• February 14th2024

Transfer Tron Token

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Hello guys. David Tatera here again from CryptoTutorials.org. Today I'm going to show you about Tron Token transfer from KuCoin to your Tron wallet so that you can use it on Justswap, stake it or do whatever you want to do with the token.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional. 

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Tron Token

How does Tron Token Transfer works?

Let's transfer our Tron tokens over from our Kucoin account to our new Tron wallet. To do this, I'm going to go to my main account assets and I am going to pull up my TRX for withdraw. One of the things you'll notice right away is the fee. One TRX token fee. That's about 6 cents, and that's for as much Tron as I want to transfer out. This is unbelievably cheap compared to every other blockchain.

BNB it's 0.01 BNB, which ends up being about three bucks. BNB is cheap. This is really cheap. So I do think that they've got something going here with their fees. Definitely moving them in a good direction.

Let's get my wallet info. I want to receive tokens, copy my account and enter my wallet address. The amount, let's do it all. Normally I will do a test, in fact, let's just do it. Let's do a one Tron test just to make sure that it goes through. Minimum withdrawal it says is two, cause it's going to take my one away. That makes sense. All right. I'm willing to spend an extra 7 cents just to make sure that everything goes through here, but let's confirm it.

I'm going to have to put in all of my passwords. Then let's see over here in our wallet, it's supposed to be very fast transaction. Hopefully it'll pop up quickly. There we go. There's my balance of two Tron received. I guess it must have charged me a third Tron token from my Kucoin, but I got my two tron tokens out.

I'm going to go ahead and move the rest of it now that everything looks good. Then I will go ahead and show you guys how to swap for some Tronpad.

All right. Thank you and Aloha.

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