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  • October 17th2022

10 Best New Tokens Of June 2021

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

All right. This is the review of the 10 coins that I evaluated for the month of June. If you don't know, I went through and picked out 10 coins that I really thought had some potentially I reviewed them. I looked over them a little bit and figured out which ones I liked.

Then I went through and actually purchased. each of them, did a deep dive into them. If there were NFTs and games and things related. I played the games I interacted with the websites, went way, way down deep and try to figure out what real value there was in each of these coins and what potential they had going forward.

Now we'll come back together and I want to put them all in one video, I'll put links through to each of those other videos, if you want to buy the coin, if you want to see the deep dive. Here's your chance to learn about 10 new coins that were released last month and what potential they hold going forward.

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#10 & #9 Hero Token and Honor Token

At number 10, we have the Hero token. I'm going to join this review with number nine, the Honor token, and just talk about them side-by-side together. So this project was interesting to me because they did dual tokens. They did one on Binance and one on Polygon, the two low gas fee networks that are out there.

Hero Token

Then they combined a bunch of things. They had NFTs, they had gaming, they had farming pools, staking, all kinds of different pieces of the puzzle put together. They had a lot of different options to interact with on this platform. I thought it was really interesting, the farmhero crypto game platform, but I will tell you when I dove in a little deeper, it wasn't nearly as fun as I had hoped.

The games felt like these random chance games, but they also didn't feel... It kind of felt like being at a carnival. Where you wonder if everything is on the up and up. I'm not trying to say there's anything wrong. I have no reason to believe there's anything wrong with this company, but I will tell you when I interacted with the games, I felt like I was getting a little bit ripped off along the way. It wasn't too fun.

Honor Token

I played the FOMO game. I played the auction game and I played the rolling game. None of them made me want to come back and put more money in. I think that's a big problem. The games aren't fun. And they're not something that people will want to come back and put their money into.

If you don't enjoy the gaming experience it's going to be very, very hard to grow a gaming token. They might be able to grow strictly on the investment side of it, the pools and the staking. There's some high numbers coming out of there. But you know, coming out of this one, I think that they have a lot of potential, but I think they're going to have to do some upgrades before this is really going to grow and take off.

#8 Pea Farm Token

Coming in at number eight, I have the PeaFarm. So PeaFarm... a lot of people put a lot of money into it. It's got some big numbers going on right away. It's an older blockchain project that got resold to a new owner and it looked like he was doing great with it.

He's actually got a game... which is really interesting. There's an actual working prototype, it's a functional game, which is awesome. That puts it light years ahead of a lot of these other companies that are out there just with an idea and selling some NFTs. But my big problem with this one is strictly on price.

Pea Farm

When you dive in on the game, it's about $6 to buy a cherry tree, which is a little pricey for a game, but acceptable. Then it goes up through the moon. From there... It's $600 for a chicken it's $3,000 for a cow. Um, and you don't get specific details on the value of what you're going to get back from each of these.

So again, it's very hard to invest a lot of money into them with no idea what you're going to get back. You're investing massive sums of money, thousands and thousands of dollars, to play this game. I think they're going to struggle until they figure out a new fee system, a new fee structure. Maybe a second token where you stick the first token and you get the second one.

I'm not sure, but they're going to have to develop a better way, because I don't think people are going to be willing to invest $6,000 into cow. I mean, you can buy a real cow for $6,000.

BetaPulsar Is Done

Beta is closed, they moved on to Gamma layer. It was stated as a problem with some of the games, but the token also tanked. Be careful investing here. 

#7 BetaPulsar Token - PolyPulsar

At number seven, we've got the BetaPulsar token. This one excited me a lot and it was actually the game that I was most excited to play. It's like an alien battle game. You buy BetaPulsar token and you go in and play this bounty hunter alien game. Where you go battle against all kinds of different things. Mafias and drug cartels in different Alien worlds.

