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  • June 24th2024

How To Transfer Matic From Gemini To Your Wallet

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Welcome again, David here from Crypto Tutorials. Today I'm going to go over how to remove Matic from your Gemini account and transfer it into a wallet like MetaMask. On the way you're going to run into some interesting errors, you may even feel like you've lost your Matic or Matic missing, but I can guide you through, step-by-step.

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matic token

Steps to move Matic

It's time to move that Matic over to my MetaMask wallet, so that I can do some things on QuickSwap with it. When I go to KuCoin for my withdrawal it says, wallet maintenance. It has said this for about a week, which is really frustrating. I love Kucoin, but that's just terribly disappointing. I cannot move my Matic.

So what I had to do was go over to my old friend, Gemini. So I'm going to withdraw from Gemini. I will select my currency, which is going to be MATIC. I want to transfer it to my MetaMask. Will make sure my wallet is on the Matic Main Net. Copy my address. and then we'll go paste that into here.

I always just double check to make sure that my first four of my last ones that show up on here do match. It's like a security feeling for me, to make sure I have the right wallet. I want to withdraw everything, I got a 112.94. All right, let's continue.

Amount to withdraw from primary to this other one. Yes. Let's request to withdraw. I have to enter a seven digit code that they're going to text me. That's it right there, submit that. The withdraw has been requested, now all we have to do is wait and we should see an arrival here before too long of some MATIC.

It's been about a half an hour and I found really interesting error happened about matic missing. If you can recall, I was sending my MATIC from Gemini out and I set everything up with my MetaMask Matic Main Net. Copied the account address to send it here and it never showed up.

Was this error related to Matic Missing?

Matic is supposed to be super fast. It's supposed to show in the blink of an eye practically. So I got a little bit worried and I went and started looking around and sure enough, here is the record in my address wallet. You can see that I've got MATIC and Ethereum and HyperSign Identity Tokens. A few different tokens that have. Obviously the Matic wasn't lost, so I had to do some more digging.

The next thing I figured out was that if I added the token here in Ethereum, it sure as heck showed up there. So, I did some research and what I've come to discover is that this can happen. You can end up with your MATIC on the Ethereum network instead of on the Polygon network and you have to bridge it.

Bridge network between Ethereum and Polygon to solve matic missing problem

I'm going to go ahead and show you guys how to bridge it in case anybody else runs into this, because it's probably a royal pain for anybody else who's come to this and i know it is for me. So we're going to bridge our assets. First I will connect my MataMask Wallet. Yes, I want to allow it to connect. So now they have access to my Ethereum wallet here. Now, I want to move funds from Matic Ethereum to Matic Polygon. Finally, I'm moving my Matic token and wanna move all my MATIC tokens from Ethereum to Polygon. Now it's not showing me a balance, but I'm going to trust in the process.

I want to go back and point out one thing that I missed during the live process but I noticed when I was editing. It showed me here a little pop up that said, staking is done on Ethereum, not on the MATIC network. That's important because part of this MATIC, I wanted to stake. I've wanted to try this out. I'm going to put some into the QuickSwap pools, but some of it I wanted to actually stake.


It looks like I'm going to have to wait until I can get some of my MATIC out of Kucoin and do that separately because I've already moved this over. It said that if I wanted to stake it, I shouldn't have moved it to Polygon. The smart thing would have been to leave a little bit of it on the Ethereum network so that I could stake that and transfer the rest. But I missed that in the live. If you were thinking of staking it, be careful there. .

Deposit Fees

Approve deposit costs 21 cents. Complete deposit is 98 cents. I have to pay some Ethereum gas fees to make this happen because they gave me Ethereum Matic, but I'm willing to pay that and confirm my transfer from Ethereum network to Polygon network using the plasma bridge. It Will take seven days if you have to transfer your funds back to Ethereum. Well, I don't plan on transferring them back. A transaction fee 21 cents. Yes. .

Confirm the total of a 1.08, and now the transaction has begun. This is supposed to take about eight minutes to move all of the Matic over to Polygon and then it should show up in my wallet. .

I hope that this has been helpful. I checked back here just a moment ago and it looks like I can confirm the deposit now and pay the last 98 cents in gas fees.

That's a decent chunk of gas fees, man, just to bridge it. But, I guess it is what it is and that's what I have to deal with. I thought I was moving along earlier, but I guess I wasn't. I had to make one more click before it officially started to go through.

It just switched to this, the screen did. It says the transfer will take seven, eight minutes and then the balance will be updated. So I'm going to check back in seven to eight minutes. It looks it's now showing MATIC token on the Polygon main net. Go see what we got over here on our MATIC main net. We got MATIC all right. So that should solve the problem. Getting the MATIC to actually show up where it is supposed to.

I hope this post about matic missing has been helpful and hopefully you didn't run into that headache like I had. But in case you did, at least you found a way through it.

I appreciate everything much. Aloha

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