• May 5th2022

How To Farm BetaPulsar

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Hi again, David here from Crypto Tutorials, today we're going to talk about the PolyPulsar ecosystem and the BetaPulsar token. I'm going to show you the games, how you use the NFTs. You're going to get to see examples of me actually playing the games, so you can understand what it is and what you get from. As well as the staking and farming aspects. we'll go over the whole ecosystem.

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How to earn BetaPulsar?

All right, well this is one that I'm actually pretty excited to try out. It is called BetaPulsar and it's part of the PolyPulsar Ecosystem. I've already purchased some BetaPulsar tokens. They're moving up and up at these days, but I'm going to use a few of them to play the games and see what happens here.

This is the Poly Pulsar farm website. You're going to want to connect your MetaMask. Let's make sure that I have my MetaMask set up for MATIC. Got it. Let's connect, and you can see over here I've got my BPUL tokens. Now we're in. So, today's reward distributed, farms and staking, locked in value. That is just trying to show you what value they might have.

If you come over here, there's a way to trade. There are the farms, which I am looking very much to get into. I would love to pick up some BNT and be able to stake some BPUL or BNT to MADEC. I think either of these returns looks fantastic and I would be very excited to put some money in them.

From where we can get BNT?

Buying BNT now on the open market is a little bit expensive, but the best way to get BNT is to play the games. That's how you're supposed to get it. In addition, there are some pools, if you want to just stake your BNT or BPUL. I could put people in and get a decent little payback right now. So if there's any that I'm sitting on, that I'm not using, I might just put it in there for a little bit.

The games... here's the first one, Bounty Hunter. I will need to buy a common bounty hunter for 10 BPUL. Approve this contract, get me my common bounty hunter. Then I go over here and for 50 BPUL I can start playing the different missions. The only one that I qualify for with a common hunter is the eradicate space bugs. But as you move up in levels and up in levels you become available for different ones.

I was looking at someone who was playing the steal artifact mission earlier today, and he looked like he had played about 120 to 130 missions in order to get to that point. So at somewhere between 50 and 150 per mission, you're talking 10,000 BetaPulsar that he's probably been through. So probably $2,000 or $3,000 to get to that point. And that puts him in this top one.

One of the things that happens is you earn BNT for completing each mission. So like this one, eradicate space bugs. If you look in the white paper it explains the payout of each. There's four different things that can happen in each mission. Either. Your guy can die. He can earn a little, a little more or a lot. What he earns is BNT.

You can steak the BNT, which is kind of what I was looking to do, but you can also go in here with your BNT and buy things in the pet shop. For 15 BNT, you can get any of these four different pet alien creature things, and you pick one of them up and you can see your pet statistics here, find out about your pet there.

Guy Playing game to earn BetaPulsar

You also can go into these rooms and you can fight against other people. So for this one, it will cost you 10 BNT to get in. The winner gets back 19 BNT and some scores. If you start scoring a lot and winning in some of these rooms, like these ones already have people sitting in and waiting for you. One pet waiting to fight is this one right here. You can see how many different matches are in each room, but once you get enough points from doing it, then you move to a leaderboard. And that's what this is.

What does Leaderboard Shows?

This is a leaderboard. You can see how many wins, how many losses. Looks like this person did about 16 matches to get onto the top. They had a good streak and they won quite a few and were able to get enough points to stay at the top. But that's 16 matches to get to the top and what they will get is a share in 11 hours and 55 minutes, if they're still there. Of the BPUL reward being distributed.

I think it shows over here in the white paper, it shows like what each person gets. This is showing win chances. You can see that they do shift a little. First place gets 25% of the leaderboard. So whoever's in first place gets 25% of 6,000 BPUL. 1500 BPUL. At 30 cents piece it's about $500 worth of the BetaPulsar token. And they played 16 matches to get that. I'll have to do the math and see if it looks like it's really worth it.

Anyways there's some videos here you can go to that will show you all different steps to on how to get yourself set up and on the network and using the network. I am here to try it out. That's what I came to give it a shot. So I've got some BetaPulsar Tokens and I'm going to go over here and buy a bounty hunter, and I am going to try him on a mission. And I'm going to see what the heck happens. Let's approve a contract and get us a bounty hunter.

