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  • February 16th2023

Solana Price Prediction | SOL Ecosystem | Solana Gaming & NFTs

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Well, in case you forgot to check CoinGecko in the last few weeks, Solana is going bananas. Welcome in my friends, I’m David, and I’m here with cryptotutorials.org, and today, I'm excited to talk with you about Solana Price Prediction. Solana’s growth is unbelievable in last month, and there are a few not so well known reasons why this is really happening. They'll help give you an idea if you think this is just a short lived trend or something that's going to continue and grow, because, I mean, here's the chart for Solana for the last 30 days, and you can see, less than, you know, right now today is the 5th, it's September 5th, just so you know, back on August 13, less than a month ago, it was at 43. It's up at 143 right now.

Solana Price Prediction

To see over 2x-3x growth out of a top 10 token in that amount of time is impressive, and I'm going to show you exactly what is driving this and let you have a backseat or a look over my shoulder to see if you think this is something that's going to continue. All right? Do me a favor, tap on that like button down below, that's going to make sure anybody who searches for Solana Price Prediction videos is going to get a chance to see this and see this great information. Hammer the subscribe. That'll make sure that next time I release a cool video, I’ve got some awesome more Solana videos coming up, and I’ve got some other tokens that I’m really researching and looking into. So you'll get to see all these new things as they roll out. All right? Well, let's dive in and start.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.


All right, check this out, not too long ago, I did an Airdrop, and from that Airdrop, it was a Bounty Airdrop, I was able to get $200 worth of Blocto wallet token, before Blocto comes on the market. Blocto is a really exciting new wallet that's going to revolve around the flow blockchain, where a lot of big projects are coming out. So this is a token that's got legs, it's going to go somewhere, I truly believe. But anyway, so they're offering this really cool sale. And, guess what, here's the timeline, but look at this, it's a community sale.

How do you become part of the community? Well, if you took the Bloctopian Quiz and whitelisted as a Blocto user if you're a part of the general public, some people got in over the last level of it. But how do you become part of these two? Well, if you are part of the community doing the Airdrop, you would be in and been whitelisted, you would have also had a chance to take the quiz, and if you took the quiz, you became a tier 1 person. And what do you get because of this? You get a chance to buy more of the token early. So not only did you get some free as an Airdrop, but you got a chance to get in on an ICO of a token before it goes public.

This is why Airdrops are so valuable, whether it is NFTs, IDOs, or ICOs, all sorts of early access has been granted to the people who help build the community around these blockchain projects. So get into the Airdrops. Take my Airdrop Masterclass, it's at getmyfreecrypto.com, which is the website down below, take this, you'll learn how to do Airdrops. Start doing Airdrops, and you will find opportunities to buy in on early tokens. I’ll show you all of this completely free, but trust me, take advantage of this offer while it is still there.

What is Star Atlas?

Well, if you've been paying attention, you've seen me talk about Star Atlas recently. It was a token I was very excited to see dropped, but it's also a game that I’m really excited to see come out. I’m not personally a big video game player, I probably will play this one just because I’m curious beyond belief about it. and this is Star Atlas. So Star Atlas released – they've been releasing for about six months different pieces of content here, and it's all on the Solana blockchain. So if you want to buy their NFT posters, you need Solana tokens. If you want to buy it on their new token drop, when they did the token sale, it's all on Solana.

Let me show you what we got going on in here. If you jump into the play here, you can see there are all these different wild and crazy ships, and they're going to be going on sale for it, there have already been posters that have gone on sale. But some of these, 72 of these ships are going to be available, they're talking about prices of 25,000 USD coins that people are spending, so there's serious money that's going into this game. When it launched, its token launched on three different sites, one of them here is one that I was pulling up to look at, this is where I tried to pick some up, it's called Raydium.

Brief information about Raydium

So Raydium had for this pool, there are two pools on Raydium, Raydium for this pool had about 123,000 people that had staked 69 USD coins each to try to get in on that, that's about $8 million in this pool alone. Then you got the other pool, you got two other exchanges, one of which had twice as much as this, and you're probably talking a $100 to $150 million invested. Plus, in order to just get a shot at this one, you had to have some Raydium estate, you needed 100 Raydium coins staked. So there's another 700,000, maybe, at this point, I think it's probably $1400-$1500 you'd have to put in to get a 100 rating points. So all of this is lots of money that moved into the Solana blockchain to participate in this.

