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  • February 14th2023

3Commas Trading Bot Review – 3 Commas Bot Interview With Fun Uncle

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

All right guys, are you ready to learn all about the 3commas bot review. why you should have this in your arsenal, the value that it can provide for you, all about it? All right, welcome in, I’m Dave, I’m here with cryptotutorials.org, and today, I am actually going to sit down. I've been doing a little bit of an interview with a friend of mine called Fun Uncle, a fellow YouTuber who also puts together great crypto content. But on top of this, he's an OG crypto, he's been here since back in 2016, he's someone who used to mine Ethereum and Bitcoin, and he's a trader by nature, he's not as much of an investor or a holder as he is a trader.

3commas bot review

So 3Commas is his trading bot, and during my interview, we went over it for a little while and spent some time talking about the value that he gets out of it, why he uses it, and how it's been able to save him money. So I just thought it was really interesting, and I want to pull this out and save it as a separate piece instead of including it in the interview, because anybody looking for the 3commas bot review and thinking about using it, this is going to help you out. All right, do me a favor, hit the like button down below, that's going to make sure that YouTube knows this is a useful piece of content to share it with people looking for 3Commas' information.

And then, pound that subscribe button, that way you can get the entire series, I’m going to continue doing interviews with NFT experts, with other traders and investors, and people from different companies, so we're going to add these interviews into the channel, and it's great information for you to learn. Okay? Do me a favor,, hit those buttons, and let's get started.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional.

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3commas bot review

David: All right, aloha guys, welcome. I’m David here with Crypto Tutorials. We got one of my fellow LADZ City lads here. If you don't know LADZ City, it's the city of NFTs, and I’ve got Fun Uncle here with me, he's an OG crypto trader, going to share some advice with us. I know we talked a little bit at one point about this, but you have some interesting, I can't remember what it was called, it was a certain thing that allowed you to buy best price for multiple different exchanges with a tool, can you give me kind of a little rundown on that, because that's interesting?

Richard: Yeah, so it's called 3Commas, it's the number three, commas, and it is a trading bot algorithm that I think cost me 600 bucks a year, and what that then shows me signals, it tells me like what's a good buy right now, and then, what it also does is, so you can pair up to 10 exchanges with one app, and if you've ever heard of an app called HootSuite before...

David: Yeah, for social media, yeah.

Richard: So imagine just like that. where you can pair your Facebook and your Instagram and your whatever, your LinkedIn to it, and so, one post you make, can go out to all of them. It does the same thing where I can pair Binance.US my Coinbase Pro, my Bittrex, my Bybit to it; and, let's say, I want to buy some Shiba coin, it would tell me you're going to have a better buy opportunity on Bittrex over Coinbase Pro.

Bot can predict the price?

David: So you're saying that it can price out which exchange is going to give you a better price on this, how much of a difference are we talking about here?

Richard: Pennies. But if you're buying 1000 of them or a couple of 1000 of them, that's great. But then the other thing it does, because, for example, even if it is a better price somewhere else, I would have more money on a different exchange, so I'm like even if it is a penny cheaper over here, I’d do it with where I’ve got more liquidity over here. The real thing it does, it's amazing. let's say, I want to put-in a buy order for 25 cents, you can activate a trailing buy, which is one of the algorithms in the system, where, sure, I put in a buy for 25 cents, but it uses its bought to be like, oh wait, but the price is shifting down, so it'll actively put me in for 24, and then when it approaches 24, it puts me up to 23.

Doing that at supersonic bot speeds, faster than I ever could, and that's the real, like, that's the $600 a year just there, for me at least, because...

David: And probably they're going to assume on the other direction that you can trail stop loss it on your way up when you're riding up. So that when it turns on... Because that's totally one of the things that I’ve run into that there are just no exchanges that you can Bogged Finance has it a little bit for Defi, but it's all so clunky, trying to get a trailing stop loss because that’s great.

3commas bot

Bots are smart?

Richard: Yeah, and it does it both ways, like, if I put in a take profit at 10% or something like that, that shoots past it, it'll ride it until 17%...

David: Intelligently know that this is the point where this is where you need to get out and get something that's beautiful.

Richard: And the fact that, you know, because I’m pre-bots, I was trading before bots even existed, and you're competing with bots. If you're trying to trade on Binance or something else, those bots will beat you, and that's actually all they do is try to beat you. So, I was just like, all right, well, I got to get a bot, if that's the only real way to do it, and it took so much pressure and stress off of me, and I’ve actually had a couple of trades where I put them in and the bot just crushed it, I did not do anything, did not make the buy, totally stopped it and nuked the order.

I even remember like doing it a couple times, it was like, no, do it, like, do it, and it nuked it, and then the price tanked. And I was like, thank you for nuking the trade, you're doing...

David: That's really cool that it'll like literally be like, no, I’m so sure based on what I’ve seen it's going to go this way...

Richard: It's like don't.

David: You are not letting it happen.

Richard: So 3commas bot review, I guess, I highly recommend it, it's worth the price of admission, especially if you're using it. Go for it.

David: Yeah, for sure, I’m going to have to find out more about this one. This is a very interesting thing.

Richard: There's even a copy-paste function in it, where you can see a forum of the best traders, it's like, there's like a trader – I was just seeing the other day who did 25% in the last week, and you can just copy it, you could just like, okay, now I want to...

David: Just want to do whatever this guy does.

Richard: Right, whatever he does, now do it with my money too is a feature you can...

David: Interesting. So you can ride off of people who seem to know what they're doing, and they're doing well, that's cool, that's very, very cool.

All right, guys. Well, that brings us to the end of our three-part series with Fun Uncle Richard Kilpatrick. Thank you a million, Richard, for coming out and giving us all this great information about Trade or Hodl, and your experience in the 3commas bot review, we all really appreciate it. If you missed any segment, I'm going to link the other two videos here right at the end, so you can jump across and catch more of this interview if you find it interesting. If there are questions that you have, just leave me in the comments below, I can always reach out and get more information, and if you guys have enough questions, I’ll be glad to bring Richard back on the channel and do another talk with him, so we can all learn more from someone who's got a lot of really good trading experience.

Also check out my article on discord tip bot tutorial. All right guys, have a wonderful day, much aloha.

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