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  • April 28th2022

How To Buy Sell and Add Alt Coins to PancakeSwap Using Your Trust Wallet

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Aloha and welcome, David Tatera here and I'm going to show you a quick video on how to buy any of the altcoins. Safemoon, Safemars, SporeFinancial, HAPPY coin. What else? PXL There's so many different alt coins and tokens out there.

If any of those you want to buy are on pancake swap, I'm going to show you how to buy, sell and how to set them up in your wallet so that you can see the balances and everything.

BSCScan.com - The Binance Explorer

BSC scan here is the Binance smart chain Explorer. This is going to give you an overview of everything being built on the Binance smart chain. Also you can Read my article on How to get binance smart chain on metamask. If you're buying tokens through your Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap, you're probably already buying in BNB. For our example today, I'll use this week's little darling, Spore Financial spore financial. That one shot up and I saw it all over Facebook, so I decided I'd buy a little bit of it just to show everyone how to buy spore financial.

Let's get started. I typed Spore Financial right up here into the search bar, and as you can see as soon as we pretty much begin typing it's going to pull up that list of tokens. Scroll down there and boom, there's Spore Finance, that's the token we were looking for.

We're going to click on that one and that'll pull up this page. This has basically got all of the information regarding the token. The thing that we're looking for is the contract address. We need this tokens contract address to be able to purchase this token. So right there, we click the copy icon, and you're going to get that copied contract address.

Spore Finance Contract Address

Go To The Dapp Browser In Your Trust Wallet

Now it's time to head over into your trust wallet. We're doing all of this with Trust Wallet and Pancakeswap. We're going to head on into that little Dapps there. Now, my phone is an Android, but if you happen to have an iPhone, it's gonna look very similar. It's just going to say browser instead of D apps. Just a little discrepancy between iPhone and Android.

Now on the off chance that you cannot see browser on your iPhone, or really if you run into any problems along the way, there's a couple different errors that you can run into that are very common. I have put a video explaining to you how to fix and solve all of these in the top corner and I'm going to go ahead and put a link to it.

If you aren't able to follow along and get to these step for some reason, jump back, follow this video. It is going to go back to the basics, all right. Once you have found it and you've gotten successfully to this point in your Trust Wallet, and you have that browser or Dapp button, click on it. This will take you into our web 3.0 blockchain browser.

Go To The Dapp Browser In Your Trust Wallet

Once you're over into the Dapps browser, you're going to want to scroll down until you find that guy PancakeSwap, cause that's where we're going to do our swap today.

Pancakeswap In Dapp

This is the site, Pancakeswap.finance. Once it gets loaded, we're going to scroll down and we are going to select a currency. But this time, instead of entering a name of a currency, we're going to paste in that contract address we copied earlier and look, boom Spore found by address. Now click add, and suddenly it's become one of our tokens in PancakeSwap that we can both buy and sell.

PancakeSwap Prices Jump

You'll notice that the prices on PancakeSwap jump all over the place. I have seen coins move by 50% in a few minutes. Watch carefully and make sure you are really getting the price you want. 

Select Your Token And Begin The Exchange

To select it as a token, simply type it into the list here. That's going to pull up a variety of different tokens and you can see spore is one of the ones listed there. Simply click on it down below, and now you have it as an option for buying and selling from your Binance. You have the option to buy and sell it, so for this example, I'm just going to buy a small quantity.

I think I put in, um, 0.05 Binance and realized that was about 25 bucks. That was really more than I actually wanted to buy. I don't know anything about this token, so I just decided to throw in 0.01, which is about $5 worth of it.

BNB To Spore Exchange

Make Sure Everything Matches On The Confirmation Screen

Scroll on down and click on the swap button there, and that's going to pull up the information about the swap that you're trying to make. Then it's going to pull up your confirmation screen.

This is going to show you all the information you need about the transaction, how much BNB you're giving, how much spore you're getting, the price impact, liquidity, everything like that. So that, you know, what kind of transaction you're getting. Scroll down, click on that confirm swap button and bingo.