Come to today now, it's being swapped publicly on the Serum, on the Serum DEX, that's the decentralized exchange that's on the Solana blockchain. And you can see right now the token's down a little bit, it's at 19 cents, it's been up and down and around, but it's only been here for a week, less than a week this token is old, and it's doing $100 million in trading volume on Solana every day. So you can see something like this, these games, there are more games coming out. Solana is fast and cheap, everything that's being a problem with Ethereum is the speed of transaction, and the cost of transaction, gas fees are berserk these days. But I was looking to buy an NFT the other day, and my gas fee was $150 just to buy this NFT, like, that's crazy.

Solana Price Prediction

Solana is the opposite of that, and it's fully established, it's not like Cardano, one of those that still has, you know, just rolling out smart contracts – smart contracts have been around for a while, there are exchanges, multiple of them, there are staking platforms. There are all kinds of different technologies being built out already on Solana, it's up and running and running fast, and that's why it was ready to grow when people ran into these problems with Ethereum. But gaming is a great one for Solana because you need speed, you don't want to pick up a new NFT in the middle of a video game and have it take seven minutes on Ethereum to record on the blockchain, like, seconds or less than a second. I think they can process 250,000 transactions per second or something like that, it's crazy, magnitudes faster than Ethereum.

Solana is faster

That's one of the big reasons that I think is driving this price, and Solana is these games and gaming tokens. The other big one as well, but it's the NFTs, man – NFTs are bonkers through the roof. This is Aurory, it's another gaming project, but it released its NFTs that were like character skins, about week ago it released them. I tried to get in on them, I know a lot of the people tried to get in on them. The floor price on them was five Solana coins per NFT that you were going to buy. So you assume, some people probably were looking at more than one, but we're just running numbers on one. They said that in three seconds, 350,000 IP addresses tried to purchase one. So 10,000 sold out in three seconds. There were 350,000 IP addresses attempting to purchase them.

If you do the math on that with five Solana coins each, 350,000 people, they were about $120 in Solana coins, that is $200 million in Solana that was in people's wallets ready for that NFT drop. And now they're selling on the secondary market for 100 Solana, a 1000 Solana. They're selling it for crazy values now. If you've got one, you're super lucky. In fact, you're super lucky because their contract messed up, and they had to sell them for one Solana instead of five bags, and so, they lost out on millions. But think about $200 million in Solana coins being bought up and put into wallets ahead of an NFT drop. Think about what that will do to drive the market. Now, you've got that driving the market, which makes the investors look at it and go.

hey, Solana, this looks like a great one, and that drives it, even more, well, now the next sale that goes on for the next NFT, people have to spend even more and it’s just pushing this up. And I think Cardano, it's going to take a little while for their ecosystem to develop. They're finally getting around to smart contracts, they're another fast, cheap blockchain. You do have Matic Polygon, which probably some of this is going to go on Matic Polygon. But it seems that Solana from the insiders I’m chatting with in the NFT world, this is where they're putting their faith and their hope that Solana is going to be able to do what Ethereum is not able to do.

Conclusion on Solana Price Prediction

Because Eth 2.0 is still six months, maybe a year minimum away, that might save it, that might finally get gas fees under control and get the speed up, but it could take a little while to roll out, this buggers ahead. So anyway, those are the two big reasons that I think that Solana price prediction is blowing up , the two big things people aren't talking about NFTs in gaming. Once again, not financial advice, I'm not telling you to buy Solana, I’m happy to tell you that I am buying Solana, but I don't tell you what to do with your money. I’ll just tell you what I’m doing with mine sometimes.

Do me a favor, tap on that like, I know you learned something by watching this video of Solana Price Prediction. Hammer that subscribe button, that's right, you're going to get in on the next videos coming up. I’m going to do some on some really cool NFTs that I’m excited to see come out in September. so you're going to want to learn about those. But hit those two, and you'll be ready to rock and roll. Don't forget to check my post on Phantom Wallet Extension Solana. I wish you the best, have a wonderful day. Aloha.

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