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Pea Farm Token Review

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Hello everybody, and welcome. David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org, and today I'm excited, we're starting a new project. We are going to go over the 10 most exciting and interesting tokens that came out for the month of June.

There's there's well over a thousand new tokens that come out every month. It's amazing the volume. I like to keep an eye on a lot of them and see which projects I think are interesting, which ones might be worth an investment of a little bit of money. Which ones I think came up with a novel and unique way to use the blockchain. Which ones just did some cool marketing and I liked their design of things. I think all of those things are important when releasing a new token and I like to keep an eye on all of them.

I'm going to go over each token, what the token is, what it's about and a little bit of background on it. I'm also going to do article for each token that will explain to you how to purchase Pea Farm Token if you want to purchase it. I'm going to make it for each of these 10 and I'm really excited to share them with you. So lets get started with PeaFarm.

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PeaFarm On BSC And Tron

Taking a look here at PeaFarm Cryptocurrency. I'm going pull it up first on CoinGecko and it's trading at about $8 a coin right now. No information on its market cap, still too young, but you can see that in the last 24 hours it has traded $2.6 million worth of the tokens. Obviously it's moving along fairly well.

It's a fairly decent sized launch for something that's only been out a few weeks. You can see here the website and in the explorer it says BSCscan. This is a unique situation, because this coin actually exists on two blockchains. They are using Binance primarily for the financial end of it, for the coins and sale of it. Then the Tron network for much of their content delivery. Because Tron is a little more targeted for that.

peafarm on bsc

So they're using both networks together. If we come down here, and pull up two weeks, because that's really all this token has to go on, and you can see like a lot of these newer tokens... Some people pulled their money out after that initial launch.

Finding PeaFarm On Exchanges
PeaFarm is available on BKEX and Pancakeswap, however the DEX liquidity is very low, which is one reason why the token has had trouble growing.  

Buying PeaFarm Token

This is really common. Looks like a fairly normal one to me, go over our markets and you're going to see that it lists BKEX, as being the only exchange where you can purchase it on. That was originally true, and, it's the only one that it's actually listed on, but it just popped up now on PancakeSwap too. Which is wonderful, because I can not access BKEX from Hawaii.

A little bit more about the project itself. I'm going to start with their medium page because that's basically what their blog is. We'll start a little ways back. You can see back in May... We seriously sincerely apologize for any interruptions, rumors of fraudulent activity going on. Sounded like it wasn't in the most solid of a place then.

PeaFarm Gets New Ownership

So they did what a lot of these projects end up doing. very sorry for the past problem, Peafarm has been transferred to a new owner. This is very common. People will come up with an interesting idea, they launch a token, they get a bunch of money put into it, and then it gets the actual software development end of it, and suddenly they realize they are in over their heads.

They don't actually have the skills or the backing to be able to put together the site that they'd promised when selling this token. So they'll sell the entire project off to someone else. That looks like it's what happened to PeaFarm back at the beginning of May.

Since then you some new ownership has taken over. Most recently, back at the beginning of June, they got listed on BKEX as a NFT Crypto Game.

PeaFarm Airdrop On Medium

BKEX is a centralized exchange where you can purchase the PeaFarm tokens. But they're working on creating this NFT game, and we'll go into that in a little more detail.

peafarm airdrop

Lastly this just popped up this morning, an airdrop. If you didn't go to GetMyFreeCrypto.com, here's another reason. These airdrops are something that I find all the time. Right here, the value of a thousand bucks they're giving away. Distribution date is the 20th of next month, so about three weeks away from now, and you have to follow their telegram group, telegram channel, Twitter repost, medium clap, and submit a wallet address. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward.

I don't know exactly how much PEA you're going to get, but it's a chance to get some free tokens. This is a great one. If you want to make sure you do it in a way that's completely safe and completely secure, go to GetMyFreeCrypto.com. That's the $97 airdrop masterclass that I've been teaching for a while, and it really helps you figure out how to get this stuff for free.

PeaFarm NFTs Are Not Your Own

I ran into some people on Twitter who took the plunge and spent the big bucks on these NFTs. They were disappointed to find out that the NFTs could not be transferred to their own wallets and thus... not really NFTs.  Be careful.

PeaFarm Website And Game

Let's go over and take a look at the actual site. If you go to pea.farm you're going to find it takes a while to load. One of the slowest loading sites around. I'm not a huge fan of that as a web guy, but I can see why. They really went bonkers with the graphics.

It's all about the bright colors and the fun looking graphics and the little animals. They're really kind of going for that niche. So they went pretty heavy on it. Anyway, it looks like there is an option to buy farm now. I'm not sure if they finished all of their presales, it's going to be interesting if you want, I'm going to link to that video.

That's going to explain to you how to buy PEA. Also in that video, I'm going to sign up and log in here and see what I can find out about being able to actually buy directly from them or if I have to go and buy it in a secondary market, but we'll find out shortly. It looks like there were two different prices going on for two different pre-sales. This looks like the gentleman who is now running PeaFArm. It's on Binance smart chain and on Tron, like I said, It looks like it's showing up here as a PancakeSwap option.

When you come down here you see it says built on top of Tron and BSC. What you're gonna find is that this is kind of similar to what BetaPulsar Token was. It's another one of those cryptos where you buy NFTs, you stake a token and you play a game and earn more for it.

Tokenomics Of PeaFarm Crypto

So defy gaming. Using NFTs and crypto together. Supposed to be very easy to sign up and become a Pea Farmer and earn some extra crypto. Then a little bit about the team that's currently running the project. Lastly, they go into a little bit more about the actual token allocation.

So they had an angel investor who took a good portion of it to start. A lot of it's going to the public and the development team. Then most of it is going to staking. 63% is going to staking and farming. That's the core of this project is the staking and the farming.

The roadmap shows that they were supposed to have a game running in 2020. Here is the link to a video where I play the game, not a lot so far, but it is functional.

The first airdrop, the second airdrop in second quarter of 2021, that's right around where we are right now. Then they're getting it listed in New Game City Market. They're supposed to be bringing out some new games, their wallet, more NFT related games. Big into this NFT related games.

PeaFarm Whitepaper Review

This is their sort of quick white paper that explains everything. Shows you the ecosystem. Gives you the contract addresses. If you need to look up any of that stuff. It's a proof of stake consensus.

Then this was one that I found to be very interesting... profits will only come from the sale of in-game items, such as food, water, secondary furniture, livestock, and farm protection drugs. So Peafarm themselves, the company is not actually going to be profiting from the crypto, being transferred directly. It's going to profit from people purchasing in app things for the game.

peafarm game

If you're playing the gaming side of it and you want to be more successful, you're going to want to purchase things for your farm. And those things are actually going to create the income that drives the P farm team and pays for the entire project.

Here's some of the farm packages and NFT side of things. Once again, without the game actually up and running, I have no idea what six cows, a chicken, a pig, and a cow, a tree. I don't know what the actual value of any of these are, but the understanding is that once you start purchasing some of these NFTs, you're going to be able to use them to help you farm more of this token.

So you can play the game and you get paid for it. The token doesn't show up anywhere on TokenSniffer.com. So it looks like it's a completely original contract. It's not similar to anything else, and it doesn't have any scammer hack red flags on it, which is a good sign. Very interesting token from PeaFarm. 

All right. Aloha.

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