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  • February 11th2023

RTFKT Akira NFT | Metaverse NFT Avatar Drop | Sandbox, Decentraland

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Are you guys ready to learn about an exciting and interesting new NFT project with the potential to go 20x, 30x, 50x, who knows? All right, welcome in everybody, I’m David, I’m here with cryptotutorials.org. Today, we are going to be talking about RTFKT Akira NFT, that's right. The group from RTFKT, well, they've got a new project coming out. Currently, it's been codenamed Akira, but the new name will actually be coming out anytime now, they're going to release some more details on this project. Anyway, I want to give you a quick overview and let you know what's coming up with this project, what to watch for, and we'll go from there.

So do me a favor, tap the like button down below, let YouTube know that you appreciate this content, that you want to share it with more people, and hit that subscribe button if you're interested in this project, that's going to be how you'll be able to know when I release a new video, updating you, because, believe me, only chapter one of what this project is going to be is available right now. We don't know all the details, we do know that it's coming up later this month though. All right? So let's dive right in.


Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

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What is RTFKT Akira NFT Project?

All right, so here we are on the Twitter page of RTFKT Studios, and you can see right here at the top their pinned tweet is about this avatar project that was coming out, it's been codenamed Akira right now. So full 3D avatars, custom modeling on all the trades, really high-end quality focused, meant for the Metaverse, dedicated site coming out. This is kind of the quick overview that they're giving everyone on Twitter. If you're not familiar with RTFKT Studios, let me give you a little kind of rundown of them. Over here, this is an article from Bloomberg that was recently put out, and this talked about the spring, when RTFKT led a – sold 600 pairs of digital sneakers for $3.1 million.

This is the company that's doing this project, RTFKT Akira NFT, a couple of different guys, they formed this group during COVID, they've been in the Metaverse for a long time, into gaming, and a lot of that side of stuff. And they've moved on to doing Metaverse clothing. So they sold these shoes, they were a Digi-physical good, you got both ends of it, but $3 million it was sold then. Since then, they've raised money from Andreessen Horowitz, they've got venture capital into them; and they've even grown and added things like a partnership with Snapchat so that if you happen to buy one of their digital footwear or one of their pieces of clothing, you can actually wear it over yourself as a Snapchat sort of skin.

All right? So that's kind of a quick rundown of who RTFKT is, just so you know, this is not some newcomer to the NFT space, these guys have been here for a while and they've had a lot of success this year already. But the project that they have coming up right now is RTFKT Akira NFT, and this is kind of a quick rundown of RTFKT. Let's take a look at one of there – this is one of the digital 3D modeling's for one of the heads on their projects. But as you can see, they have a series of avatars that are coming out, very unique, very detailed, very, very high-quality art. These guys don't mess around.

RTFKT Akira avatars

There are many custom avatars

You can tell that every one of them is truly custom and unique, and well thought out and color schemes and textures and everything, the details of it, these guys – their artwork is fantastic. Everything that they do, their work is absolutely topnotch, they're topnotch digital artists. But now, they're making avatars. Up until now, mostly they've been focused on Metaverse clothing, shoes, some jackets, hats, and things like that, but four avatars are coming out, and this can be a big seller.

All right, so we're going to jump on over to RTFKT's Discord. Now, if you want to follow this project, this is something that you think is cool, and you want to keep an eye on it yourself, by all means, subscribe to the channel, that's going to get you updates from me, but Discord, Twitter, those are your best options if you want to get updates from RTFKT themselves. And I think the Discord board is generally the most up-to-date information on all of this for almost everybody in crypto. All right, so as you can see up here, I pulled up the pinned messages, and it's going to give us a little overview of what's going on with the RTFKT or with the Akira project.

When Public sale will come?