From that, you win this BNT token and you take that one into a second level of battles. Here you buy alien pets and they fight against each other. From that, you can win more of the first token, the BPUL and you sit there cycling through this game, that's supposed to be how it works. Then you can take it at some point and stake it and farm it and pool it and do all those other different things with it, like you can most Defi platforms.

Beta Pulsar Token

This one was a little more fun than the first ones, but in the end I spent 60 $BPUL, which was about $18, and bought my first bounty hunter. Played my first bounty hunter mission. My bounty hunter died and I received no BNT, no tokens of any kind in return. Basically I spent $18, 60 BPUL to read a three page story about aliens killing me.

You can jump on if you want, I have the video where this actually happened. You can just read my story and save yourself the $18. There was no actual gameplay. It was just read the text of it and in the end, I just didn't find it to be that exciting or fun. Nothing to make me want to come back for it either.

I would like you to know, I understand sometimes you're going to lose in these games. Sometimes you're going to win. Maybe if I had won, it would have felt a lot more fun. But I'd like it if I lose for there at least have been some entertainment value. I didn't feel like that was really there. I have a lot of hope for them going forward. I think they're going to develop this game and they're going to keep growing it. It may turn out that that token becomes really valuable because of this. But at this point it's not a token I would go back and invest more money into.

#6 Hypersign Identity Token

Coming in at number six, I've got the Hypersign Identity Token. This is one I really like the idea behind where they're going. The problem that they're solving, they're trying to work on logins.

Identity log-ins and to keep it so that a company that doesn't have to store all of your personal data on their server in order to let you log into that platform and prove credentials of who you really are. They are trying to put this out on the blockchain.

Hypersign Identity Token

I think it's a great idea and I hope that they are successful. Execution sounds incredibly difficult on this. I'm not a security expert in any way, they seem to have a good team put together.

This is one where I really think that there's some definite potential. I think it's going to be a little bit of a longer road because people are comfortable with passwords and the things they have. It's going to be a little harder to convince them to change over to this. 

But I think if they get it going, it really could grow and become something very valuable. So big fan of HyperSign Identity Token. I'm going to hold onto the tokens that I picked up here and just see where they go in the long run.

#5 April Oracle

Coming in at number five, we've got the April Oracle. So April Oracle, if you're not familiar with an Oracle... An Oracle is a source of information. Whenever you build smart contracts on the blockchain, whether it be Ethereum or Binance or Polygon, wherever you're building them. 

April Oracle Token

All you essentially have is the information contained within the blockchain. You don't know the weather, you don't know who won last nights sporting events, and you don't know the price of crypto out there. None of that information exists on the blockchain.

So you need an Oracle, which is a trusted source for that information. A place to get accurate data. For some, some of these contracts that are going on, it's absolutely crucial and particularly one of the things that I mentioned that's crucial, is the price of different cryptos.

This can be a really difficult one. You've got exchanges all across the globe, and they're all transacting at different speeds on different networks. How do you keep track of it all? That's what the April Oracle was aiming to do.

They've got some technology that they say is gonna allow them to be significantly faster than everyone else and get more accurate data from all of these exchanges. They already have some partnerships and they're already working with some people to get this data. So I think they're well on their way.

It looks like a team that can actually pull this off and execute it. If they do could become a really valuable one. Most likely if they are the fastest and most accurate, they will become the standard in every DeFi platform.

Most contracts will need to have this as part of their infrastructure, so I like this one. I think is a great direction. I think the adoption cycle is very easy. If this does to take off, I think DeFi platforms are going to adopt it very easy and quickly.

It looks like a potential problem solving and team that can do it. Another one that I'm excited, I'm just going to hang on to my April Oracle tokens. I'm gonna let them sit in the corner and see what happens and peek back at him every once in a while. Who knows maybe down the road, if I like it even more, I might pick some more up.