Errors Are Annoying But Common In PancakeSwap

Oh, wait, we had an error and this is actually one of the most common errors you'll find when you're buying these Alt coins. We haven't set our slippage tolerance correctly. These coins fluctuate so wildly up and down that a couple percent, 5%, 10%, even 20% sometimes can change in a matter of minutes. Normally buying a more stable coin like Ethereum or Bitcoin, it doesn't change dramatically in value from second to second. So one and a half, 2% slippage tolerance is fine, but we're going to have to shift it to be able to use it with these Alt coins. So to do that, we're going to head on out and scroll up to that little line and arrow thing, that pulls up our slippage tolerance menu.

Slippage Tolerance

You can see it's got options of one and half and two, but we want to go all up to 12, or manually type in 12. We need to have a pretty high slippage tolerance for a token with so little sales as Spore Finance. Now that we've got our slippage tolerance all set, we can close out of this setting screen and go down and try to do the swap again..

What Exactly Is Slippage?

Slippage is the amount you are willing to let the price change and still complete the transaction.  If you set if for 10%, then the price of the coin can go up or down by 10% and you will still complete the transaction.

Adjusting The Slippage Lets The Sale Go Through

Same settings, 0.01. We're going to click on the swap. It's going to pull up this screen again. We click the confirm swap, and this time hopefully waiting for it's coming up with a confirm transaction screen. So this is the confirmed transaction screen, and it's the last step before we actually get our tokens purchased. It's going to pull up a little menu there that shows us the network fee, meaning how much they're going to charge us to handle this transaction. The maximum total that we're going to end up potentially spending, how much of our BNB plus our network fee.

Once you're happy with that, the last step is to click down there on the approved button. Click approve and you get a confirmation screen right there. When you see that transaction submitted, you know, you actually got a transaction.

We can close out of that one, and we're actually going to click the X in the top corner and get back to our wallet. So we're back into our wallet. Now, the next step that we need to take inside of our wallet will be to add Spore Finance as another token in the wallet so that we can see the balance and see what we're holding.

Add The Token To Your Trust Wallet

Click on that little circle up in the top right-hand corner, and that's going to pull up your search tokens menu. Once again, we've got that token address, and that's going to come in handy here. Just paste that in and boom, it pulls up your list. Click the little slider icon and now spore finance has been added as a token in our wallet.

Spore Finance Balance

Now we're going to scoot back out, click that back arrow and get back until we're in the main wallet screen. Here you're going to see the list of tokens, but one has been added. Scroll down and you see spore finance has now been added. That is our balance. You can pull it up like any other token, it's now listed in your account. You can, keep an eye on it as the day goes on, and one last important step that we need to make sure we learn, is how to sell the token.

I bring this up because the first time that I bought an Alt token, I used an external link that brought me into Pancake Swap with that token already loaded. It seemed great and I was successful and I bought it. But when I realized suddenly I wanted to sell it, I had to go find that link again.

Selling The Token On PancakeSwap

That's why we've gone and added it manually into Pancake Swap. Now I'm going to show you how to go back and sell it. So, head back to your wallet, the main one, and then you're going to head over to your Dapps browser. Scroll back down and find PancakeSwap again. Load the Pancakeswap.finance application and this time we're going to switch around what we're going to be selling.

So select what you're going from, and now when you open that list up again, you're going to have that newly added token that you put on there. Type that into the search bar for spore finance, select it when it pops up, an boom.

I'm going to sell the maximum, the, everything I have say today. If so, you can click max and it's going to put all your tokens in. Now it's showing you an estimation of how much BNB I'll get back. 0.00895 BNB. So minus another little fee on the other end, you could basically see that I would have gone from 0.01 to 0.009, and lost a little bit of it throughout the transaction if I was to just go back and forth like that.

Selling Back Spore

I hope this was helpful. Hope this made it a lot easier for you to go through the process of adding them to your wallets and learning how to sell them. Feel free to comment in there at the bottom, if there's a specific problem you're having in your Trust Wallet, or with a PancakeSwap, put it in the comments, I'll be glad to try to put together another video on it. All right.

Thank you again much Aloha.

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