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  • October 16th2022

CloneX RTFKT NFT Drop Information | High End 3d MetaVerse Avatars

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All right, you guys are ready to get all the updates on the project from RTFKT, formerly known as Akira, now being referred to as CloneX RTFKT officially. All right, welcome in, David here from cryptotutorials.org. Today, I'm going to get you all the updates as I told you I would with RTFKT. We now know some information about the pricing, we know not a lot more about the scheduling, but we'll give you more information about how the auction is going to go down, and a little more about the actual avatars and the plan for themselves.

Well, do me a favor, tap on the like button below, let's make sure this gets out to all RTFKT followers so that they can get the updates, and then hammer that subscribe if you want to get another video when this finally gets a specific release date, and I’m sure, we'll get one more update of various information as we move on through this project. So if you want to get all that from me, do me a favor, and hit that subscribe, that's how you'll make sure to get it because I always update when there's new info. All right, let's start.

clonex rtfkt

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

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Information about CloneX RTFKT

All right, well, before we jump into all the details in this video, I want to show you guys a really cool trailer that just came out today from RTFKT, and it gives you kind of a little bit of an idea of the style and the look and everything that they're going for with these Clone X.

All right, like I said, very cool video. These guys make awesome, awesome quality stuff, so I would expect nothing less.

All right, and let's take a look at this website. As you can see, here we go, here's about the project, Clone X, you've got high quality, high-end avatars, Metaverse ready. For anybody who really wants to have a fancy Metaverse avatar, this is going to be where you get it, 20,000 of them, seven different DNA types, I'm assuming that's got something to do with like the rarity or the little bit of the style of them, but we'll know more probably as we get closer to the drop.

The presale, if you are smart enough that you already own an RTFKT, and you can get a shot at this, congratulations. 0.05 Eth is quite a deal to be able to get one of these avatars. The rest of us are going to be spending a little bit more. And then we got a public sale here, and it says the public sale price to be determined, we are still confirming the price of mint, the public sale will be a Dutch auction where each buyer can purchase three avatars per user's wallet.

Public sale will be a Dutch aution

Dutch auction guys. I don't know if you know what a Dutch auction is, but it basically means you start at a particular price. they haven't officially said it obviously here, but there's a rumor going around the Discord from a number of different people, and it looks like it's probably going to be in the 1 to 3 Eth range. So they are going to start. say, I would not be surprised to see it say 3 Eth for you to show up on the day of this mint, and it'd say 3 Eth. if you want to go ahead and make a purchase at that price, you are welcome to do it. As many people as want to, can, and then after, whatever it is.

10 minutes, it drops to 2.75 Eth, and everybody that wants to buy at that price can, and everybody, or it actually goes ahead and computes it, because you go ahead and put your orders in right away. In the beginning, everybody just says, I’m willing to buy one at 2.25 Eth and lower, and once it hits that price, if there's any left, it triggers you. So these are going to go for a high price, whatever they set it at, I think they'll probably get most people to buy it at what their high end is.

clonex rtfkt ecosystem

So this is one that if you're trying to get in on it, you know, I have never bought from CloneX RTFKT either, and these guys are like the Dolce & Gabbana of NFT Metaverse wear, their stuff is just really, really amazing, and they charge for it, and can, and they will succeed doing that, they'll do really, really good because they made the quality for it, so hats off to them. And if you want to get in on it, you're going to have to spend a pretty penny. All right?

When Public sale will come?

The CloneX RTFKT release, says, that they don't have a specific date mid-October of ‘21, so we're probably two or three weeks out from this release, and we'll get more information as we get closer. And then the last thing I noticed on here is to keep an eye on launch day, good luck on gas war, they've got something prepped. So they apparently have something figured out to help keep the gas wars down. I assume it's got to do with the way that this Dutch auction is going to process everyone's orders because it's not like a standard minting this way, it's a little different.

All right, well, do me a favor, hit that comments, if you got something about CloneX RTFKT, I can try to always throw it up in the Discord or ask good friends and see if I can pull up the answers, and like and subscribe if you enjoy this kind of content. I know 3 Eth probably priced quite a few people up, but there are quite a few people out there who have it and will spend it.

I think they'll do very well with these, and it's just another reason to make sure that when these projects come out, you try to get one of their NFTs early, because these, you know, if you'd picked up an RTFKT Akira NFT already, you probably still would have spent a decent amount of money, but less than 3 Eth, and you could be at this point getting another really killer piece for 0.05. All right, thank you guys, take care, much aloha.

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