Bad Reports On Tronpad

I have recently been getting some negative reports from Tronpad owners. They are sharing that the IDO projects are few and not very good.  Hopefully they fix this, but until then I would be cautious. 

#4 Tronpad

Coming in at number four, we've got the Tronpad. Tronpad is basically a port over to the Tron network of BSCPad. BSCPad is a very, very successful Binance, smart chain projcet.

Basically what they do is they're like a Kickstarter. They take new Binance Smart Chain coins, and projects and they help get them some exposure to help get them in the hands of some people who might want to be early adopters of that token. People who hold a significant amount of the Tronpad token, get a chance to buy in early on these projects before they're available for public sale and have the potential to make good money.

It seems to work out great. It weeds out a lot of the scammy coins and it helps some of the new companies make sure to get enough capital that they can move forward with their project. My only problem really so far is going to be that I haven't seen anything very exciting on Tronpad.


They do have a few projects going on, but the ones that I've seen don't look like anything that I particularly, or most of my friends that I know that invest in blockchain would want to invest in. They're kind of just more, fun and play project. It seems like, but I think that this has got a lot of potential because like I said, BSCPad is a fantastic one and they're working together.

So they get to literally not just copy the model, but they get the inside information. They can talk to the people who run BSCPad and figure out how they were able to do so successfully. I think in the long-term, this one is going to be great. It takes a good amount of Tronpad in order to be able to get on the inside and be able to get the early buy-ins on these.

So I will just watch them for a little while, and if it looks like those early buy-ins are making some good money, then I might jump over, invest enough and get in on the early projects myself. But for now, I'm just going to sit back and watch it closely because I think it's got a lot of hope in the future coming in.

#3 Bogged Finance

Number three, I got my old friend Bogged Finance that's right. If you're familiar, BOG is not their first token. Actually this was the second token. First token was hacked. They had to go through and recreate a new contract and move everybody's tokens over, but they did it and they did it in a good job.

Bog Finance

They were very good with their communication, and they have most of their people moved over. So it seems to be a pretty happy crowd on the new platform. If you're not familiar, what BOG Finance does is, it adds an additional layer on top of DeFi swaps to turn them into full blown exchanges. So if you go to a Binance or a KuCoin exchange, you get candlestick charts up to the minute, you know, information on the market depth of the sells and the buys and where they sit.

You can do your limit orders and your stop limit orders and all that kind of stuff. We don't get any of that when you go to Pancakeswap or UniSwap. You just have a very basic swap interface. Bogged Finance actually interacts with all these different chains and it routes your order for you. Whether it be wrapped BNB, wrapped ETH, whatever it needs to get the order through cheapest. Which makes the purchasing much easier. It also gives you the charts, the graphs. It gives you the detailed information on what's going on with that coin right now. And most importantly, it gives you the option of these different limit orders.

You have to be a holder of the token over to get these special things. Personally, right now I have a hundred BOG, which lets me use Stop Limit orders. I'd love to get up closer to the 750 to 5,000 range, which is where you start getting some of their sniper tools and they're trailing stop loss, which I'm very, very interested in getting a hold of.

I'd love to be able to have a trailing stop loss option, but for right now, I just simply don't have enough coins to be able to afford that at the moment, hopefully down the road I will be able to. Maybe the price on some of those new features will come down as they add additional features. Either way, Bogged Finance is a token I am going to hold onto for awhile.

Of all the next level projects that I've seen work on PancakeSwap. This one is definitely the best. So I think it's going to help a lot of people who like to use that as their primary swapping platform.

Growing Fast - Great Team

In the end, this was the token from these 10 that I invested the most in.  I got to know some of the team and they are awesome, I have lots of hope for this project. (not financial advice)

#2 Lossless

Number two, I've got Lossless. Lossless is one that, when I look at which of these tokens really can go somewhere, Lossless probably has the most top end potential to me. It has a real technology and solves a huge problem. So what Lossless does is, it creates a set of protocols that anybody can add into their smart contracts. These add a security level to them.