Spend the BPUL, there's small fee. I don't know that I'm going to get hit with the 8% fee or not. I'm very curious to find out if they're going to charge me that for buying my bounty hunter, because if they do, if they charge me 10.8, I think I'll still have enough, but just barely.

Then what's supposed to also happen down the road. As we work, we do missions, these bounty hunters get leveled up and leveled up. And when you get leveled up high enough they're pretty valuable. You can see this guy level one, no missions, nothing done.

Leader Board

How we can earn more BetaPulsar tokens?

To earn passive income, you need to reach level 100. Those guys literally earn BNT just for doing nothing for passively sitting there, just because you've gotten them to that level. There's going to become an NFT marketplace where we're gonna be able to go and sell these so they will have value because they will help you create more and more of the BetaPulsar game tokens.

Let me see really quick where I am on my BPUL. I'm curious, if it took anything out, if it took more than eight for that let's see. No, it just took the 10 out. It did not charge me any extra like it did when I first bought the token.

So here we are. We can do our first mission. We are going to try to eradicate some space bugs. Do not forget that your hunter might die. If he dies, you'll retain most of your experience, but you're going to have to spend the money to buy another one for 10 BPUL.

I'm going to confirm this. After you arrived at the infested area, you saw two male bugs fighting over the mating rights of four females. The group of bugs are relatively small and it could be good to start to wipe them out while you were still isolated. You start moving towards the bugs to find a good angle, to finish them off before they can signal others nearby. The males are too busy, fighting each other. And the female's attention is on them. You take your position behind a tree and you unleash hell and wreak havoc.

However, before you could pull the trigger, you hear a clicking behind you. There's another bug on one of the trees, and it has been watching you the whole time. You have forgotten that these bugs can use low frequency communication to keep their prey unsuspecting. Now you realize the forest you're in is swarmed with other bugs who responded to the call of your little spy.

The bug on the tree realizes that you became aware of their existence. And you hear a deafening high-pitch scream before your hunters start charging you. You leave the forest and start running towards the group fighting in front of you because there is nowhere else to run. That doesn't sound like a good thing to do.

Game Mission

The fighting males are surprised with the call from their kin and cannot grasp the situation for a second. You take advantage of their hesitation and shoot them both in the head. While on the run females are now enraged and they also start charging you. You cannot go back. Now you have to clear them out and keep running. You keep firing your pistol because the heavy machine gun can't be used in an escape attempt like this.

Since the females are aware of your existence, they successfully disperse and dodge your bullets. One of the females jumps on you ready to chop your head off with its razor sharp arms. You pull out your sword and cut it in half before it can touch you. Another one is now approaching behind you. You swing your sword with a precise aim and feel how it cuts through the flesh of your unfortunate attacker.

Person playing and earning betapulsar

You keep running towards the woods ahead. This doesn't look good, this skull and crossbones. Hopes to remind you trace but the remaining two females attack you together this time without fully committing themselves to battle. When you try to make a move, they start backing up. And when you run, they come close enough to bite you from different angles. Every second, you lose another opportunity for the swarm behind to catch up. You decided to run and not look back hoping the last will be afraid of retaliation and never come close enough to harm you.

The next moment you feel something weird with your feet as you cannot run very well because you are crippling. It does not take you long to realize what's you're missing a foot. The cut was so sudden you didn't realize. Ooh, I lost a foot. That you lost your balance. The pain kicks in. The swarm behind you is catching up.

The female slashes your rear foot, and is waiting in a manner as if she's trying to decide the most painful way to end you. It is darkening now because you feel the blood you lost. An immense pain. You feel thankful not to witness what is happening next. I think I died. Pretty sure that's the end of my fighter. Yeah, I don't have one anymore.

All right. So I spent 60 BPUL. That was $18 That I just spent to go in there and die at the hands of a space bugs and read about it. But I guess if I'd won, it could be more fun. Maybe that's the thing. You have to actually win it. Otherwise it's not really that fun. Anyway, I don't have much BetaPulsar Token left. I don't know if I'm going to invest anymore

These NFT games have been interesting, but not really fun. I think so far, I'll keep looking and try to find one that I like a little better. I hope you guys learned something about BetaPulsar. Maybe you can try it out, but boy, spend 18 bucks and walk out of there with a whole lot of nothing, isn't it really the coolest, uh, coolest game around to me.

So Anyway, let me know what you guys think in the comments below and have a great day, much Aloha

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