of a bump depending on where you need to go. But really mostly it's about taking smaller orders and buying less than you wanted.

Tanks again, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments for me.


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