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  • April 28th2022

TronPad Token Review | Tron IDO Launchpad

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Hello everybody, and welcome. David Tatera here with CryptoTutorials.org, and today I'm excited, we're starting a new project. We are going to go over the 10 most interesting tokens from June. So lets get started with my Tronpad Review.

There's there's well over a thousand new tokens that come out every month. It's amazing the volume. I like to keep an eye on a lot of them and see which projects I think are interesting, which ones might be worth an investment of a little bit of money. Which ones I think came up with a novel and unique way to use the blockchain. Which ones just did some cool marketing and I liked their design of things. I think all of those things are important when releasing a new token and I like to keep an eye on all of them.

I'm going to go over each token, what the token is, what it's about and a little bit of background on it. I'm also going to do article for this token that will explain to you how to buy Tronpad token if you want. I'm going to make it for each of these 10 and I'm really excited to share them with you. 

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Tronpad Review Of Token Price And History

This is TronPad. Another pretty major project to have come out in the last month. As you can see it's selling for right around 7.8, almost 8 cents per coin at the moment. If you look down here, it has a market cap of $15 million , almost a million dollars in trading volume in the last 24 hours and ranking in here at number 707. So this is the 707th largest crypto on CoinGecko.com by market cap.

Pretty substantial for something that's only a few weeks old. Just recently came out. It's listing Tron pad as a website and BSC scan as the Explorer, which is a little unusual, but it is a dual network token. There's a TRC-20 for Tron and a BEP 20 Binance Smart Chain, both exist. It makes sense if you understand the token. Tronpad is connected with BSCPad. You're gonna learn about that in a moment and why it's really important to the launch of this project.

Here is the coin price and we'll pull up a little bit of a little more long-term view. There's not a lot, but you can see at the beginning of the month it kind of dropped and dropped and dropped. And then it's had some ups and downs and has really just kind of faded down slowly. Which is not unusual this early on in a project. It's got to prove its worth to the market before it's going to become worth a lot more than what it is, but 15 million is a pretty amazing start.

Word On The Street

Most of the Tronpad holders I talk to are disappointed. Not just with the price movement, but with the quality of projects being offered. Hopefully they fix one, because that will probably fix the other. 

What Is Tronpad Token?

Let's look at what TronPad really is. There is that very important thing that I mentioned, BSCPad. BSCPad and TronPad entered into a strategic partner to launch Tronpad. This is why I'm so bullish on it, and this is really why it's worth $15 million because BSCPad.

If you don't know BSCPad is a fantastic IDO platform. It's there for decentralized launches of new tokens, to help make those successful for both the the token itself and for the users on the end buying. It's awesome. I think of it a little bit like a Kickstarter. BSCPad is like a Kickstarter for BSC projects for Binance Smart Chain projects. TronPad is a Kickstarter for Tron projects.

You can see they're asking for KYC because what's going to happen is once you become a member of Tronpad and you have enough TRONPAD tokens, then you can go in and get in early on launches that they're helping push.

It's kinda nice cause they're gonna vet the launch. They're going to make sure that it's a legitimate project, something that makes sense. Then you're going to have a chance to get in early. It's a really neat way to get in on some special projects.

Tronpad's Website - Partners With BSCpad

We're going over TronPads website. You can see the first launch pad built on, and partnered with Tron. It's offering Justswap here. (For more on storing Tron tokens, check out our Tronlink Tutorial)

This is actually where we are going to do the purchase cause I've never used, Justswap and I want to use it. (Since this was created I have put together a full Justswap Tutorial)


It is a Tron Defi exchange, just like PancakeSwap is to Binance or UniSwap is to Ethereum. This is the Tron Defi one. So I'm excited, I get to use that one for the first time, and I'll share a review of Justswap also. 

You can see that their partnership with BSCPad is obviously a big part of why they're excited and here we are, we're already past the June 21st and first IDO. We'll talk about that in a minute, but they have had some ideas that have been successful for new people. So there is a lottery as well and a variety of different pools that you can get into depending on how much you stake of their coin. Because of course they're looking to have equal stake.

They're going just like everybody else is. they've got some really great strategic partners. this is about the partnership between BSCPad and Tron. A little more in detail on BSCpad. It is impressive if you haven't seen it before, it's an impressive site.

Projects On Tronpad

To finish out this Tronpad Review, let's take a quick look at some of these projects. They don't have any projects currently open, but they've got some coming soon, both of these two here. Then you go down and start looking at it and here's like poker, uh, online poker game using unreal engine, a hundred percent. 900 people participated and they raised the money they wanted.

Here's another online poker game also got the money that they wanted. Another crypto wallet that they're working on. Boom got the money they wanted. So far they're successfully closing these projects and that's a really good sign.

BSCPad and Tronpad

So that's the basic quick rundown of Tronpad. It is a way to help launch new projects on the Tron ecosystem. It is working with BSCPad, which means it has a very high likelihood of success because it has a partner who does this exact same thing on the Binance Smart Chain and is very successful at it.

By copying their formula and using their expertise, they should be in a really good seat to succeed.

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