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  • May 3rd2022

How To Play PeaFarm Cryptocurrency Nft Yield Farming Game

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Welcome again, David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org. Today I am going to give you a tour of the Peafarm cryptocurrency. I'm going to show you the defy swap the farming aspect of it, as well as the game and the NFTs. Kind of give you a tour of the entire ecosystem so you know what you can do there and what you can expect if you're interested.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional One 

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peafarm cryptocurrency

Exploring Peafarm Cryptocurrency Game

Let's explore the world of Peafarm cryptocurrency. We can see that the token is down another 15% and it looks like it's just kind of been doing a slide ever since it started a little bit over $10 down to a little under $5, $6. We'll take a look at everything on the on the site, and I'm going to talk about a few things that I just, might have to do with why the coin sliding and may give you an idea of what's to come.

Here is the site, Pea.Farm, and we're going to pop that open. You're going to see it takes a little bit, it can be a big site to load. Here we are. It's got a welcome for me here and my dashboard and my village, because I have created an account on here. You can see in one of my previous videos, I went in and created an account, super easy. Just name, password, a few simple things, but that gets you into the Pea farm ecosystem.

There's a white paper, but I'm going to start by visiting my village and give you an idea of the gaming. I think the game is still at a pretty rudimentary stage, but, you know, for an awful lot of these NFT project they don't actually have anything to demo, anything that you can actually play or explore. So I think the fact that they're is the framework of a game here, puts them ahead of many projects and makes this an interesting one.

person playing game

Here we are. I'm going to zoom out a little bit. This is my farm. You can see, I can go and look at different things up here. There's a farmer and it doesn't tell me very much about them, but that's them. Here's another farmer also, doing their farming thing. There's a few things you can click on. Click on my house and then I can find out about these different plants. I don't have any, but if I should buy some pigs or some cows. I have a farmer and a house, and neither of these really do anything in the game yet because in order to really play this game, you need some pigs or some chickens.

Items are expensive

I have no fruits or vegetables, so not a whole lot, not a very exciting farm to begin with. But you can see where the game could grow from here. The gate is not open yet, under development. I assume there's going to be an entire world outside the farm at some point, here is a shop I can go to buy all of these different items. If I want to buy a cherry tree, I can buy that for 1 PEA. The hard part is from there, the prices go up pretty steep. Now we're up to a hundred PEA for one chicken, a PEA when I looked at it just a minute ago was $5.55. So you're telling me I have to spend $500 for a chicken?

I got real chickens outside that are a lot cheaper than that. 300 PEA gets you a pig. That's an investment of $1,500 to get a pig in this game, a calf 600 PEA. So you're telling me that I need to invest $3,000 for a cow?

I think this is one of the reasons why the token is struggling and may have to slide a little bit before it comes playable. If this is a 10 cent token or a 1 cent token, so we're talking five bucks, three bucks. I might buy a cow, buy a calf. Maybe even up to a hundred bucks, I can see people wanting to play it. but not really understanding what that calf is going to produce and not really understanding if I can buy it back or how I get it back. It's awful hard to want to put the money in there.

So while I think it's a really neat game and a neat idea, I think the pricing is way out of line if anybody's really going to play it.

How to get items in peafarm cryptocurrency?

There's another area of this that I can show where it explains to me what I should be earning for having these. These are a way of investing your PEA token to farm more. It explains to you that I've got this farm, there's this SPEA, which is a reward token received from the airdrop program. And I think it's supposed to get something to do.

I think when you farm them, you get SPEA. If I'm not mistaken, buy items, get animals and plants. Then the harvest calendar and notification system, your house there, you can see your property and what you own. You can plant on different areas. You have your cattle over there for your animals.

There's a level upgrade, then you're going to be able to start picking what kind of civilization you have. I assume the game will go in some cool directions from there. Like I said, the problem really is that you're talking about thousands of dollars to buy animals and plants in this game. That's a little steep for most people starting off in a brand new game like this.

Playing peafarm cryptocurrency

My recommendation, if the developers are listening, let's make these prices a little bit more in line. I don't know what you have to do to fix it, but l otherwise you're just going to have to wait until your tokens worth a lot less before the game will become interesting and people will start wanting to play it. There's my 2 cents.

So let's look down here. Now, if I go into the dashboard, this is another place where it shows all the different assets and things that I have in the game, and you can see my PEA balance. I do actually have a little bit of PEA token. I haven't brought it into here yet. It's in my MetaMask.

Exchange rate

The interesting thing here is that with the exchange rate, it's actually cheaper to buy it in USD tether right here on Pea.Farm. But once again, 1500 tether for a pig chest, 3,500 tether for a calf. The only one that is reasonable is a cherry, and it doesn't give you a lot of specifics on what the value of this thing would be on. I'm hoping that that's to come. I'm hoping that you're going to get more details on it down the road. But for now I think it's a little bit of a struggle to be putting a lot of money into the PEA farm.

I hope some more information comes out. It's supposed to be able to be bringing gaming and playing together and doing a lot of it, which is really cool. But instead, I think I'm just going to take my PEA farm tokens and I know that right now there is very, very low liquidity on PancakeSwap for PeaFarm Cryptocurrency. Pretty much the only place you can get it is that one Defi exchange.

So I think instead of worrying about it, I'm gonna go ahead and just stake it and see if I can make a little bit on it. Or, I may actually end up selling out waiting because it's a token that I think it's just overpriced for the gaming end of it.

I hope you learned something before you jumped in and bought some PEA farm and got involved in the Peafarm Cryptocurrency. Thanks again for sticking with me much Aloha

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