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  • November 27th2023

Get $80 Per BitClout Coin | Step By Step

This is NOT financial advice. Please see our Financial and Affiliate Disclosures below for more details.

Welcome, David Tatera, I am super excited to share today's video with you. This has been a really, really fun last couple of days for me with BitClout and everything that's been going on.

I figured out some really cool things, made a whole bunch of money, lost a whole bunch of money. Then turned around and made a whole bunch of money back then. I got scammed out of a bunch of money, and then there's even another twist after that.

Moving Money On BitClout

It's just been a couple of really, really fun days learning. If you were thinking for any reason of going down the BitClout rabbit hole, please stick around and listen. You're going to learn a ton from me just by getting to follow along on my adventure and I can help you avoid making some mistakes and avoid losing a lot of money.

I'm going to do a quick video today and show you guys the process that I went through when I decided to take some money out of BitClout. I just decided that this was the right time for me to test this system out and pull some money out and see if I can actually get it all the way back to my Gemini wallet. That's where my Bitcoins began this whole transaction. Where I first took them and imported them into BitClout.

BitCloutMint to Exchange Out Bit Clout

I decided to use BitCloutMint. There were a few different people on there, but this was one that seemed like they had a really, really simple setup. That's why I chose them.

BitCloutMint On BitClout

I went on over to their website, as you can see, pretty simple, pretty straightforward. Kind of a little sketchy feeling to put your BitClout into something that doesn't even have a name or an address at the bottom, but we're early adopters. Let's give it a shot.

Get My Wallet Ready And Send Some Coins

When it pulls it up, it wants to know my BitClout username, so I'm highlighting my username, bring that over and make sure I get that put in correctly. Now it wants my wallet address, Binance-tether. I had to get a Trust Wallet for this.

I've got my USD Tether wallet information. Now It says, send BitClout to the public key provided below. Now I have to send them my BitClout. This was the one part that was kind of a little bit sketchy, maybe. Because once I sent it to them, there's no customer service, no one's going to give me my money back if they turn around and leave with it. But I felt pretty confident because on the blockchain there's a record of everything.

Send 1 BitClout Here

So it was like, well, if they try to scam a bunch of people, it's going to be right there in public view. So I went back to my BitClout and entered their public key. And said, I wanted to send them one Bit Clout, because that was the minimum amount you could send.

I wanted to try it out, test it with these guys, make sure that everything went through correctly, see how the whole process worked. So I punched in my BitClout, hit send, there you go. There's the little fee, blah, blah, blah. Yes, that's pretty minor. I said, okay. To all that shenanigans and success completed payment sent.

New To Trust Wallet And Binance

This was my first time working in Trust Wallet or on the Binance chain, so you can imagine I made lots of mistakes, but that's crypto. Get in there, make some small mistakes and learn from it.

BitClout Mint Sent Me $80 USD-Tether

Cick on that little payment sent button to tell them that, yes, I have sent you my BitClout now, I would like my $80 Tether deposited in my trust wallet. So this was where a little bit of a waiting process began. I don't think it was too bad as I remember, I think it was about 10 or 15 minutes that I waited and then something popped up in my Trust Wallet saying there was a deposit, but I couldn't see it.

The screen also shifted when I reset it and it said, your payment has been sent to provide account, please check confirmation and click confirm payment. I went to my trust wallet and I couldn't seem to find it. I looked around and I couldn't find where the deposit had happened. I did have a notification on my cell phone. So I thought it worked, but you know I'm a little new to the trust wallet. This was one of my first transactions actually depositing money into my Trust Wallet. So I told them, no, I don't know what's happened. And it says, we are looking into the possible reason for delay of payment. Which was kind of nice, but you know, I'm looking at it going, okay, well, what happened?

80 Recieved In Trust Wallet

I searched around and I played in my trust wallet and eventually I figured it out. There it is, there's my notification that I got in my Trust Wallet, showing that the $80 in Tether had been deposited. So, I'm pretty stoked at this point. I'm like, okay, cool. My first order went through and I decided, at the beginning of day that I was going to move 5 BitClout.

The Next Transaction Scared Me

If I successfully could get those out, they are going for $80 Tether. So $400 total. I had four more to move, and here is the screen for that. As you can see, I am moving out an additional 4 BitClout from my account. I was super-stoked, except nothing happened for hours and hours. Nothing happened, no alerts, nothing in my phone, just waiting and waiting and waiting.

Well, you can imagine at this point I'm feeling pretty disheartened. I'm did all this work put in all this energy, made my BitClout, tested it out, thought it was in good shape, moved the money out and then just nothing, no communication, no nothing.

Eventually I Got My $320 BEP-20 Tether

At this point I had to run to Walmart, I had to go and do some errands. I need to pick up a trampoline for the kids to play on. then while I'm on my way back, sure enough, I get the push notification. Let me see if I can show you this. Here is the push notification right there. Probably blurry as all can be. I'll edit it in at the end here from a screenshot. But the push notification told me that $320 of USD Tether. Binance USD Tether has been added into my account.

And you can imagine I'm an extremely stoked. That's basically as good as real money. USD tether is a stable coin. It doesn't fluctuate in value very much. The next step, just to show that, yes, in fact, this really, really, really works that you really get the money out. I am going to take some that USD Tether in my Trust Wallet. I am going to convert it over into Bitcoin. I'm going to take that Bitcoin and transfer it to my Gemini wallet and from my Gemini wallet, I am going to move it straight into my bank account.