Just like Bog Finance, all of these different flash hacks happen. Hackers figure out a security flaw in somebody's smart contract, and they'll go in. In a matter of minutes, they'll dump hundreds of millions or millions of dollars worth of these tokens. They'll get them pulled out and just basically rob the place blind in the blink of an eye. And there's not a lot anybody can do.


Once it's gone, it's gone. It's a blockchain. Well... what they've done is they've created a way to freeze these accounts through the smart contracts and a system of intelligent things that see some of these patterns and says, this is not a usual buying pattern. This is something wrong, freeze it. In fact, they even work with white hat hackers to create more of these type of protocols and reward them if they can help stop these flashhacks.

I think it's something that all they have to do is successfully stop one or two of these hacks. And suddenly everybody is going to want to adopt this. It's going to become a standard thing. A part of most Defi protocols. I really see this one going far.

At this point, they actually have real customers. They have a function product. It's not just a theory or an idea, but they've got enough of their protocols done to where people are actually embedding them in their smart contracts already. Much further ahead than a lot of these other projects.

This is one that I really, really like. Of all the ones that I looked at for the top 10, this is the one that I plan on putting the most into. I plan to just kind of keep an eye on it and pick some of it up, because if this does succeed, their market cap can grow enormously. My favorite, as far as an investment of these 10 is definitely going to be Losses.

#1 Baby Dogecoin

Then the number one spot, couldn't give it to anybody else. Had to give it to the Baby DogeCoin. That's right. Big Doge's cousin, Baby Doge Coin. It is doing wonderfully at the point where this video is being filmed. Most of crypto looks like this and it looks like this. It's it's pretty crazy. I bought in, I think 36 hours ago when I was doing some of these early videos. And at this point it's already three times my investment. This is not financial advice. None of this is financial advice, definitely not a financial advice. I can not predict what BabyDoge will do in future. But the short answer is, it got tweeted out by Elon Musk.


It was already a good point. It was a growing faster than the big DogeCoin. It has deflationary mechanisms, which Dogecoin does not have. So it had some things going for it, but it didn't seem like it was doing anything tremendously unique from all the other Doge Coin knockoffs that are out there.

But this one got tweeted. Elon Musk did a little Baby Doge, doo doo doo doo doo tweet. And from there, boom, this thing just went to the moon, Lambo, whatever you want to call it.

I'm along for the ride. I don't think I'm going to put any more money into this one. This is probably one I'll sit on. and as it starts getting a little higher, I'll start pulling some profits off the table. I don't even invest in DogeCoin.

I don't really get where it's going to be more useful than say MATIC, which is just as cheap, just as fast. And it has a bunch more use cases. In the long run, I'm not a big Doge buyer, so I don't think I'm going to stick to this one, but I'll ride it. I'll take a nice little ride on it and hopefully make a little bit on the side from, from the BabyDoge.

Top 10 Review

Well, that's it, that's your top 10 coins of the month of June? Uh, I hope this has helped you. I hope this helped you learn and see some potential investments, maybe learn how you evaluate potential investments and how you see value in companies. Which ones might grow and become something. I'm going to try to work on also doing some, some top airdrops as well so that you guys have some free ways to get in, but these are the coins that I picked up and bought in this project.

I really enjoyed it and enjoyed learning about the coins and it's something I look forward to and plan and do every month. Leave me some comments down below. Let me know what you think about the top 10 coins. Any coins I might've left out.

If you've bought any of these coins, if you own them yourself, tell me about it. I'd love to hear your experiences with it. Let's make this a community project. If you have suggestions, if you know of new coins coming out next month, that you want me to pick for this month. Let me know. Also Check out my post about LADZ City and Pink Panda Token.

I'll be glad to try to include them in there if they fit the criteria. Coins I would be interested in starting off investing and exploring. All right. Thank you. Once again. Uh, have a great day, much Aloha

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