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  • April 30th2022

Best Crypto Scam Of 2021 – Be Careful Of This Cardano ADA Bonus

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Hello friends, Jason Profit Moffatt here. In this video, I'm going to show you the scariest crypto scam of 2021. People are losing money. I almost sent $5,000 to these scammers myself, and I wanted to make this video to make sure that you never fall for this or anything similar to it as well.

The scammers are getting really good out there, whether it's cryptocurrency, whether it's phishing, whether it's a variety of scams on the internet, on your cell phone, they are just incredibly prevalent and they work so well. Otherwise these people wouldn't continue to do them.

Crypto Scam

How to spot crypto scam?

I'm going to go over to my screen right now to show you this particular crypto scam and how to spot it and how to avoid it. So my buddy sent me a message, hey man, have you seen this CardanoBonus.org thing going on? I'm like, no, I haven't. So he linked me over to this YouTube channel, which this is a screenshot of it right now. I saw Charles Hoskinson, doing a live broadcast off of this channel. Charles is the creator of Cardanano or the ADA coin. He used to be involved in Ethereum back in the day as well. Super brilliant guy.

So I see him doing this live broadcast and I'm like, oh, this is interesting. Basically saying, if you send them a minimum of 2,500 ADA, then you'll get 10,000 ADA back. If you send 10,000 ADA, you'll get 20,000 back, You're going to at least double up your money. Right? And so instantly red flags go off, I'm like, this is way too good to be true.

But as I started looking at this I'm like... well, Charles is live. He wouldn't be lying about this. Then I looked down at the bottom left here. It's got 185,000 subscribers. I'm like, it looks legit.

And I was like, I don't want to miss out on free crypto. They're giving it away. And so I go over to CardonaBonus.com and I see this site. Instantly as I look at this, it looks like a thrive themes. The new theme updated builder. Which is a WordPress theme. I'm almost positive. I looked through it, It looks really clean. It looks really nice. They explain that you send this much ADA and you're going to get it back. They give you this wallet address to send to and I'm still like... yeah, I don't know.

I read through the FAQ's and it looks legit. This is where they really did a brilliant job. They started putting these transactions for these address. If you notice that it just changed, once again. Now I'm just using the old HTML files. I saved this, this website isn't even up anymore.

So they have a script built in here to update these little numbers to boom. It just updated again, makes it look like, oh my gosh, people are sending ADA in and they're getting it back out. I'm like, this is brilliant. I got to do this. I believe there was a scarcity limit to that. They were only giving away, yeah, this amount. So I'm like, well heck I don't want to miss out on free crypto.

Both me and David were like, you know... this seems way too good to be true, that's a lot of money to be sending somebody who I don't exactly know. I was really close to doing this, but I ended up going back to the YouTube channel and I refresh the page. As soon as I refreshed it, boom, the stream was gone. Shortly after Cardonabonus.org was taken down as well, and I realized it was a scam.

Bitcoin in Globe

What happened here? How did they do all this?

First off, and why is this crypto scam so brilliant and so lethal? Cause it almost got me. And guys, I used to be a private detective. I don't fall for scams very often. I don't know that I even ever have. But this one was real close to getting me.

Thankfully I started doing some due diligence and once I saw that this live stream got canned and taken off and they actually deleted the channel, I realized it was a scam.

So what happened here is if you look at the bottom left it says Cardona ADA, 185,000 subscribers. What these folks are doing is that they are somehow getting access to a YouTube channel that already has 185,000 subscribers. They could have set this up a couple years ago and slow played it and built it up. But I highly doubt it.

They could've made a bunch of fake subscribers, but most likely what they did is they hacked some account on YouTube that had 185,000 subscribers. They instantly changed the name of the channel to whatever, from whatever it was to Cardona ADA, to make it look like something that Charles would be involved in. Then they also went back and deleted all the old videos off the channel so that you couldn't see them.

So from all glimpses of looking at this, it looks like a legit Cardano site and/or YouTube channel. The site looks really nice , so it's easy to see how somebody might fall for this. Particularly when they have Charles going live and then surrounding all the chatter here, with the details of the bonus.

Now, the thing is, Charles wasn't actually live with these scammers. They just took an old video of him, repurposed it. Ran it as if it were live and surrounded everything on this page to make it look like it was him, and folks, this was brilliantly done.

Hacker on computer

I made this video just to alert you because this kind of scam goes on quite a bit nowadays because it's so effective. I've seen it being done with Elon Musk as well and Dogecoin. So anytime somebody is asking you to send them crypto and they say they're going to send you twice as much back. I would say 99.9% of the time, it's a scam. I'm leaving a 0.00000001 like a Shibu coin price chance, you know. A dumb and dumber type chance that maybe that kind of bonus could ever be real, but you know what? I don't think so.

So you're telling me there's a chance.

I don't like to be pessimistic and think everything that seems too good to be true isn't. But be careful, never send your crypto to somebody who you don't know. Do your due diligence, be safe out there. Remember the old golden age rule that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

I use that word probably because I don't like to take it off the table, that sometimes there are opportunities out there that seem way too good to be true, and they end up actually becoming true. I don't want to totally dismiss that, but you always want to keep that in the back of your mind, if it seems too good to be true, do some further research that further research is what saved me from sending these scammers $5,000. So hopefully this helps you out as you move forward in your crypto journey.

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