Moving Between Networks

Moving decentralized assets between networks (Binance, Etherium, Bitcoin, etc) is really hard and really expensive. There are fees everywhere, and it is easy to get tripped up.  Take some time to read and ask around before trying it or you will probably waste some money. 

Moving My $ Turned  Out To Be Even Harder

I'm only going to do this for about 20 bucks because to be perfectly honest, I'm going to keep my Binance and just swap them in for something else. There's some crypto investments that I was interested in doing anyways, and I'm going to use them to facilitate some more transactions over there.

So I'm not gonna take it all out, but I'm gonna take $20. Just to prove that yes, in fact, money made on BitClout can actually be taken and brought out into the real world. I'm going to show you me doing it.

To BitCoin And Back To Gemini

I'm going to have to just have you guys kind of watch over my shoulder on my phone. I don't have a way to screenshot my cell phone and my trust wallet is in my cell phone. So for the first step of getting the, getting the Bitcoin moved, you're going to have to watch along on my phone. All right, here we go.

All right, so one of the first things that I figured out is that I actually can't just transfer money directly from USD Tether into Bitcoin. It looks like I have to move it into Binance, BNB. Then there seems to be a way to move it into at least Bitcoin cash, which I should be able to transfer to Gemini. So, a few steps to get through, to make it here, but we're going to do it anyways.

Getting It Out Of Tether

The first thing that I actually need to do getting is to get my USD tether, BEP 20 into BNB Binance.

When I went to do this, I learned something else very interesting. When I try to move my tether, and confirm the transaction, guess what? I don't have enough smart chain BNB to cover my network fees. So apparently have to have something called smart chain BNB to pay for the transaction, the network transaction. Just to move that money from Tether to BNB.

Not Enough Smart Chain BNB

I didn't have any Smart Chain BNB. Well, my business partner is also moving some money out through this exact same exchange as me today. So I knew he was going to need some of this Smart Chain also. So I went on in and said, okay, cool let's just buy $50 worth of this. That seemed to be the lowest denomination that I can buy of BNB smart chain.

Why I like Binance

Binance can be a little difficult and sometimes restrictive, but it has by far the lowest fees I have come across. When you are learning and making mistakes, this is a big deal so you don't waste a bunch of money. 

What is BNB Smart Chain?

Smart Chain is a parallel currency. There's BNB their main Binance and there's BNB smart chain. They run in parallel and they fluctuate and move together price-wise, but one of them is used to handle all the transactions on their blockchain, to handle all your gas fees on their blockchain. So we're going to get a little bit of BNB Smart Chain.

You can see me, I'm entering all my information here to purchase. I said $50, the minimum purchase of BNB smart chain. You can actually see my hand kind of in the background there. I'm pulling up on my computer, the verification code, having to enter that, having to enter the last few steps here. Just a moment, we're going to have some BNB, except, none of the crypto exchanges we work with can process your transaction right now. Please try again.

Hawaii Hates Crypto (Well our Govt does anyway)

This happens because I live in the cryptographic version of a third world country, If you don't know, which most people don't unless you live here, Hawaii has extremely restrictive crypto laws. Only a handful of exchanges qualify for us to use.

That's why I keep talking about Gemini. But like I said, I'm determined to show you guys how I got this out. So I had to stop and put my thinking cap on. Since I need some Smart Chain in order to move my tether over, but I cannot seem to buy it because I live in Hawaii, had to get a little bit creative. So a tracked down a friend of mine on a Discord board who lives in Australia.

And just said, dude, what if I send you 10 bucks worth of Bitcoin? And you send me 10 bucks worth of smart chain, so that I can get this money moving along. Fortunately, he was a very cool person and was willing to do that. So as you can see I now have 0.0176 Binance Smart Chains. I have a tiny fraction of a coin, but it's enough to cover my transaction fees.

USD-T to BNB Smart Chain Then On To BTC

So let's do a little swap now. As you'll see this time, when I go through the swapping process it is going to be perfectly fine that there's that $2.51 network fee. I've got my slippage set at 1% and I'm sending the money away and here we go. Let's wait and see processing, and did it go through.

You can see I've got the little wallet icon pop over there and it looks like I have no USD Tether left anymore. A smart contract has been executed. I can go back and I can look in here and see that now I have a nice healthy wallet full of BNB Smart Chain. All right. I have officially transferred my crypto into Smart Chain. From here the plan is to transfer it into some Bitcoin Cash.

I went to the exchange and I exchanged it for BCH and I got all ready and excited to send my Gemini account. But it wouldn't go through because it is an invalid address. It will not let me transfer my BCH, invalid address. Turns out I learned another nice lesson. There are more than one different kinds of BCH.

Finally I Had To Enlist A Friend

There's more than one different kind of Bitcoin cash. There is the normal one, and then there's apparently one on an Ethereum network and then there's even a version on the Binance network and they're not cross compatible. So I had a Binance version of BCH, which left me pretty stuck again. So I had to get really, really creative in order to make this one work.

BTC Arrives In Gemini

I decided that the only option I really had left was to get someone on the Binance Chain. A friend of mine used the Binance Chain and was able to do the conversion and get it over into regular old Bitcoin. It was not the easiest process. I ended up wasting a ton of money on different network fees and things, but got it into BTC and was able to send it on out to my Gemini Wallet.

The money is actually back as a Bitcoin into my Gemini Wallet. I didn't transfer all of it because I knew I was going to keep some in my trust wallet, as Binance money that I could use on some different exchanges.

It all worked out and I'm very happy in the end. I was actually able to prove that, yes, you can take money out of BitClout and get it into your wallet. Let me know if you have any questions.

Take care and much Aloha

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