• October 19th2022

How To Buy Tron Token

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Aloha guys, welcome in, David Tatera here again with CryptoTutorials.org. Today I am going to show you how to buy tron token on KuCoin. It is a really easy place to buy tron token and tron is an interesting token. It's got some of the cheapest fees of anything I've ever seen. I'm going to follow this up with a couple extra videos on how to move the Tron into TronLink Wallet, and how to do trading on JustSwap with it. So if you're interested in exploring this new blockchain, you are in the right place, all right, let's get started.

Warning. I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. Seek a professional

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Tron Token

How to buy tron token?

Let's buy some tron token. I pulled it up here on CoinGecko and you can see, here's the list of all the different markets that it's available on. Binance, Kraken, Huobi, quite a few. It's a pretty to buy token. I'm going to buy it on KuCoin, because that is my main exchange, and it's one that I think is great because anybody can access KuCoin. Check out my post about kucoin review to know more about it.

As long as you can find a way to onboard your fiat to crypto, you can transfer it to KuCoin no matter where you live and you can actively use the platform. So it's my platform. This is my Kucoin account and I'm going to go into my spot trading and I do have own a little bit of Tron right now.

I have picked some up and I'll pick up a little more. Then I'm going to work on transferring all of that. If you want to learn more about how to use this exchange, I have a whole video, all about everything you could want to know about KU coin. The entire infrastructure and all of it.

How to trade TRX Token?

Up here, TRX is the token. If you want to trade your Ether you can I've got USD Tether right now, I'm going to trade that. Here's my TRX to USD Tether. You can see it's moved up a little bit, a little uptick, but these are five minute charts. This Is only a couple of days worth of trends it's showing right here.

Still I want to buy a little bit of TRX. I am going to buy it at the market price. I may use a limit if I was trying to do buy a larger amount, but since I'm only going to buy five bucks worth, I'm going to do it at the market price. Because of KuCoin's fees, it doesn't matter. I can buy five bucks worth and it's no big deal. So you simply put in a market order, best market price, five USD tether worth of TRX.

You can see over here, I've got 800 in my main account. And none of my trading account, the main account is where I will ship them out to the wallet. So I'm going to go ahead and buy a little bit of TRX and boom. You can see for my $5, I picked up another 76 coins of TRX. I'm going to head over here to my wallets and that way I can see where this asset is.

Now I can transfer my Tron from my trading account to my main account. I want to transfer it all. Confirm, boom. Now it's moved. You can go over here and we can see in my main account, there is my Tron and that's what I am going to withdraw.

Where we can store the tokens?

I have not set up my wallet yet. I did learn if you're just planning on holding it, you can use a Trust Wallet. If you don't mind doing transactions through the D-app browser, then go for it. Feel free to store them there. You don't need to create an extra wallet. I would prefer not to have extra wellets.

But I really like the browser extension wallets. I find them to work much easier with the different platforms. They're a lot easier for me to make videos and record what's going on. I'm going to get a custom Tron wallet and move all this into there. So that's the next video I'm going to do. If you're interested in following me along, I'll get a TronLink Wallet set up and then I will move all of this Tron into there and make my swap. I will show you how to buy some Tron, how to move some Tron around how to learn about the whole plan. And I will keep showing you it through different videos, much Aloha

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