All right? So dropped late September-October, I even heard as late as mid-October. We'll have to see exactly when they get all the final renderings and everything done. There's going to be 20,000 of these total, which normally would seem like a lot, but when you see what RTFKT products are going for, you'll realize that they're scooping this amount up easily. In fact, let's pull up real quick over here, 59,000 on their Twitter, so there are almost 60,000 Twitter followers, 10,000 peekings online in the Discord, and they got a good following. But anyway, so 10,000 of these avatars will be sold as a pre-sale, and 10,000 of these avatars are going to be sold in a public sale. Now, the pre-sale price they have announced will be 0.05 Eth, so very, very nice price for those who are getting into the pre-sale.

The public sale, we don't know yet. Obviously, I would expect them to be more, maybe as much as 0.1 Eth. I don't think they'll be hugely expensive, but you never know, RTFKT has sold some pretty high-dollar items before. Now, if you're thinking, hey, maybe I’ll get in and get into that pre-sale, how do I do that. Well, the way to get into pre-sale is you need to own one of RTFKT Akira NFT, any of their NFT products counts, there is a Mechakeys addition too, that also counts as well, but not as much. Most of their NFTs are going to get three opportunities to the mint at that price, the Mechakeys are going to give you one. But just to give you an idea, let's pull up OpenSea over here.

rtfkt avatar

RTFKT Products

This is list of all RTFKT's different products that are for sale, you can see the kind of prices we're talking about here. We're talking six and seven Ethereum for these different things, a pair of shoes here is 7.7 Eth. So, even right now, after little bit of crash, you're still talking about a $30,000 pair of shoes, you're not going to get in cheap to get a shot at this pre-sale unless you happen to have been smart, and picked one up along the way, and you already own it, in which case, hold on to that puppy, make sure that it's not on OpenSea for sale, and that it's in your wallet. They have not announced the date of the snapshot with all these types of things whenever they make your wallet and your ownership of the NFT, that'd be a pre-qualifier to get into the pre-sale. 

That means they're going to take a snapshot of the blockchain. On that day, you better not have it someplace else, you better have it in your own wallet, or you're not getting whitelisted for the pre-sale. Okay? And, once again, I will update as soon as they come up with that information and give all the details. I will be glad to share it with you, but they're going to have the pre-sale, 72 hours long, and then, there's going to be an open public sale. Now, as I said, each of these is really, really high resolution. They are fully 3D rendered models, which are going to used directly in Metaverse. I've heard Decentraland for sure, Sandbox, hopefully, some Star Atlas, there's a variety of different, maybe even Cryptovoxels, we're not really sure.


So hopefully, we're going to get some more information on that, but they know what they're doing, the guys at RTFKT do. And so, I trust in them to make sure that this is usable in a lot of great places, and this becomes the character that you're running through the Metaverse, that you're traveling through all of these different digital worlds with, this becomes your person, your avatar, so these are going to be very, very valuable. Once again, not financial advice, NFTs are riskier than crypto. I say not financial advice when I’m talking crypto.

NFTs are, even more, you know, can drop out from under you in the blink of an eye, but my deep belief, and if I can get my hands on this, I’ll get as many as I can mint because I believe, these are going to be both cool to have and valuable for the long run. I would like to have one from now on for when I’m exploring the Metaverse, to have one of these be my characters, and that's really cool, especially the Genesis RTFKT, man, it's going to be something people want. All right, and that's really about all I have to give you on it right now. As I said, the sale's coming in at the end of September or October. If you want to get on the pre-sale, you better already have an RTFKT Akira NFT or scoop one up quickly.

Beyond that, I will make sure to let you know when it's going to be very competitive, it's going to be on Ethereum, there will be a gas for that one, you can count on it. But it's going to be exciting, and hopefully, get a chance to get some really good avatars. All right? Leave any comments in the comments, or any questions that you've run into. If you made it to the end here, give me a like, so that we can get this video out, and everybody who's interested in RTFKT Akira NFT to follow it, and that way I’ll give them all the updates. Do checkout my post on clonex rtfkt. Thank you once again for joining me. Have a wonderful day with much aloha.

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